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Happy Fun Fri-Yay Y’all! I hope you’ve had a great week. I be jammin in my Jams World Dress because I can still fit into it or I can today. Whooo hooo! I bought this dress BK (before kids) about 40 years ago in Hawaii and it’s still a favorite of mine. There are times I can’t zip it, times it’s too tight and barely breath but it’s an old fav and I drag it out whenever I go anywhere tropical if I can fit into it.

A fun fact about the founder of the company I had to look up to remember was this: Founded in 1964 by Dave Rochlen, Jams World® is anything but basic or ordinary. The Company’s credo of “Color, Freedom, Difference, Humor and Love” is indicative of its contemporary fashion philosophy which stresses individually and unique design imagery.

I’ve had an amazing week with respite for the soul of soaking in natures gifts and bountiful pleasure of walking outside in the palmy weather of about 85, sunrises, sunsets, yoga, hitting the gym, writing, glasses clinking, sand in toes and the ocean roar drowning out any sounds in my head.

What to drink, eat or where to look next

Edith’s; a must eat at restaurant in Cabo San Lucas

It’s my final day to soak up the respite so I’ll keep comments off one more day so I can thoroughly drink it all in but see you tomorrow on MasticadoresUsa with a poem that I’ll share on Monday.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dad’s and father’s to be. To my Dad, my Father In Law and my husband who is an amazing father to our children.

Dads are the everyday hero’s that show up for us, teach through example, would give the shirts off their back to make sure everyones fed physically and emotionally. Dads bring laughter and cheer rounding every corner with applause and a pat on the back. Dad’s teach us not to take things so seriously and find the joy in everyday moments, to not cut corners or maybe a few and to prioritize yourself first and let the rest go. Dad’s can fix almost anything or hire someone to do it but they don’t see the point, but walk in with a brand new car or new toy that fits the bill. Every child needs a dad or a male figure in their life to lead by example and love. Thank you to all of you men that mean the world to us all!

Cheer’s to the Dads! You always have a chance to show up as a different version of yourself. The world needs dads that are the salt of the earth. And if yours wasn’t all you wished for, be the dad you hoped for and learn from his mistakes and love him for who he is! We weren’t given a handbook on fatherhood and everyone is doing the best they can.

A special thanks to our dear friend John for this amazing experience. You are a great friend and more importantly father.

With Love and Blessings,



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