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Proud mama Narnia
glowing in pink,
eagerly awaiting to meet her sweet baby Sienna Grace.

She goes with the flow
and enjoys the ride,
never mind letting others determine her stride.

Facing each obstacle
no matter how grim,
Taking each debacle as an opportunity to win.

A dream come true
after hearing
it was an impossibility
proving them wrong
and taking responsibility.

A birth father may
have been nice
but the cost to pay
is def NOT worth the price.

It’s not always easy,
but in her true style
doesn’t waste time,
whether sunny or breezy.

Tears and fears
both happy and sad
transform gray clouds
To feelings so glad.

With family and friends
right by her side,
she knows where love
and support resides.

A beautiful journey
to travel as 2
with full panorama
of memories renewed.

The lessons will be many
And she’ll have the best teacher.
So go easy on her sweet baby
But not too easy to preach her.

Through the ups and the downs
Find resilience through frowns,
Always with love and Grace
With peace and tranquillity found.

Fun Fri-Yay was a wash with so much to do to get ready for the birth and being wiped out after. It wasn’t for the faint of heart. We were washed and scrubbed and Dr. John David Hoff came in with his brother Dr. Gary Hoff since this was such a challenging surgery. Their father Gary trained them and they were a trio for a long time. Now, this incredibly skilled duo is well sought after and love birth and can’t imagine retiring even though they well could at their ages.

Ready or Not, It’s show time!

After seeing the ultrasound there was a full on discussion about how they would cut and go around the fibroids which was tricky to know until they actually got in there, since there were so many of them. They just said “you are special”. Just hearing this as a mom was difficult.

With that, they added another IV in her other arm in the chance they might need to do a transfusion. He had said once every 10 years he’s had to do one. Watching this was like watching a human being excavated from a car crash with a crow bar, only this was my daughter and seeing them push and pull and working so hard and fast with blood gushing everywhere and 2 bags of blood on the side which I thought was a transfusion, was scarier than anything I have gone through before.

Dr. John David and Dr. Gary Hoff: Brilliant Ob’s and Surgeons

Turns out they never needed the blood but it was there in case she needed it. Finally they pulled little Sienna Grace out by her little leg and she flew out. They thought a fibroid was her head at first which tells you how big those suckers are. She was a champ. At one point she started to feel the pain and they had to give her more drugs. The incision turned out to be a vertical cut which they rarely do anymore. She was still in surgery for another 2 hours. It’s generally a 15 minute extraction of the baby and another 30 minutes of stitching.

Both were safe and sound thankfully and I was so relieved. I was so worried about Narnia and she was so concerned about her baby. I kept saying “the baby is fine, I see her” but she made me navigate cords etc to go see her. When she finally heard her cry she relaxed and when I saw her sweet baby I could finally cry since I didn’t want her to see me crying during the whole ordeal. It was one of relief and joy.

They did a great job letting her have “skin to skin” contact in the operating room which isn’t that easy:

I had the honor of spending 2 nights with her in the hospital and we had all of our immediate family in the room which was so special.

Auntie “Brana” was a trouper and spent the last 2 nights in the hospital with Narnia where they played dress up with hats and headbands.

Grandpa Loves his girls!!! So happy!

Aunti Bhlat is used to crying babies now and nursing so she was a wealth of information and we had plenty of milk on hand just in case. ha!

Proud Uncle “Goobs” was a trouper and enjoyed both his nieces.

Granny Goose Eggs: Great Grandma is smiling ear to ear and couldn’t be happier.

We had fun with the nurses when we told them we had twins. They were so confused. Little G or J (name on its way) had a ball I call her JuJuB for now. One cutest little butterball and the other a tiny alien but a cute one at that.

Welcome Baby Sienna Grace Georgakas and Congratulations Renee❣️

Day 3, I started to feel horrible. I thought it was because the room was so cold or I was just exhausted with having just experienced all of this and staying up all night. Narnia kept saying “oh it will be great to relax and read and be waited on”. I just thought “Girl, it’s a hospital”. Sure enough every 5 minutes there was a beep, or a airbag reminder that needed filling or vitals to be checked etc. It was necessary in her case because of the circumstances but in most natural births, it most certainly isn’t. I delivered Renee at the same hospital she gave birth in, Sequoia. After that I vowed I would have home births and I was a viable specimen.

This gave me a real appreciation of when babies and mom’s need to be in hospitals. I was most grateful for their skilled hands and knowledge. I’m amazed by the bodies resilience and ability to bounce back.

“Everyone kept laughing saying “it was a real tough birth” when they saw me lying in bed.

I left Saturday and slept and fully expected to feel better the next day and go back. Instead, I tested positive for Covid. Thank God no one else got it so far! Such a drag. I shutter thinking I laid in her bed for a few minutes at the hospital. This this is the first time I’ve gotten it and it’s no fun. Luckily all of the rooms are done and I’m guaranteed to my office/guest room. The Murphy bed is quite comfortable but my achy body isn’t. No doubt I needed something to take me down so I would see to it that I got some rest myself. The body has away of letting us know when we need to take a break. I’m armed with my Covid homeopathic remedies and plenty of water and tea.

I won’t be reading much or maybe I will. Renee and Sienna come home later today and I’ve arranged for some nutrient dense soups and dishes to be delivered to help with the healing. I will catch glimmers of them through a window when they stroll outside.

