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time lapse photo of river between mossy rocks

The length of our life is Love

And as we Love

Eternity appears

memories of my grandfather
time lapse photo of river between mossy rocks
Photo by Samuel Kalina on Pexels.com

With every turn,
the songbird sings.

With every gush of wind,
you whisper in my ear.

With every blade of grass,
seeds sow mysteries of the past.

With every tree standing tall,
I face each day as it comes.

With every sound sung,
I hear the echoes of your cry.

With every breath I take,
I breathe in a prayer for you.

With every mountain that’s insurmountable,
I take another step.

With every twinkle in the sky,
I blink and wink and standby.

With every silent scream,
I bow my head in this universal dream.

With every star I wish upon,
I see your light so bright.

With every waking moment,
I’m blessed beyond measure.

With every painful cry,
I reach my hand and sigh.

Life changes on a dime,
Make choices that deserve your time.

With every day I have with you,
I see your reflection in every body

of water and drink you in,

to eternity.

As I was driving to get my dad to move his final things and bring him to his new place I got a call from my daughter saying her Father in Law was in a car accident and in the hospital with a brain bleed.

After I got my dad off to dinner at his new place and made it somewhat manageable, I went to my daughter’s so she could go to the hospital. My husband and Narnia and I stayed and babysat for the first time.

I got to give her her first bottle my daughter had pumped and changed her diaper. Trying to figure out how to get this swaddle off her was quite the challenge as was all the bottle heating etc. She’s such and angel and I was blessed to finally have some time with her. I’m so happy she got to see her grandpa and have him hold her last week.

Please send your love and your prayers for my Son In Law’s Father for his highest good. I appreciate all of you so much. Once again, I will be spotty with comments and visiting.

The kids all get in on Wednesday and we are going to our local pub with their co-ed softball team dancing to country music no doubt and do it her way, before her scheduled C-Section on Thursday. I’ll be with her at the hospital to welcome her baby into the world.

Sending you all love and whatever strength and courage you need as you face each moment that comes your way.

Have a blessed Friday and weekending.

Love and Hugs,



Prayers and Blessings Ron

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1 month ago

Beautiful thoughts on your Dad-Lovely tribute.🌹🙏🌹

29 days ago

This was touching. Blessings

28 days ago

Beautiful poem, Prayers

28 days ago

Beautiful created

26 days ago

What a beautiful poem filled with love. You are blessed with all these babies!

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