Lost and Found

So if any of you were worried about me after my last Friday post and thought I went off the deep end, I wanted to reassure you I was lost, but I’ve been found.

No, we didn’t drink all of the wine out of these bottles, maybe a little, but they did come in handy for my daughter’s DYI project. We’re collecting them now so please save yours if you are getting rid of them. I am so impressed with her as she works full time in a venture firm, is in Business School and still manages to find time for fun projects like these. Nice job!

First Test Try to make glasses and candles

Drinking Glasses or Candles:

Step 1: Gather your bottles and take the labels off with soap hot water.

Step 2: Score your bottles as show below.

Look close and you can see the lines on the bottle about half way down the bottle.
Here goes nothing ………

Step 3: Dip back and forth in Hot and Cold Water until you hear a pop. Wear Goggles just in case.

Step 4: Sand the top of the glasses with sand paper until smooth with 120 grit.

OOPS… If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

Cheers to the DYI Queen of Crafting! Note the beer bottle in the bottom right hand corner for smaller thinner glasses.

These will be available on Etsy when her skill gets perfected in sets of 4 or 6. Aromatherapy candles will be coming soon and I’ll share those with you at a later time.

One another note, most of you have probably seen the below but no matter what side you were on, this was incredibly moving and touching. Don’t miss it!

If you missed the inauguration and Amanda Gorman’s spoken poetry, here is a copy of the words and video. She was amazing and so impirational. Enjoy!


Transcript of Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem

Amanda Gorman became the youngest person to deliver a poem at a U.S. presidential inauguration, with the 22-year-old reciting her poem “The Hill We Climb” after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as president and vice president.

When day comes we ask ourselves,
where can we find light in this never-ending shade?
The loss we carry,
a sea we must wade
We’ve braved the belly of the beast
We’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peace
And the norms and notions
of what just is
Isn’t always just-ice
And yet the dawn is ours
before we knew it
Somehow we do it
Somehow we’ve weathered and witnessed
a nation that isn’t broken
but simply unfinished
We the successors of a country and a time
Where a skinny Black girl
descended from slaves and raised by a single mother
can dream of becoming president
only to find herself reciting for one
And yes we are far from polished
far from pristine
but that doesn’t mean we are
striving to form a union that is perfect
We are striving to forge a union with purpose
To compose a country committed to all cultures, colors, characters and
conditions of man
And so we lift our gazes not to what stands between us
but what stands before us
We close the divide because we know, to put our future first,
we must first put our differences aside
We lay down our arms
so we can reach out our arms
to one another
We seek harm to none and harmony for all
Let the globe, if nothing else, say this is true:
That even as we grieved, we grew
That even as we hurt, we hoped
That even as we tired, we tried
That we’ll forever be tied together, victorious
Not because we will never again know defeat
but because we will never again sow division
Scripture tells us to envision
that everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree
And no one shall make them afraid
If we’re to live up to our own time
Then victory won’t lie in the blade
But in all the bridges we’ve made
That is the promise to glade
The hill we climb
If only we dare
It’s because being American is more than a pride we inherit,
it’s the past we step into
and how we repair it
We’ve seen a force that would shatter our nation
rather than share it
Would destroy our country if it meant delaying democracy
And this effort very nearly succeeded
But while democracy can be periodically delayed
it can never be permanently defeated
In this truth
in this faith we trust
For while we have our eyes on the future
history has its eyes on us
This is the era of just redemption
We feared at its inception
We did not feel prepared to be the heirs
of such a terrifying hour
but within it we found the power
to author a new chapter
To offer hope and laughter to ourselves
So while once we asked,
how could we possibly prevail over catastrophe?
Now we assert
How could catastrophe possibly prevail over us?
We will not march back to what was
but move to what shall be
A country that is bruised but whole,
benevolent but bold,
fierce and free
We will not be turned around
or interrupted by intimidation
because we know our inaction and inertia
will be the inheritance of the next generation
Our blunders become their burdens
But one thing is certain:
If we merge mercy with might,
and might with right,
then love becomes our legacy
and change our children’s birthright
So let us leave behind a country
better than the one we were left with
Every breath from my bronze-pounded chest,
we will raise this wounded world into a wondrous one
We will rise from the gold-limbed hills of the west,
we will rise from the windswept northeast
where our forefathers first realized revolution
We will rise from the lake-rimmed cities of the midwestern states,
we will rise from the sunbaked south
We will rebuild, reconcile and recover
and every known nook of our nation and
every corner called our country,
our people diverse and beautiful will emerge,
battered and beautiful
When day comes we step out of the shade,
aflame and unafraid
The new dawn blooms as we free it
For there is always light,
if only we’re brave enough to see it
If only we’re brave enough to be it

