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🌹love one another 🌱🌿 so humans grow 🙏 trust that good things are coming and God has a plan 🙋 Do power poses to open the chakras ✍ Write to free the thoughts 🎇 Emojiku each day for life is precious 🙏 Pray for your mother, father, Children, family and friends. 🤼 Practice human kindness  …

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Happy Fun-Fri-Yay my Friends! Well we made it through a doozy of a week and Friday couldn’t come fast enough, so playing with Emojiku’s with my friends Goff, Anita and all of you that send them, was great fun and relief from a the crazy mixed up world. Poetry – Air Your Dirty Clothes – …

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Life’s trios come easy and hard so I always have a helmet and a hammer and turn my frown to smiles and sing…If I had a hammer because I’m finally going to have a shower and a tub too! I’m singing you a song today for a prayer and some love! Happy Fun Fri-Yay My …

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