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It’s Monday Funday for me and the start of the work week for most of you I know. I’m busy signing author copies in my book which is quite fun. 😎 An author’s job is never done you know. 😉 The paparazzi is outside pounding on the door for more copies but we’ve ran out of print we’ve sold so many, so the Amazon elves are busy.😂. Speaking of which, Congratulations to the winners again. I’ll get your books out as soon as I get home.

We landed safe and sound in record time (just over 2 hours by air and 30 min. by car to get to our destination) and didn’t even have to take our shoes off or take our devices out of our bags. YES!

Our Uber driver Blhat, was more than accommodating when ours didn’t show up, which happens in a small town. Luckily we rarely use them which is the good news. Narnia’s at the helm minding the animals so the perks of welcoming her and her new baby coming soon, are more than paying off. Thanks you 4👩‍👧👩‍👧!

There’s something so reassuring knowing family you love and trust will take care of things the way you do. The only risk is coming home to a playground built by the two of them to welcome the babies due Aug 5th & Aug. 31st.

If you think I’m kidding, last time we were together at the lake, one was reading a book about how to get your baby to sleep through the night and the other was reading how to potty train your baby at 9 months. I kid you not. I just shake my head and think, just wait.

I’m all for planning but the kegal exercise practice and nipples roughing up for that first latch on suckling, just might be a little more helpful but what do I know…. I only pushed 4 babies out within 6 years and nursed each one till they were 13 months and the last one until 18 months. For the record that does NOT qualify me as a Le Leche mom. They go from 2 1/2 to 6 years. Let’s just say when they can bite, I move to the bottle and spoon.

Soon I will be in training for the new and improved Grand-parenting 101 (or so they say), where you must lay the baby on there back to supposedly avoid SID (Sudden Infant Death), I’m still trying to figure out how the baby doesn’t aspirate their vomit when they spit up but what does this ole veteran know?

Apparently nothing, so I’m bracing myself while I suck up the lime and tequila and read, sleep, exercise and repeat while laying on and walking the beach. It looks like I may be moving my writing into the full re-enactment of Erma Bombeck after all with what looks like a full comedy show, but time will tell. There was no one like her. ““Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere”.
― Erma Bombeck (American Humorist and Author). All was good until I texted home and heard that Star didn’t come in all night, so I’m banking on that quote and the coyotes staying at bay.

Ok, so on to what I was really going to share with you all today and that is Smitha’s review.

I was over the moon when I read her a review of my book which touched every fiber of my being. I would love to share it with you but I could never give justice to her words so I’ll let you pop over to her site and read it there. Please head over if you’re looking for another review that encapsulates what my book is about. (Link below). check out her new book Coming Home on her site as well!

I will say that she knocked it out of the park with every line truly getting the intention and the essence of what my book RE-CREATE & CELEBRATE 7 Steps To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality is about. Thank you again so much Smitha!

Also, a quick shout out of appreciation to my dear mother for her awesome review. If anyone knows anything about self help books it’s her as I think she owns every one of them. Even after throwing her under the bus (as she likes to say), she loves the book and bought 10 of them for gifts.

Another special thanks to Paul for a wonderful review as well.

Thank you also to Marsha for an incredible review. I can’t thank you enough!

Ok let’s head over to see Smitha’s review and remember to check out her new book as well.

Have a wonderful Monday and week ahead!

Blessings of love and peace,



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