Don’t Confuse Net Worth W/ Self Worth

This piece was done by a dear friend / client of mine, Lynn Cornish and greets you upon entry of her home, welcoming visitors, to remind them of what matters most in life. Lynn lives in Portola Valley, California with her 2 dogs Ozzie and Bubba who are the light of her life. Lynn has been painting for 30 years and paints with 20 other artists in a warehouse in Redwood City, California. Her art is sometimes provocative, whimsical and always vivid and bright, capturing the essence of what happens on any given day.

Lynn with Ozzie and Bubba

This particular piece “Don’t Confuse Net Worth W/ Self Worth” is inspired by the area in which she lives in Silicon Valley, the dot com capital, where 1 % of the richest population resides. It could be easy to get swept away with power and greed but her message speaks to the heart, reminding us that truly Wealth is Health and not indicative of people’s contentment or happiness.

Lynn knows first hand that wealth does not equal health as her brother Robby suffered with mental illness all of his life. She tried for years to the best of her ability to help him with therapy, programs, housing, finances etc. He lived as rich a life as anyone could have with his serious condition of schizophrenia. He frequented thrift shops often and drove the car she gave him proudly and everyone knew him by name. He told many stories in lucid times and his favorite line was “It’s nothing to write home about” and laughter would fill the air. Everyone still laughs when they talk about this story and although I never met Robby, I feel as though I knew him by the stories that she and her brothers and sister in laws share when they get together in fond memory. Robby had an episode as is often the case with mental health issues that landed him in jail on a 5150 in March of 2015. I personally reassured Lynn that this was a good thing (I know first hand with family members that suffer from mental health issues) because he would now get the help he needed which is most often the case. She was trying to post bail because she was worried sick about him but sadly and tragically he was murdered in jail by his roommate who also suffered mental health issues on St. Patrick’s Day March 17th 2015.

Robert Anthony Hearn

Lynn makes generous donations to mental health organizations along with many other worthy causes.

Mental Health treatment, care and respect for each individual cannot be overemphasized in a world where 1 in 4 suffer from mental health issues and trauma. It does not discriminate and one never knows if or when one of us could be part of this percentage.

Lynn’s house reflects her fun loving, giving and vivacious personality that captivates everyone that comes in contact with her. Her walls are a gallery that infuse happiness and joy while looking at her art and her expansive view of the bay and majestic mountains.

Most days you will find her hiking the hills with the deer, turkeys and extraordinary wild life that are protected in her area.

Here’s Lynn‘s website if you want to check it out, just for fun. I am a HUGE fan and the lucky recipient of piece that hangs in my entry.

The one above is ear marked for another one of her friends but we are all battling her for it or urging her to make a lithograph for our homes as well. If you are interested in that please let her know.

This beautiy hangs in Lynn’s Dearest friend Wendy’s home
And this one in my entry

One day when working with Lynn I saw this in her garage and she said she was painting over it because she didn’t like it. I grabbed it so fast it would make your head spin and I LOVE IT. What’s more is my husband and I don’t agree on art at all AND WE BOTH LOVE IT!!! That speaks volumes!!!

A side angle view with Buddha standing guard

Look closely here…. no irreverence intended but even Buddha agrees this year has been F_____. Just keeping with the theme of things from last post. Lol!!!!

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Here’s to our Wealth in Health with Love and Always Laughs,




Silver Linings of Covid

Life has thrown us heartache and grief, yet we must continue to look at how we will show up and hold our hearts sacred, mourn the dying and reach out to those in need while we find The Silver Lining during unfathomable times. 

Quote and Photo by Cindy~ This Stupa from Bali greets clients upon entry. Although the rock is from New York, representing 911, it applies here as well

We are called into uncharted territories while we make our way into the next chapter of our lives. 

Regardless of where you find yourself on the spectrum of life, we are all being challenged to find our rudder and compass while we navigate these uncharted waters.  They can be turbulent no matter what your age, profession or living arrangements.  

