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beach during sunset

There’s a lot to unpack in this life and I’m trying to get out of dodge for some much needed R & R❣️ Stopped so see my Father In Law, dinner with 2 of my daughters, with a quick chat to my mom and dad before I left.

Moving at every stage

Eugenia (Eugi) over at Moonwashed Musings recently did a Diamante, a seven-line poem arranged in the shape of a diamond and I loved hers. I’m certain I didn’t do mine proper but it was fun to try. You can see her masterpiece here. She also has prompts to do which you can join in as well.

I couldn’t get it to line up as a diamond even either. Oh well, I get an E for effort. I wrote these a few days ago.

Suitcase, duffel,
saddlebags, eye bags, holding,
baggage, purse, briefcase, travel,
vacations, stay-Cations,
empty out, escape reality,


clean out
discard, baggage
let go of people who drag you down
release old fears
grab your bag
feet in


tired, exhausted,
depleted, weary, teary,
forlorn, helpless, hopeless, disillusioned.
sad, drained, disbelief
Take flight

So, my best friend from college made me a deal I couldn’t refuse and gave me miles and upgraded me to first class so I would join her on a Yoga/ Journal retreat, since her boyfriend couldn’t get his passport in time. It just kept getting better and by the end, my trip was nearly paid for. Twist my arm. 😂.

Remember, sometimes holding out has its benefits, but I was reminded from my last poem “there is no free ride”(keep reading). How lucky am I to have a college roommate like this and a husband to handle the load at home right now. Thanks hon❣️

My friend is a member of Alaskan Airlines so we got to hang out for 8 hours straight here in the lounge below, (since our 1:30 p.m. 1 hour flight was cancelled due to rain. Lucky us 😂 but we did meet some amazing people) and she scrambled to get us on a 8:55 flight.

This reminds me of or friend John from Salsawordtravelor’sblog that has the best insight into air travel, seats, lounges and amazing places to visit. John, we haven’t seen you lately. I trust you are traveling somewhere amazing right now. We miss you!

Our new BFF friend Lisa from New Zealand is heading to Vegas before heading home. We babysat her bag quite often and we were getting worried she might not come back. She said “I’m very trusting and never loose anything, while my friend is paranoid and looses everything”.

My friend too seems to be quite trusting joining me in the bathroom and leaving our stuff in the lounge. Glad I found this out before we get to Mexico. She says “what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico”. Wait, I thought I was going to a retreat🤷‍♀️ ?!

I’ve had so many calls warning me about travel in Mexico but don’t worry, I’m not getting a facelift. Yikes. Whether I need one or not, is another story.

Heading to L.A. for some alone time with my son Gato (his blog name).

Bags packed,
Time to get away.
Much needed respite 
Fly the friendly skies!

Cheers to BFF’s,
Who knows what you need,
before you do! 

Gotta get some R & R,
and decompress.

Grey skies,
tensions high!

Flight cancelled, 
winds blowing,
Power outage, 
trees down.

Rebook flight, 
Fingers crossed 🤞❣️
Excited to see my son!

Time will tell.
let go of expectations.
Can’t control the weather:

Total delays today:  13,248
Total delays within, into, or out of the United States today:  4,456
Total cancellations today:  1,992
Total cancellations within, into, or out of the United States today:  1,127

Take a deep breath,
gotta surrender.
Cozy up in Alaskan lounge.

Free food and drinks.
Book the next flight;
Better to be 
than sorry.

Cheers to new friends,
sharing the journey,
In hopes 
The Storms pass,

We kick the tires, 
and light the fires,
for a safe flight.

We didn’t get in until 11:00 p.m. but at least we had a little time catching up. It was raining cats and dogs in L.A. Turns out his roof had a leek and water was coming through the ceiling and walls onto his bed. I slept on his couch and he slept on the floor ( 😂 aging won out ) but some time was better than no time.

Wheels up and on the fight 8:30 p.m. flight.

Hasta luego mi Amigos❣️



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Karima Hoisan
8 months ago

Have a fabulous vacation Cindy!! Loved your pictures ❤️

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