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With every turn, the song bird sings.

With every gush of wind, you whisper in my ear.

With every blade of grass, seeds sow mysteries of the past.

With every tree standing tall, I face each day as it comes.

With every sound sung, I hear the echoes of your cry.

With every breath I take, I breathe in a prayer for you.

With every mountain, that’s insurmountable,

I take another step.

For every twinkle in the sky,

I blink and wink on standby.

To every silent scream,

I bow my head in this universal dream.

For every star I wish on,

I see your light so bright.

Copyright © 2023 Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved

Happy Fun Fri-Yay Everyone!

Mom, Dad and Baby are all doing well and took their first walk. She is officially 5 and a half days old. I finally got to hold her for a few minutes and change a diaper which was a highlight. She’s absolutely adorable and melts your heart. I drop things by but don’t stay long to give them their time to adjust. With the weather so hot, clothes are over-rated and she has still yet to wear a stitch but with skin to skin contact being so important to regulate the body temperature, it’s perfect.

Renee had a bit of a scare with pain and ended up in the hospital Wednesday when I was doing a massage. After 90 minutes of monitoring it turns out it could have been caused by the hormones kicking up contractions after holding her sisters baby. It’s kind of the same theory as when girls living together in the same house hold get their periods at the same time. Wild!

I’m taking my Dad to hopefully sign on a new place to live today right down the road from me and a few blocks from where my Father In Law is living which is awesome. It’s truly been difficult for him but he will be so much happier in time I’m certain being the social butterfly that he is. Send some good energy he will in fact sign on the dotted line and price his house to SELL!

Sending lots of love for a wonderful weekend!

Blessings of love and joy,



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