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Master heal thyself,

Take your own medicine,

Sprawl out and stretch your


Open widows where rumination lies,

fresh air clears all, 

leaving aches and pains behind.

The gateway to the other side is through, 

breath space into stagnant bodies. 

Turn it over and drink the elixir

Empty out, 

music medicine, bells,

chimes and touch, 

become the true life fixer.

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All Rights Reserved

I knew I couldn’t stay away for a whole 9 days but I have been really good and haven’t commented on your blogs but It’s soooo hard.. 😂. I’m a WP junkie what can I say but hey, it’s not a bad thing to be addicted to with our amazing rich community.

I miss everyone but it’s been a much needed break and I’m having an amazing time connecting to nature and bringing some much needed respite in which I am loving.

It’s pretty cool to be here in Tulum Mexico at this special time. At Chichen Itza, during the spring and fall equinoxes — this pyramid dedicated to Kukulcán (or Quetzalcoatl) serves as a visual symbol of the day and night. On every equinox, the sun of the late afternoon creates the illusion of a snake creeping slowly down the northern staircase. Lots of opportunities for growth which I’ll share later but for now I just wanted to send you the blessings of a beautiful Spring Equinox.

Spend a little time honoring all the gifts you have received from winter and welcome and invite whatever it is you want to bring into fruition in spring.

I made a little video if you would like to join me in intention setting and meditation. I’ll be back soon with a MasticadoresUsa post. Again, comments are off. Just know how much I adore and appreciate you all.

In the meantime Much Love and Many Blessings.



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8 months ago

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