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A poem on how my father’s move has been going and a surprise review from Suma Reddy, The Bio-Blogger! I’ve written several poems about my dad’s challenging move and sent them to him which he’s found respite in thankfully, unlike my book. 🥹😉 I may post the others at some point as well. This is …

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time lapse photo of river between mossy rocks

The length of our life is Love And as we Love Eternity appears memories of my grandfather With every turn, the songbird sings.With every gush of wind,you whisper in my ear.With every blade of grass,seeds sow mysteries of the past.With every tree standing tall,I face each day as it comes.With every sound sung,I hear the …

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Laboring ExpectantExcitedNervousPreparingBathing Surrealtender loving momentsaltered state of mind.Out of body experience.Bathing. ConnectionFeedingDousingSprayingMassagingBathing PainWaves of contortionMoaningFocusSweetnessBreathing deepBathing SurrenderPlanted and rootedOpening chakrasClearing energyReadjustingBathing TrustingSurrenderLetting goTimelessBathing ShakingEndlessHotColdOn handsand knees MovingMovingMoving DownDownDown To the exact place…….you don’t want to go. BurningThrobbingAchingMoaningSustaining MovingMovingMoving downDownDown PushingPushingPushing 💗 And finally….Euphoria.Seeing your babyFor the very first time. No wordsCryingLaughingCuddlingNursing Nirvana found.Eternal BlissIndescribableHeart burstingLove❣️ …

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close up of flying stork

Waiting,prepping,nesting. Birds flying from the sky but not a single stork yet,Just one left on my doorstep from my mouser.Bad cat! Expectant,radiant,waddlingto and fro,she still can seeher toes. It won’t be very long now,I’m scrambling to get things done. Clearing the deck towelcome my sweet baby’s little girl.   There’s only one thing left to …

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woman with pink flowers on picnic

Pink days hues brighten Moments nesting tenderly Miracles surprise Cindy Hi Everyone, Big News today, (no the babies not here yet) but I got my first royalty check yesterday, whooo whooo. So it’s only enough to go out to dinner but hey a dinner is a dinner and I won’t have to cook for a …

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