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Heaven Meets Hell on Fri-Yay Funday

Move heaven Virgil quote. If I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell - ancient Roman philosopher and poet Virgil quote written on framed chalkboard royalty free stock images

Hi All,

Welcome to Fri-Yay Funday Collab post When Heaven Meets Hell!

Once every so often your path crosses with someone that you might never be friends with. You are from complete opposite sides of the coin, or are you? You can’t explain it but there is sheer delight in the irreverent, and light heartness of deep issues that the other person would say “It’s not that deep”. They make you laugh even though you might not comepletely get their “warped sense of humor” (no judgement there 🤣), or making fun of issues of importance. And they don’t get your esoteric heavenly ways. Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus. We all know this is true. In this case, He is from Hell and I of course, am from Heaven. 🤣 🔥😇

Can they ever meet in the middle and find equal playing ground?

Step out of your box whereever you stand and have some light hearted fun. We’ve been locked up so long we may have begun to take ourselves too seriously.

Good And Evil, Angels And Demons

Hell 🔥:

Who are you?

Heaven: 😇

The age old question.

I am the wind beneath your wings

So, what’s a nice girl like me doing in a place like this hanging out with you?  I was minding my own business doing my job helping people mend their wings so they can fly again and then you came along. I have an important job being an angel and don’t have time for demented souls like you. It’s a full-time job turning damaged goods into worthy ones. And then word gets out that you are so good at it, you put your shingle out and call it heaven.  Floating in the clouds is fun for a while, wearing your white robe and Halo and drinking good wine.  Not rot gut thunderbird for me, I’ll leave that for you in the lowland.  I get the goblets out and say “drink, this is my blood and you will have eternal life and be free”.  

Everyone wants freedom but next thing you know they’ve drunk the life right out of you and you’re floating in the Red Sea. So you pour a little more so you can drown their sorrows and yours from the purgatory of YOU. It’s a thankless job but someone’s gotta do it and it sure as hell isn’t gonna be you. You sit in your solitary confinement, laughing the pee out of people, farting, making jokes, raking someone over the coals while you sharpen your horns and stick, ready with a swift prick. Oh to be a prick. Prick you. I just wanna be you for a day. Even Fairy Godmother’s need a time out. Their wings get tired and they get sick of nursing these poor souls back to life.

Who are you?

Hell 🔥:

I‘m Gottfried, your worst nightmare.

I think it’s great that people try to be you for a day. Sometimes I pretend to be normal but it gets boring so I go back to being myself. I’ve put a lot of thought into it and I don’t think being an adult is going to work for me. So the only way I will gladly swap bodies is if it’s with a kid. There’s nothing about being a kind old lady that appeals to me. Everyone comes to me for food and advice, two things I hate sharing above all. Why would I be inclined to give you food just because I’m old and motherly looking? Although if you want bad advice, you can catch me at the pub, I’ll be there all night long dishing it. The worst part is, you were born on a leap year, so I have to wait four years to celebrate my damn birthday? 

Heaven 😇:

I could never live in a shoe so I jumped to light speed so I  could never be old. A Genie in a bottle, my wish is your command but only once every 4 years.  The rest of the time I’m eternal youth, celebrating all year, cuz I’ll always be younger than you.  Young at heart, we agree there, but spending too much time in the pub eating grub, surely ages you more than anything else. Just ask your liver. Too many kids and animals so what else was I going to do, so I whine. If I go missing, look for me on a wine bottle. Don’t let my kids know though cuz they’ll drink every bottle and then I’ll never be found. But then maybe that’s not so bad.  Dust me off every 4 years and I’ll meet you at the pub but I’m not holding court with a bunch of drunks. I’ll never make it to 29 so I can’t waste my time.  