Inertia can set in and create immobility and confusion, not knowing which direction to go in, or doing wheelies if you will, popping from one wheel to the other.  Or we start spinning into rapid fire without a direction or even asking what direction you want to be going in.  All of a sudden it’s as though a tornado hit and you are in the eye of the storm with no clue how you got there, on a desert island, alone.

You may be forced out of what you have known for so long and this creates uncertainty and confusion like being in a rip tide, lost at sea. 

Wherever you find yourself, it’s no doubt different than where you were and most likely it’s a double edge sword.  

I love what Bharath said in his last post which made me laugh and anytime I can laugh these days I welcome it!

“Times: I’ve changed. Do you like what I’ve become? No. Do I wish to go back? Hell no! Don’t ask too many questions, don’t ask for directions, I am alive and so are you; cross my path, wave at me and I might wave back. I’ve changed”.

Photo by Emiliano Arano on

I for one have chosen not to do massage at this time which is a big portion of my business currently, even though 42 counties in California allow it indoor with modifications.  I have invested oodles of time and money in a profession that I’m not sure I will want to continue in which is mind boggling, but time will tell how I choose to move forward.

My staff is reluctant to start as well and we have taken a huge financial hit in this arena but we cannot open, even though our pocket books argue.  We will and must listen to our moral compass when we know there will be another wave hitting in winter; even though our competitors are starting back. Money will never be our God, sacrificing integrity over greed.  Instead we have all managed to find ways to shift and be creative while we wait for the storm to pass.  I know of 4 people ( friends of friends)  that have died and 12 that have been injected in various degrees. One was a near death experience where he came back into his body and he is using an inhaler and he is only 42. My heart aches for your losses and my heart holds yours while you grieve. 

We are rewarded in life by following and listening to our hearts and tapping into our internal resources while lining up with the truth of the Law of Attraction ( basically what we need comes into fruition with intention and follow through).

Listen to your heart!

I’ve been embarking on the venture of Zooming with Clients, blogging and writing which has been incredible in some aspects but has come with a lot of  hiccups, not being computer and tech savvy.  It has changed my relationships with others that are generally up close and personal, tactile with lots of interaction, to one that is more isolating and introspective.

A little Help from my Covid Kitty’s Ollie and Star

I savor my quiet time but I find that interruptions throw me off kilter where before I was a genius at multitasking and juggling lots of balls.  I have holed away and I find it annoying to be in anyone’s presence that distracts me, primarily because I lose my train of thought.  

I don’t know exactly where I’m going with all of this but I am being led by my intuition even though it makes no sense at the moment.  I do check in with myself to see if I should jump ship and the answer is “No, just keep going”.  We don’t always know what the gifts are in the moment but through time, they make themselves clear. 

This Quote by Cherie Carter-Scott Mother of Life Coaching where I was certified
My Silver Linings of Covid:
  • I’m loving taking pictures, which I’m not that good at but having fun with.  I am featuring other friends and clients photography and art which is so inspiring.
  • I am learning some incredible new skills to live in a technological world in which there is no escaping.
  • I am able to spend time with my beloved Harry, my 14 year old King Charles Spaniel who is lame before he retires to the rainbow bridge.  
  • I trained my once feral cat to adjust to indoor outdoor life and my dog Hunter, not to eat either cat.
  • 2 of my adult children have lived with me since moving out in college which has allowed us to redefine our relationship as adults .
  • I’ve had some time with my mom and Dad.
  • I let the dust and fur stay on the ground and laundry pile up.
  • I have saved a ton of money but not going buying gifts and eating out. 
  • I’m taking a writers workshop.
  • We’ve had a bumper crop of tomatoes and zucchini  this year and I’ve made lots of tomato sauce for winter, which I never have time to do.   
  • I’ve made some Youtube videos of my own for classes.
  • I’ve enjoyed some great hikes in our hood.
  • I’ve discovered some great musicians thanks to my friends’ generosity.
  • Getting your comments, reading your masterpieces of poetry, thoughts, pictures etc has been such a gift to me and enriched my life.  It has made me a better writer and person.  I have learned so much culturally and in history that I am embarrassed to say I didn’t know. 
  • I have made some amazing new friends on WordPress from all over the world who have even zoomed with me to help me.  Thanks Kumar!

