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I emerge from shadow to light

The distant mountains turn
from emerald green
to brown overnight.

I squint to clear the cobwebs and blurred vision,
pour a cuppa coffee to feel sane
but the bitter tin taste
sends me back to my lemongrass tea
and I ain’t no baby.

Day 12 of Covid,
still weak in the knees,
kicked my butt but I’m back.

I emerge from quarantine,
negative today;
I hope!

Painting by Jim Caldwell of the fog billowing over 92, with glimpses of Crystal Springs Reservoir at Skyline Blvd as it plunges down toward the dam. Local artist

It’s gonna take awhile but I’m back slowly charting a new path of self care which includes me.
Imagine that! Ha!

Isn’t that what self care is?
Of course it is but when people in the profession of health care or just those that care end up helping everyone else around them but themselves (mmmmuah), they get nailed.

Sound familiar?
The signs were all there but the demands of having a large family who were all going through something at once were too.

I made it through these huge transitions and everyone is doing remarkably well and I’m trailing behind but catching up.

Life comes in waves and sets and sometimes we get barreled. The main thing is taking stock and recalibrating.

When our immune system is weak and we don’t have reserve is when our defenses are low and we get sick.

Think about it, I was in the room with my daughter along with 7 of our family members for 3 days and everyone else was unscathed but me. Sure, I spent the nights but we were all together, no holds bar.

So I emerge, smarter, wiser, broke lol since I’ve had to cancel clients.
But Im back!

If you are burnin it at all ends, do a self inventory and see if you, like me, are not putting yourself center stage and take the added precautions of getting enough sleep, nutrients, time etc.
Do it now which sometimes is easier said than done.

On a side note: I generally follow an intermittent fasting diet by lifestyle which consists of grab a cup of coffee and head out the door, eat around 2 and then again at 9:30 p.m. I get a lot of flack about that from family and friends but it has generally worked for me working full time and maintaining my self care. I know the rules of eating and how many different “diets” and programs their are….. It’s my business to know and food and diet are big business and money makers. I also know every body is different and individual needs must be taken into account. My doctor used to argue with me about cutting my wine to 1 glass of wine instead of 2 and eating earlier but when he sees my health stats, he just says “keep doing whatever you’re doing”.

I’ve eaten more nutrient dense food 3 times a day and haven’t missed a meal, had coffee or alcohol for 2 weeks and lost 5 lbs which wasn’t my intention. Truth is, I’ve been too busy to even eat and this was a silver lining reminding me to make sure I take time fuel my body. The plan moving forward is to keep to this schedule at least for now. With a mamma and baby in the house they need food more often and it turns out, so do I.

On the plus, I’ve gotten to read a few paperback books which is a plus and working on another review. Whoo hoo.

Thanks to a loving mom giving me bio energy field treatments with tuning forks online (I literally had to lock my door to keep her out of my room). At 87 years old she thinks she’s immune to everything and she probably is for that matter), an amazing husband who ran around and did end up with a cold he passed to the babies but I think I can safely say, I’m back and everyone is thriving. Thanks too, for all of your blessings sent my way. They worked!

My mom uses these regularly in her treatments and I actually use them once in awhile in mine which can be very healing. Here’s a video if you’d like to hear more about it.

Eileen Day McKusick Bio-field Energy tuning fork method

Have a wonderful Wednesday with lots of love with blessings always,



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Karima Hoisan
16 days ago

Great news Cindy… you are Baaaack!!! So glad you made it through a real bummer virus who has flattened me twice even totally vaccinated but I’m better than ever and you will be too. Enjoy those little baby girls but don’t deplete your immune system again please 🙏 hugs and the very best for you always my friend. I’m so glad you are back among us 🎉❤️🤗🌹

Karima Hoisan
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
16 days ago

Awww thanks Cindy but my Big weekend starts the 21 st 🎉Counting the days!! You better than anyone know to listen to your body … really listen and you are smart to take rentry into the life of the healthy… little by little 🤗

16 days ago

Glad you are on the mend. I enjoy all of your poems during this time. It is a great way to express yourself. Your body takes care of you when you don’t look out for yourself.
Hope all continues to heal and come back in sync for you.

J M Negi
16 days ago

Beautiful lines. We need you more often than this. Pl get a speedy recovery, thanks.

16 days ago

Welcome back, sweet Poetess Cindy! I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing better, following COVID. Keep healthy & stay sweet my dear! 💕

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
15 days ago

TY dear 😘

Maggie Sugar
16 days ago

Welcome back!

16 days ago

Welcome back! Sounds like a good fasting schedule to me and it it makes you feel good, then keep at it!

Sivam Sivamram
14 days ago

Very nice

12 days ago

Welcome back Cindy. You certainly had a busy time, I’m glad you’re remembering self care. Stay blessed <3

10 days ago

Our bodies certainly force a stop when we don’t do it voluntarily. Its amazing how we can push through a busy or stressful time, then once it’s all over we catch a bug. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and welcome back!

satyam rastogi
9 days ago

Beautiful post

satyam rastogi
2 days ago

Nice post

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