Hell 🔥:

I’ll be honest when I say that this sounds like the best way to live. What is a life worth living if it’s not on the edge? We’re here for a good time not a long time so we have to make the most of every second of the day. If you think nobody cares that you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments. If I ever get missing, please follow my kids. They can find me no matter where I try to hide. Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most. As the days draw to a close, I am constantly reminded of the insignificance of my existence. The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us. And that’s on period. 

Heaven: 😇

We finally agree.  No one makes it out alive so we may as well have a good time.  A long ride sounds like a road to nowhere.  Does anyone even know what day it is anymore?  Or should we care?!  As for me, I’m living on the back 9 with all of the comfort stations.  The grass is always greener, but be careful what you wish for and watch out for the dog poop.  Oops… My mama said there were gonna be days like these. We have to milk each moment for what it’s worth and not cry over spilled milk.  It’s all mind over matter.  If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.  So no worries about losing yours.  The cow jumped over the moon, the little dog barked, the pig squealed and the kids ran away with the wine. 

Hell……………….?  Are you there? 

Heaven can wait;  What do you say?

Hell 🔥:

I’d say, that was a hella Fun Friday!!!

I wasn’t a fan in the 80’s when this came out but lots of my younger clients love it and it was so fitting for todays post.

I do hope you enjoy this collaboration! This is off the beaten path of my usual arena and it was soooo much fun. If you would like to see more of these please let me know and thanks as always for reading, liking (if you do of course), commenting and or sharing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and remember if you don’t like it, the devil made me do it 🔥🤣!!!!




Hump Day Wednesday and Recaps:

Hi Crazy Peeps,

Ok, I just had to say that once, because when I hear y’all say it, I love it and I feel young and hip. I always think “oh YAY, I may not be that young but I’m a leap year baby, which means I only have a birthday every 4 years, which makes me 16 and young at heart. If you do the math, don’t tell me, I like to live in a delusionary world. hahahahaha😜🤣

This would usually fall under a Fun Fri-Yay but I have a special surprise collaboration this Friday with one of your favorite bloggers and mine so be there or be square!!!

You may remember the bike debacle at Christmas. I sure do… lol.
We celebrated with my son’s girlfriend, Kristal the week before and she was soooo excited when he surprised her with the bike. They went on a ride and she fell off because she didn’t have the right shoes that locked in. Thankfully she was ok! Here they are celebrating below. Isn’t she adorable?!!!! She’s as nice as she is pretty.

The next week we celebrated secret Santa where we pick names and buy a gift for whoever’s name you picked. Half the fun is trying to decide who has you.

The joke was on me.
Why was I the only one that couldn’t see?
They pulled the wool over my eyes.
So much for being healthy wealthy and wise.
Healthy I am, wealthy in spirit, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad,
Thank you sonny boy “Gary”!

So Kristal was in on it the whole time when she pretended to be surprised the week before Xmas when he gave it to her, and then gave it to me on Christmas Day.  So sweet of him!
Scott, from the inspiredchief was right when he said: “Great Post Cindy. Maybe it will be a gift from Santa. Did you make the nice list this year”. Are you Santa or an elf Scott? I’m giving you my list next year. Apparently, I did make the nice list! 😅

Woo hoo!  Now I actually have to ride it. 😜 Truth is, I would never go on a bike these days if it wasn’t for a chance to be with him.

Fitness Dice:

Check out these new fun fitness dice my daughter game me.  

Roll the dice and let the fitness begin. Another fun way to get your workout in.


Disk Golf:  

So, I’m the trainer, the rest of my fam are jocks… yes all 5 of them. 😜 I’m not going to risk getting injured by putting myself at risk doing all of the things they do cuz it’s my livelyhood, so I play safe. That’s my excuse anyway. The truth is, they are so darn good at everything and I pale at their athletic ability, so I hide behind the “It’s my livleyhood story even though it’s smart to do so. The truth is, I’m really competive and I don’t want to loose. 🤣 It would wound my ego deeply. Lol.   .

