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It’s with a huge appreciation to Barbara Leonhard, editor of MasticadoresUsa for publishing my poem, “God Dog”. As a treasure contributor here at MasticadoresUsa, I am honored by her continued faith in my work.

This poem was written to a dear friend who has been truly a Godsend to my Father for which I am most grateful. It was inspired by my friend and yours, David from Skeptic’s Kaddish, when he wrote a review on my book and felt leaving God out of the existential question of finding your purpose would have been better served. While I understood his reasoning, I argued that I could have easily have substituted Dog. You can read his review of my book Re-Create & Celebrate here if you have any interest.

This could have also easily been written to my dog Hunter also who always has my back. I’m not sure my friend got the sentiments or what a high honor dogs are to me along with his friendship, love, loyalty and support.


Offerings of

Do you ever tire of the controversial question “Is there a God?”

Existentialists would argue there is no God.

Religious faiths would disagree on who and what is God.

Buddhists and other spiritual seekers know karma will make its way to you.

Some say we don’t come in with a purpose others think we do.

God spelled backwards is DOG,

I would be so honored and happy if you would go to MasticadoresUsa and read the rest of my poem here and leave your comments there if you so desire.

Thank you so much for reading and your continued support.

Comments are off as I’m navigating so many things at the moment and Narnia is scheduled to have her baby Thursday! You’re continued love and support are a blessing to me. Thank you 🙏🏼

Blessings of Love,



MasticadoresUSA’s “Treasured Contributors”

I am honored and proud to have been A Monthly Contributor for Gabriela Marie Milton for 3 years and now a Treasured Contributor along with 13 others for Barbara Leonhard who is the editor currently for MasticadoresUSA. Both of these ladies have worked tirelessly to support Juan Re Crivello Head Editor and Director of MasticadoresUsa’s vision of supporting our literary community. We are most grateful to him for featuring our work. You can read more about Juan here. Barbara recently changed this to give more writers a chance to be featured, so please continue to submit your work to this site so you too can share your literary pieces.

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