Silver Linings from Friends and Family:

  • I’ve saved a lot of money living at home with my parents with meals but I’m drowning in anxiety working everyday really hard not making a damn dollar and I don’t see a way out… I want to buy a house.
  •  I’m lucky to have my girlfriend at my side steadfast.
  • I’ve tapped into my organizational skills and cleaned my whole house.  It eases my anxiety. 
  •  I learned that I don’t need to hang dry my jeans and all my workout clothes all over my bathroom and closet because they don’t shrink in the dryer like I  thought for the last 40 years.  
  • I like that I don’t have to rake the sand traps when I’m golfing as I visit lots of them😬
  • My golf score has never been lower
  • I’m living my best Covid life with no commute working online, getting daily exercise and staying a month at a time in different remote spots for free of charge all while in business school online.
  • The freeways are not crowded and the air seems cleaner when there’s no smoke and I smell more of the wonders of the land, plants and trees.  
  • I’ve explored lots of new recipes in my cookbooks because we aren’t going out to dinner. 
  • We’ve enjoyed supporting many musicians for our Instagram shows and they are so appreciative for the support as they’ve had no opportunities to perform for six months. 
  • I’ve done more hiking in our beautiful area and feel blessed to enjoy the beauty all around us. 
  • I am trying to appreciate a slower life with more time to contemplate myself and the world around me.  I am also working on becoming more aware of discrimination and racism in this country, including examinations of my own shortfalls. 
  • My discovery of how important it is to get outside each day to exercise. There have been periods of time that I did not get outside for any length of time for weeks or months!
  •  Life actually slowed down!
  • we will have had 2 kids living with us for extended periods of time. Family time!!!!
  • taking over 30 online classes on various topics. 
  • learning how to Zoom to connect. 
  • less traffic. 
  • love being home!!!
  • playing piano
  • My hockey net
  • YouTube Music
  • Poetry
  • I am appreciative of what my mom has done for us for years. The way she cooks food inspite of being tired so I try to help her with chores some days.

So what about you?  What is your Silver Lining of Covid?  

Anything special you are learning about yourself?

As always, thanks so much for reading, liking ( if you do, commenting and or sharing).  I am so grateful for your continued support truly!

Blessings and love while we light our path on our journey’s,




Ignite the Light

On my daily walk, I meet this friend

Reaching Far and Wide

Searching for the light

Sheltering you and me

Bursting with color

Before it’s deciduous and ………leaves.

Reminding you that when darkness comes, leaves fall and all is cold and barren, you can reach inside for respite and light.  It’s always there even in our darkest hour. You may be knocked to your knees, seething in anger and fear which is understandable. When the candle is ignited and you blow it out, bring it inside to illuminate your soul while you remember the burst of color from fall.

Have a blessed Day as we stand tall in fall!

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In Love and Light,


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A Tribute to John Lewis

John Lewis Speaking at Sojourn To The Past

Upon hearing of John Lewis’s death, I had vivid memories of 2 of my children who went on a trip called Soujour To The Past, in Little Rock Arkansas.

Meeting these icons of the past was an awakening of their soul and spirit and opened their eyes to the injustices that occurred, igniting a thirst of learning in them.

My son Garrett on the left & Minniejean Brown Trixey (middle) member of the Little Rock Nine

My son wasn’t much of a student and although smart, school did not fit his unique and creative learning style until he went on this trip. It was truly a journey of the past and into his own soul as well. I can still remember the excitement when he came home with a twinkle in his eyes.

He had never worked this hard in his life writing, listening to the talks and learning about the history and devouring books. He took so many notes and he was over spilling with this new found knowledge. He was so proud of himself for doing all of the work and it showed him that when he is passionate about something, he has the capacity to immerse himself head first. It was such a joy to witness. I remember listening intently to his blow by blow accounts of the week. He was so inspired and mesmerized hearing John Lewis’s words first hand shared in a talk he gave to the classroom. He captured their hearts and their minds; they were riveted to his every word.

