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Happy Fri-Yay Funday my Friends!

Congratulations to Juan Re Crivello, the creator, Director and Head Editor of Masticadores, who has created a Magazine which is under construction. It can be accessed on the menu on his site, Gobblers & Masticadores. He is truly a visionary and has created a platform that is quite remarkable.

It is an honor to be included here as the magazine features successful publications from earlier posts and supports all of us in our writing endeavors so we share our word with the world.

I have my poem Seedlings there along with all of the wonderful authors that are featured as well, so do take some time to pursue this wonderful magazine.

You have most likely seen my poem on my site when it was posted before but if you missed it, please have a look if you would be so kind.

My poem will show up with a green pepper which is different from my original poppy picture, so you know.

Seedlings blow in the wind

Playing hide and seek.

Surprising and dousing us in delight.

I remember when I sprinkled those seeds the last time I saw you

And cried your name.

Please read the rest of my poem here

Photo by Flavio Gasperini on Unsplash

Thanks truly to you Juan and your team for this wonderful honor. I am deeply humbled and to Barbara Leonhard, The Incredible Sunshine Weaver and Editor for MasticadoresUsa for her incredible support.

Thank you truly to all of you for your ongoing friendship and reading my work!

Comments on my poem might not be up on the site yet, they are still working out the glitches.

See you Monday with a published post. Until then have a fabulous Fri-Yay and weekend❣️



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Anca Horga
5 months ago

Congratulations, Cindy! It’s a very beautiful poem, I loved it ❤️

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