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Happy Fun Fri-Yay My friends,

Last by not least on my blog tour today for RE-CREATE & CELEBRATE: 7 Steps To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality is Marsha Ingrao from Always Write and that she does. I’ll be heading to her place soon and will turn comments off and join you there, but first please take some time to get to know Marsha, as to know her is to love her.

Open heart and mind

Multi faceted friendships

Faith her guiding light

Cindy Georgakas

I still remember the commercial everybody love Mikey, an American television commercial promoting Quaker Oat’s cereal life in 1968, and that’s how we all feel about Marsha. She is a girl after my own heart. She lived in California (where I was born and raised), before moving to Prescott, AZ with her hubby Vince in 2020 which she LOVES. She walks everyday hitting her 12,000 steps (I hit around 10,000), she loves her fur babies but sadly lost both her cats Nutter butter last year and her sweet Puppy Girl as well (you know I’m wild about mine), she’s been in a remodeling project and nearing completion, like me. Unlike me, Marsha’s attention to detail and photography on her blog can only be done by a retired school teacher with a love of history as you can see with her many photos she spent a year curating.

This picture pretty much sums it up when I think about Marsha connecting other bloggers on her Challenge Story Chat she hosted for years, Wednesday Quotes, Photo Challenge, Blog Challenge Interviews and she participates in many other prompts in our blogging community. She is a person that brings people together and people want to be around because of her warm supportive and cheery personality and wonderful poetry. She’s even featured me in-spite of me not being able to contribute to her many wonderful challenges. She also hosted the Dickens Challenge this year with Yvette and Trent.

We all have friends that mean the world to us here on the blog but Marsha takes it a step further and actually meets her friends and goes on trips with them. It’s so heartwarming. Alrighty, I’ll meet you over at her place now so we can read her review. Thanks Marsha!


This is your last day to visit with the chance to win my book so do make sure you give a like over at her Marsha’s today. You can also go back to the others listed below and visit them if you missed & give a quick like as well to qualify. I’ll announce the 3 book winners next Fri-Yay here on my blog.

✅  May 11th:   Pooja Gudka LIFESFINE WHINE May 12th 
✅  May 15th   Gabriela Maria Milton and Literary Revelations
✅  May 15th:  Diana D. Peach of Myths Of The Mirror: 
✅  May 15th   Kym Gordon Moore from Behind the Pen 
✅  May 17th   Barbara Leonhard MasticadoresUsa and Extraordinary Sunshine Weaver
✅  May 19th   Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy Grace of the Sun 
✅  May  20th  Dwight L. Roth of Roth Poetry
✅  May  22      Robbie Cheadle from Robbie’s Inspirations
✅  May 24th  David (Ben) Alexander Skeptic’s Kaddish
✅ May 26th  Yvette Prior: Prior house blog

LIVE TODAY: June 2nd  Marsha Ingrao -Always Write

I’m so grateful to all of you who have participated making this an incredible heartfelt time. I am humbled and grateful for the many book tour reviews and the 5 Star Amazon reviews and the purchase of my book. Your words have truly touched me, thank you beyond words.

Have a wonderful Fri-Yay whatever you and awesome weekend. See you at Marsha’s!




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