Jeff Steinberg and my son Garret 2004

My daughter on the other hand, found joy in learning in the classroom. She embraced the message of John Lewis and his colleagues and took his message to heart to stand up and speak out for equality and justice no matter what and not back down. Although quiet and a deep thinker, her actions and strength of character do not go unnoticed. The memory ingrained in her heart from the experience is loud and clear by her equality and caring of all people everywhere that she exhibits daily.

My daughter Blair is in there somewhere

Here is a link on Sojourn To the Past

I am forever grateful to this Legend of Love John Lewis and his commitment to his mission.

John Lewis

He continued in his last days to speak truth and stand up to bigotry and hatred and be the voice of equality for everyone everywhere.

His message is simple “We will make bridges to bring us together, not walls that separate and divide.”

Thank you John Lewis our Legend and Hero! We are indebted to you and will keep your voice in our hearts and speak the truth without fear because of your courage and bravery.

We are forever chaged and Blessed for walking the earth with us and helping us on our journey.

Click here and Enjoy the video every time I watch it I am so moved and inspired.

In Love and Light,


Little Rock Central High School where Minnijean Brown Trixey attended

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Mornight Light

reflections on my window

Morning light, shine so bright, takes my breath away
Your rays cast prisms, reflecting color of hope
I covet this moment I have captured in my heart because of you

Too powerful for words, too scared to share
for soon you will disappear ~ your light has enveloped me
I empty myself in silence and will give them words when I can finally speak

No matter how dark the night, you rise and ignite our spirit
infusing us with vision and light
Where we can begin anew and start over each and every day.

No matter what your evening sky has held of rumble and thunder
You wake up fresh and cleanse us of our pain and sorrow
So we can pass on your lessons, to Let Go and Let God

You take my breath away, as I witness this moment to moment shift
Blossoming, becoming, opening cracks in the sky
Joy and beauty with in me and I am grateful

Thank you for reminding us to Be Bright, Be Bold and Stay Strong
To illuminate our souls greatest longing to love and be loved and forgive
We all come from the same seed of light, so let your heart shine in this truth

In light and Love,




Schedules Give us Freedom!


A schedule gives you structure to your day with a time frame so you use the valuable moments you have to do what’s necessary so you don’t fritter your time away.

 You don’t let little things get in the way that eat your day up and then suddenly notice you’ve spent your whole day on one project.  

It also gives you little interruptions so you can break away from tedious tasks that might be taxing.  

Sometimes when we get so focused we forget about our basic needs like eating or drinking and hold our bladder way too long (that’s more of a woman thing).  Let’s face it, men can just “whip it out” and do going wherever they want.  Not to be crass but am I right or am I right?!  Don’t try this in a foreign country though or you might get arrested.  

This week I was so focused, I ignored my body signals and just kept working. I started feeling irritated by the phones ringing, the dogs barking, texts, emails, phone calls etc.  It was one thing after the next and I kept trying to ignore all of these annoyances and focus on the task at hand, which is one of the hazards of working from home. There was a bee and a fly that kept after me and I took to swatting these guys for about 10 minutes. My dogs kept barking for attention and the cats were meowing for food at which point I noticed I was at my breaking point, and had ignored the signals my body was trying to give me.  If you have kids or have baby sat, you can relate to this.  It starts with a quiet question and then slowly escalates, until they scream and go into a full on tantrum.

I Finally stopped, took a deep breath and asked “what do you want from me”?

The answer?  “Hey girl, don’t you think you need a break”?

Oh man, were they right and of course I thanked them profusely after my rant while running to the bathroom and nearly not making it, I kid you not.  I was also starving.  Yes, our body needs food and water for sustenance throughout the day, imagine that.   lol.  Yes, I know I’m a trainer and know better but I’m human too.

There are times we have to keep our nose to the grindstone but you can’t bank sleep and time without repercussions;  so remember that.  

Set your timer for every 45 minutes to an hour and take mini breaks or annoyances will only get louder until you do and you will be a lot more productive as well.

As soon as you start noticing these little nuisances

  1. Get up
  2.  Stretch
  3.  Do a few exercises
  4.  Have some water or food 
  5. Sing, drum, dance or play music
  6.  Take a mini break. 

