Cindy has 35+ years experience in health and wellness. She studied Occupational and Recreational Therapy with an emphasis in Psychology at San Jose State University. She started her career in wellness offering personal training, leading health facilities and teaching workshops. She opened her own aerobics studio and has continued to expand.

In 1979, Cindy was certified as a One on One Life Coach and group facilitator by Cherie Carter Scott, Mother of Life Coaching of Motivational Management Services.  That year, she opened Uniquely Fit which started as an aerobic studio offering 25 classes a week from more than 15 teachers.

As she began to start a family of her own, Cindy expanded her practice to pre/postnatal exercise classes, baby massage and diaper aerobics. As her 4 children grew older, she focused on personal training and life coaching. In 2003, she started massage therapy(CAMTC Certified) and has over 1,000 hours in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, facilitated stretching, Trigger Point, MRF, Traeger, Thai, Cranialsacral, Lite Force Technique by Curtis Turchin using joint release techniques and LED Light Therapy.

She is also a certified Yoga teacher, Reiki master and teaches Qui Gong, Tai chi, meditation and music medicine. Cindy’s sessions are multifaceted and can be approached using one modality of choice or integrated to address your needs that day. This multi-level approach allows for internal growth and physical well being– releasing pain, toxins and trauma bringing balance, wholeness and restoration to each session.

Fun Fact:  Cindy also had a short lived dance career in San Francisco with The Rhythm Methods, a modern jazz dance comedy play and appeared on T.V. in a sugar documentary.

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      1. Still didn’t get a text from you… Or you can drop your phone number so I could text you either ways

  1. I found it necessary to make a change on Safari Preferences in order to comment here. May be others can take note about this, as well. Thanks for following along with me on my site, and I am doing the same on yours. It appears we have much in common. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better—and your cats! My Dickens is often right here at my computer. Happy blogging . . .

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thanks for letting me know. I would have never guess in Safari Preferences. I know enough to be dangerous. Happy we met here.
      Too funny about our furry kids. Mine were in my video by accident when I taught on Zoom the other day. Maybe I’ll post. Happy Blogging to you as well! ❤️

  2. How do you fit it all in one day? I’m really asking that. I find that I cannot cram enough into a day, let alone add more. I have not done yoga in years, actually not since my hip replacement four years ago. I want to get re-involved but I have chronic pain and other issues that keep getting in my way. I suppose it is about prioritizing.

    1. Oh that’s tough with your hip replacement. I get it totally!
      Try to pick a move a week and just do that. Then add another the next. Small increments. I don’t leave bed without a stretch. See if that might help you-:)! Keep
      Me posted.

      1. So, my biggest problem is I find a reason why things don’t work…So in the morning the dog is all over me, wanting to go outside so I dedicate my morning to him. I think I have to stop having excuses! Lol

      2. Do I Know the dog and cat story.
        Get on your mat and lie down and I swear the will do
        Yoga with you! I feel your pain as one of my dogs went lame and barks at us all day to cater to his whims-:(

      1. When I resigned from my job and began blogging and crafting, I tried to write a schedule limiting how much time I spend on each activity. My biggest problem is that once I am in a zone I hate to leave it. There are days I write all day, other days I read all day. I try not to stress too much over not having any schedule but I would like to add a few things. Thank you for replying.

      2. I totally understand the magic of life flowing without a plan and the creative energy hits at the most inconvenient time often. I make an intention every day and just make sure I get the most important things done. Sometimes it goes out the window but I usually manage to get it all in. You’re most welcome!

      1. Is this new or an old condition?
        Pain, numbness, does it travel, is it in one spot, does it refer to other areas?, how long has it been? Does sitting or standing help? Did you have a real net injury? Have you tried icing or heating which is best? Aren’t you glad you asked?!? Lol!

      2. I thought I did.. sorry…be thinking of what you may have done to trigger it. Often ice is a good start and 48 hours later heat might help. Try to stretch and you can try a tennis or lacrosse ball in the area and see if you can get relief. If it continues you might need to see a health professional. Sometimes your psoas (google that and you can get stretches) can be the culprit from all of the sitting we are doing these days.

      3. I also think it’s the fault of the sitting mode, but if I come too much, I also have pains. I don’t want to bother you with my problems, but you found it helpful to read what you do

      4. make sure to get up and stretch every 30 min and walk around and let me know if that helps. It’s hard for all of us right now. Thanks for asking. Hope it’s helpful.

      5. Thanks for that… check out the CDC website for a thorough summary. https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/adult/defining.html
        I show you at 25 % Body Fat with your height and weight. They don’t differenciate betweem male and females on their site and in my training we always have since men have more testosterone than woman. Woman can fall into a normal catergory with <27 but are on the edge. Men 25-30 percent are considered Moderately high. It also depends on muscle and if you tend to have a lot. Are you concerned you are overweight? At any rate I usually like to see woman at 19-22 depending on age and Men a bit less than that. Hope that's helpful.

    1. Hi!!! I am most grateful, thank you. If you read my post I am going to put out, I’m a bit behind so not sure I can get to it right away. I’ll try my best.

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