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Welcome to Day 5 on our Book tour!

Thanks so much for being here, truly!

Today I’m delighted to share Barbara’s review here and read it for the first time myself. I’m traveling to Barbara’s site today so I’ll see you there and will turn comments off.

It comes at a perfect time since I have a published poem that came out Sunday on MasticadoresUsa.

Memories live in colorful ribbons held by
giddy girls, in yellow skirts,
boys in suspenders and white shirts,
with swords of course!  
Boys will be boys.

Gather round and celebrate,
It’s time to kick up our heels. 
Sing and dance in circles,
in joyous childhood fun. 

It’s a light hearted fun poem titled May Day Memories in case you missed it you can read it here . God knows we need more light hearted poems at the moment.

As many of you know, Barbara is the editor for MasticadoresUsa as well as having her personal site, Extraordinary Sunshine Weaver. Her name truly exemplifies her generous warm and exuberant personality. She is always there with a reassuring hand and desire to help which is truly appreciated. I’m not sure how she juggles it all but she is as extraordinary as her name suggests.

Not only is she a great editor, she is an accomplished writer and Author of Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir (EIF-Experiments in Fiction, 2022). Pushcart Nominated Poet 2022 for her poem Our Hysterectomy Scars.If you haven’t read her book yet this 5 star book is truly a must read and you can purchase it on Amazon hereThis provocative question provides the catalyst for this stunning poetic memoir from Barbara Harris Leonhard. Through her artfully-crafted poetry, the author considers where her love and loyalties lie following her aging mother’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s.

Thank you so very much Barbara, I’m truly grateful! I’m also so honored by all of the reviews so far and your comments and support as well, thank you!

Our Launch Party is this Saturday May 20th and Ingrid and I are excited to see you and hope you can join us. You may have heard that the kindle version is for sale now. The paper back will be available May 20th as well. If you buy it here now and can do a quick review, it would help tremendously and we would be most appreciative.🙏🏼

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For the blog tour: I am giving away PDF/ePub copies of “Re-Create & Celebrate to three of the most regular participants in the comments section of the tour posts. The more you comment, the more chances you have to win a copy of these books!

Alrighty, see you at Barbara’s! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!



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