 Spoken like a coach that sometimes needs a coach. 🤣


If we learn nothing else from the pandemic, might we remember to take really good care of ourselves and listen to the signals our bodies are giving us or we can easily run out of gas much like our car on the freeway.
It’s vital to our existence.  

Besides, the pandemic will end and you’ll find yourself asking why you didn’t take time out to enjoy it and wonder what the rush was all about.  

So, create a schedule with some “me time”, set a timer and thank those little annoyances that are in actuality your friend reminding you that you are important and need some TLC too. I’ve got my flute and timer ready for my day tomorrow so I can heed my bodies warning signals as I move through my day.

Have a great day and feel free to read on if you want to break this down for yourself.

P.S. I love Pooja’s blog posts.  She has breakdowns of her schedule with some fun facts.   She is great writer with invaluable tips on life in general and navigating Word Press.  Here is the article.

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With a grateful heart,

❤️🙏 Cindy


What’s your idea schedule?

What is your typical schedule?

What is the schedule you want or are working on?

The first step is to be honest here and write them both out so you can see how things actually are verses how they are in your mind.  I work with people all of the time and help them to prioritize what they actually want to do and need to do to create the schedule of their dreams.  It’s also important to realize where you are so you can make changes and create new habits which take a minimum of 21 days so “they” say.  
I find it takes more time than that with a cheerleader in your camp but the book Change Your Habits, Change Your Life in 21 Days:  21 day Challenge has some great Tid Bits.  
The main this is to be at choice and have a schedule that serves and feeds you instead of drains you. Making focused time windows (blocks as some call it) and adherence to them is critical for your sanity and not over scheduling yourself, so you have some built in breathing time in your day.

If anyone is interested in seeing my schedule let me know and I will make a blog post about it in the future.

Beauty All Around Me

Found hiking in Redwood Regional Park Oakland Ca.

Time stands still in moments of beauty
A gift from mother earth.

The sun radiates from the parting clouds while light ricochets
capturing light and darkness in synchronicity.

Colors and silhouettes reflecting light
seeing our own true colors of love and neutrality where oneness is found. 

If I sit still long enough the beauty is all around me  
I don’t have to do anything…. just open my eyes to see and feel these truths.

Critters come out to play, to greet the morning sun as my animals go wild with delight… so much fun on the horizon.

Today I choose to be one of my animals who give so much and ask for so little.

Today I Choose to be Ollie, my Yoga Cat

The Words Will Come!

I sit staring at the blank page with jumbled thoughts.  

I could write about meditation, health, fitness, the pandemic and of course racism but the words have been spoken and when we are in such shock and searching for justice, or fighting to be heard in a noisy world, there is a despondency and apathy that can invade your spirit.  Fragments of a poem are the only thing that I find remotely possible but who wants to read unfinished thoughts or write them for that matter.

We all get writer’s block so we just let our fingers do the walking, emptying out the spaces of our mind to flush out what is behind the words and open our heart to see what wants to be expressed, if anything.

Perhaps it is apathy or hopeless despair, trying to sift through the sand to find grains of wisdom. It’s dark and cold;  depression?  I just want to hole up and throw the covers over my head and wait for all of it to end and joy to fill my weary bones. Ugh, groundhog day…..again.

 I used to have a dream that there would be a moment where all beings everywhere had this wake up call all at once.  There was a loud noise and then the words of a higher power, said ”Stop, what are you doing this moment,  Drop your weapons, ego and righteousness and love each other, that’s all there is”.  And as if by magic the voice was heard and we rejoiced together in euphoria and we recognized the oneness that existed instead of the separateness;  And came together in acceptance and peace. 

I have been told this is magical thinking and maybe it is but I will continue this dream and hold it in my heart and actions until the end of time.  I will not succumb to violence even in my rage and sadness.  I will hold my head high and low at times breathing deeply and forgive and heal until I have the strength to lift it and stand once again to take flight.  

