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bride with her wedding dress blowing in the wind in the desert

The water sends ripples up my spine as it cascades over the mountain side blowing the winds of time, where the sediment of layers are imbedded, telling stories of historic times.  I absorb each message like a sponge, and hear the whispers, that impart wisdom from sages, blowing the winds of time as though they …

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Heel ball toe,Heel ball toe,We walk the sacred earth. Toe ball heel,Toe ball heel,take each dayas it comes. Life takes timeto learn and grow so take it fast or take it slow. Speed bumps give us time to stop and ponder,tender moments shared. Heel ball toeToe ball heelin the end we’ll know,The journey makes it …

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Wednesday was my mom’s 86th birthday as know if you read my post Monday. Today we will reenact the fun with my friends and one of my daughters for lunch thanks to our hostess with the mostest. It has been an annual event for the past 7 years and a highlight of her year. 30 …

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