Sienna Name Meaning:

  1. According to a user from the United Kingdom, the name Sienna is of Italian origin and means “The gift of gods love and wise”.
  2. A submission from North Carolina, U.S. says the name Sienna means “The name is of Italian origin, named after a city called Siena, Italy. It also means ‘old soul,’ and depicts a very intelligent, captivating, and mature person” and is of Italian origin.
  3. A submission from Australia says the name Sienna means “It is a colour, redish, brown from italy discribing the walls of their homes” and is of Italian origin.
  4. A submission from Lao People’s Democratic Republic says the name Sienna means “The gift of gods love” and is of Spanish origin.
  5. A submission from Florida, U.S. says the name Sienna means “The redish brown burnt oarnge color of the sunset”.
  6. A submission from Ireland says the name Sienna means “Old soul”.
  7. A submission from Florida, U.S. says the name Sienna means “Brown” and is of African origin.
  8. According to a user from Australia, the name Sienna means “Red sun the girl who gave her life to god therefore her blood reflects on the sun”.
  9. According to a user from Australia, the name Sienna is of Italian origin and means “Italian city”.
  10. According to a user from Maryland, U.S., the name Sienna is of English origin and means “Wise”.

Thanks for all of your support through both births.

Stay well and blessed.



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Cynni Pixy
25 days ago

Congratulations. And I hope you’ll feel better soon.

Cynni Pixy
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
22 days ago

You’re very welcome 🤗

J M Negi
25 days ago

Many congrats, and pl take care.

Suma Reddy
25 days ago

Congratulations to you all my dearest Queen, such a wonderful ode to a beautiful Mom. Overall it’s soo admiring and loving. Pictures are breathtakingly beautiful 🤗🥰😘😘😘 to the little ♥ 💖

Innocence wrapped in a blanket of light,
A new little star, shining so bright.
Tiny fingers and toes, a perfect creation,
Bringing joy and love to every occasion.

Eyes full of wonder, a world yet to explore,
A future of dreams, so much to adore.
With every coo and giggle, a melody anew,
A treasure arrived, a love so true

Ritish Sharma
25 days ago

What wonderful news, Cindy ❤️Congratulations on the arrival of sweet Sienna 😍. Also, congratulations to Narnia on becoming a proud mama. Your storytelling made me feel like I was right there with you, sharing in those emotional moments.

And, I’m surprised too Covid is still there, but anyway, I wish you a swift recovery from Covid and a peaceful healing period. Sending well wishes and blessings to you and your growing family.

[Also, I was a bit busy for the last few weeks, I may have missed some of your posts and other’s too. I’ll check them out in some time]

Ritish Sharma
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
22 days ago

The virus is losing the battle – victory is yours! ♥️
Take good care.

25 days ago

I got tears in my eyes reading this post, Cindy. Miracles do happen, and congrats to all.💖

25 days ago

Congratulations Cindy! Get well soon!

25 days ago

Congratulations to your other daughter too Cindy. So nice to read your post and seeing all family pictures. Lovely poem welcoming your daughter and her child.

Michele Lee
24 days ago

Congratulations and best wishes to baby and mamma! 💞 Your poem and photos are so beautiful and life-affirming!

Michele Lee
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
23 days ago

You are welcome, Cindyloo! 🤗💗

24 days ago

Graduation dear friend.

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
24 days ago

You are welcome dear Cindy.

Layla Todd
24 days ago

Congratulations and best wishes to mamma and baby! It is so sweet these happy photos and reading this in-the-moment tale. So sorry to hear you got COVID, but here’s to hoping you’ll start feeling better soon and everyone else in your family stays well! <3

24 days ago

Oh my Cindy.. I don’t know how and where to start.. but all I can say is….this post made me teary-eyed… tears of joy they say. That’s me, anything about baby and motherhood really makes me so emotional. thank you for sharing this with us.

23 days ago

Many congratulations sweet Cindy and get well soon 😘

23 days ago

What a fun and exciting post! Such a sweet beautiful baby! So glad to hear all went well with a good outcome. It is no wonder your immune system was low after all those stressful days! Rest and take care. Covid is no fun for sure!

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
23 days ago

Your body is telling you to slow down! :>)

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
23 days ago


Laleh Chini
23 days ago

Congratulations my dear Cindy.💝

Laleh Chini
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
23 days ago

My pleasure ❤️

22 days ago

Congrats to you for being nanny of two cute babies.give them my blessings and love❤️🤗❤️💕💕💕💕

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
19 days ago

Indeed my dear!!Like the soft toys for elder💗🥰💕🤗💕🥰💗

22 days ago

Congratulations on the new ones, and on making it through this adventure!

the hot goddess
22 days ago

Congratulations! Beautiful baby and family 💖

Dawn Pisturino
20 days ago


19 days ago

Congratulations grandma … I so enjoyed the family warmth and happiness of your beautiful post … 😍🌏🤗💛💕

Vipin C Nambiar
19 days ago

Congratulations! I see happiness all around… 🙂

19 days ago

Beautiful family and lovely way you immortalized this moment in your words 💞💞💞 Congratulations to all of you…and hope you are feeling better now, Cindy! 💞

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