  • I will always hold the torch silently and loudly where I can find my light to ignite my spirit. 
  • I will always stand for justice and honor peoples rights separating government from social stances, even when that’s not how our system works.
  • I will always see gray where we can honor each other’s differences as I fight to share mine.
  • I will always use kind words over destructive ones that separate and apologize when I slip up and don’t.
  •  I will try not to lecture but listen beyond words. 
  •  I will fight for our rights and human injustices and stand up for a better future where we can live in equality and build a better future.  
  • I will use my moments to look internally so I can see where I need to heal, forgive, let go, be kinder, stronger, take a stance, speak up and shut up. But I also know as long as we have a human race, there will be bickering, there will be greed, there will be people who take advantage of the system and have a pity party and choose to be victims of their circumstances instead of digging out and doing their part to change their life.  It’s easier for some to blame than to take responsibility but until they do, they will reap what they sow.

I am blessed and I don’t forget that I am lucky to be born where I was, at the time I was, but it did not come without a lot of searching, investigating, clearing out debris and sometimes I felt like I was being eaten alive and permeated by intrusive thoughts and demons haunting me.  But I didn’t back down, I looked in and healed those wounds, real or imagined.

 As long as we are on earth, I’m sad to say, we will continue to have violence and killing and that is NOT to say it is ok.  IT IS NEVER OK!  It is simply to point out when we think this is worse than it’s ever been, might we remember history: The Civil Right Movement, World War 2, The Great depression etc. to remind ourselves that history repeats itself and we are fighting again for causes we thought we abolished but are still very much alive.  Does it sicken us?  Sure it does, but we will fight the good fight and stay strong and speak out demanding justice and equality.  

Earth is a training ground for our next dimension and we must be ready to hear the call.  

So stand up to injustice, speak your opinion, be an example first to yourself and then others who will model these truths.  

We will not back down from these atrocities and let our spirits get beaten down but we will not put our boxing gloves on and fight either, creating more separation and damage.  .  

Instead, we will sit in the void, staring at our paper;   Blank Slate~ Tabula Rasa shaking our heads, feeling the pain of our brothers and sisters, and hold ourselves gently and lovingly, until we have words to speak again and they flow through our hand from pen to paper, so we can share them with the world.

Stay Strong and Stay Well.



The Sun Rises


The sun rises in the darkest of times peeking it’s ray of hope and sunshine
reminding us that spirit has a lot to teach us.

The clouds and storms wash away all of our dismantled parts so we can see the truth of our heart connections.

The moon rises illuminating the truth of our existence that we are all one
where we return to our true nature;  love and light.

 Teaching us patience and resilience, so we can rise stronger and healthier for all mankind, where we hold hands once again and sing in harmony. 

Stay Strong and Keep the faith……. we will be ok.

Breathing and Yoga During the Pandemic

Hi Yoginis,

(written 5 weeks ago)

Frozen in our patterns and thoughts, moving in a similar pattern that is constructed by our minds day in and day out. But we are not what our minds tell us or even what we perceive. 

 We are beyond words and our truth lies in the void of that emptiness where we begin anew every single day.  

What are you birthing on this new day 

And with who or where do you want to travel

Life in our new normal with the pandemic and trying to learn platforms when I’m a pen a paper gal is down right tough. Just ask my kids and assistant.

On Wednesday nights class I had help, even though my tech team was at the the lake helping remotely.  I was set up and ready to go early and felt very confident since things had been getting better each week.  

However, I couldn’t hear anything come through the speaker and it doesn’t help that I’m half deaf.  After trying everything to get the sound to work, my only option was to move to my iPad after I bounced so many people in and out inadvertently and I’m so sorry, some of you couldn’t get on at all.  

It was a beautiful night but it continued to get windier and windier which made my voice harder to hear. Then the screen blew over, and one participant was accidentally sharing his screen and to top it off, I was running out of power.

The talk I planned on Breathing and Yoga and the Pandemic, fell on deaf ears since you may not have heard any of it, but I have to say, I was grateful for the message I planned because it helped me stay grounded and center myself so I could withstand the frustration, embarrassment and panic I felt when all of these interruptions and annoyances continued.  

I thought “I can’t do this again:  This is the last time I will ever teach in this forum again.” And then I took a breath and realized I had written this most likely for myself so I could drop all thought and just be present.

I was frozen and I held my breath as we do when we are in the fight or flight mode.

As I felt this I paused and took a deep breath.  

Our very first breath as babies were one of the hardest breaths we will ever take and our last breath.

In the womb we were cozy and warm with our mothers amniotic fluid surrounding us and our nourishment and breath came from our connection with our mother through our umbilical cord.  Fluid filled our lungs and upon our entry to the world our breath was replaced by air as the fluid left our lungs and was reabsorbed into our bodies and excreted cellularly and transferred out and excreted.  This is a rather shocking experience for the body and often when babies are born they are given a little swat to get this transference of oxygen to start.  

 It’s quite a complex and jarring so it’s no wonder that we often hold our breath during the day especially under stressful situations.  The body remembers everything and holds tension patterns in the tissues and we have to constantly train ourselves to Breathe which sounds so easy but if it were that easy, we wouldn’t have to take classes to teach us how to breath.

6 weeks into the pandemic, it is important now more that ever to keep breathing, (yes, with a mask if you are outside with others or shopping).

Stay present in this moment and continue to find ways to stay in the NOW.

People are viewing this in a mirage of different ways which is interesting to look at and examine.

Some are in the camp that it is over which allows some to relax, while others cringe at that thought.

Some feel it’s a political stunt. Others, that this will last for the next few years until we have an immunization for it.  

No matter where you stand, it’s easy to find yourself holding your breath hearing the ongoing bombardment.

Yoga is a practice of doing Asanas (Movements) combined with Breath (Pranayama in Sanskrit).

Pantajali was a sage that wrote the Veda Sutras in 1500 BCE.

The Yoga Sutras is a book that has the principles of Yoga outlining the 8 Limbs of Yoga and Pranayama is the 4th of the 8 principles. 

Pranayama is regulation of the breath and is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force. Together the objective is to still the inflictions of the mind.  


There are many different breathing techniques to help still the inflictions of the mind.

One of the first breaths Yoga teachers and students learn is the 3 Part Breath. Of all the breathing techniques yoga has to offer, Three-Part Breath is one of the simplest, and yet most powerful. 

It’s called Dirgha Pranayama in Sanskrit and helps clear the mind, is grounding and relaxing and can be done on and off the mat.  

Simply breath into your Abdomen with on hand on your belly and continue filling up your diaphragm with one hand on your rib cage and expand the breath to the top on your chest where your clavicle meets.  You can hold the breath for a count of 6 or vary the length of your breaths and holds or simply just breath.  

On your exhale breath you simply allow your clavicle and chest to drop as your diaphragm releases air and finally your abdomen drawing your belly button into your spine.

5 weeks ago Little did we know, we would be watching a man being killed with a knee on his neck by a policeman when our officers are suppose to be there to protect us. No one stopped this when resuscitation is required by law.

We all bared witness to hearing George Floyd’s last words “I CAN’T BREATHE” and then saw the footage of him handcuffed, unconscious and dead. We also watched another black man, Ahmad Arbery, being gunned down by 3 white men just weeks before that.

This inhumane injustice has tortured us, wounding our psyches and souls. We are still in shock that we are still racist and predudice and this injustice needs to change. We need to do better and stand up, petition, make our voices heard, put a line in the sand, end racism, donate, stay strong and be bearers of light NO MATTER WHAT!

Out last breath should be one where we are are sheltered and escorted to the other side, loved and cared for not left gasping for our lives.

Black Lives Matter!

Now more than ever we are challenged to do better and come to our mat where we can be held, where we can breath and let go of the grief, anger and tears that have taken our bodies hostage.

Come to the mat with us and open your heart to the goodness that is all around you, where you matter, life matters and we weep together and have a moral compass. An eye for an eye won’t bring back these men but we can keep their spirits alive in our heart and have our voices heard where we can hold light and love so that their lives don’t go in vain and justice can be served.

Keep Breathing and Stay Strong!