But I’m a good sport and my son will hike to appease me, but doesn’t love it so I agreed to play or beat to the tune of my own drummer as I ran the course, and and fumbled around playing disk golf with them.

Hunter had the best time… now if only I could teach him play frisbee.  Here’s a couple of holes of a 15 hole Frisbe golf course.

Highland Springs Kelseyville, California

Stay Tuned for Heaven Meets Hell on Fri-Yay Funday. This is a personal invitation and I’m really excited to share it with you. He’s (that’s the only hint I’ll give) one of my favorite blogger and yours aside from us of course!!!

Have a great day and wonderful Thursday and can’t wait to see you then!

 See you on Friday! Everyone who comes will have a direct line to Santa nee year…lol!

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Fri Yay Fun Day or WTF

Photo by Jeff Stapleton
on Pexels.com

Hi Friends,

If I am to be completely honest, I’m not feeling too fun at the moment. I have always been accused by my clients and most friends of being “too happy”. A dear client who transitioned at 86 used to say “OH NO, here comes Ms. Happy” when I showed up twice a week to put her through the exercise paces. The last thing she wanted to do with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) was see me and yet it was the high point in her day.

I think of her today and the many I have lost over the years ( B.C. before covid) that were so near and dear to my heart. Some of them who had weathered the storms of the ages and some not able to see their kids graduate and I know they would be turning over in their graves right now with the current state of affairs in our country,

I stay happy because I usually stay away from the news and don’t allow toxic informaion that I have no control over to invade my psyche. I energetically stay positive and send energy by tapping into divine truth that raises my level of counsousioness and recharges me so I can be a conduit for others to do the same. It does no good to go down the tubes when I know that healing is going on at it’s deepest level and cleansing out the toxity in a situation is vital, no matter how ugly it gets. We have a choice, we can align with the divine and be a vessle for light and love to enter through darkness or we can let it envelop us.

I was glued to the news inbetween clients and shaken like most people I know, as we watched the unfathomable of breaking into our capital and vandalizing sacred ground incited by our leaders. I’m not here to talk politics. This is a deep time of mourning no matter what you are for or against and violence and threatening our democracy no matter what, is deplorable and never ok. So, I guess you would say, I’m in shock and mourning.

I decided on January 1rst that I would write a quote everyday this year and at the end of the year, if I don’t have the book I’m workng on ready, I will have a book of meditative quotes from the year. I wrote this for next year.

Jan. 6th 2021

Let the music of silence fill your heart with stillness
The lyrics might be out of tune and your ears might need to filter out 
The noises all around you
Surrender and let go as you dance through your day in light and love.

It’s hard to ignore voices of the outside world especially in despicable acts of violence trying to drown out truth.

How do me maintain composure and honor and do what’s right, when every ounce of you wants to retaliate?

It’s not easy to be witness to the atrocities of the world, destruction, violence, greed, anger, racism, rape;  whatever the case may be.  Last year today it was an assault to our democracy in America.  Wherever you live, who ever you are, you know the feeling of being a victim of unjust behavior.  We have every right to feel sad, scared and angry and yet we must remember that truth prevails and light overshadows darkness.

Our own inner world and mind can be as damaging to ourselves as what happens in the outside world.

Close your eyes and breath and ignite the light so we together can collectively find peace amidst chaos and confusion.  Breath in and breath out as you settle the restlessness in your bones, so you can be part of the solution not the problem. 

Sing a song of joy and goodness as you ignite the light.   

On a happy note, I ended up staying home while my husband and son headed to the lake last night so I could take care of my soul on a deep level and enjoy the stillness of the morning. I’ll head up later but in the meantime, the morning is heaven as it always is when the sun comes to greet the day and I’m cuddled in, nestled between the sheets with my beloved cats.

Cassian my daughters new kitty (He’s not here but too cute not to share)
My beloved once feral Star

I’ll be wandering to the lake soon after meditaion and my morning ritual of writing and the fun will begin. However you find yourself, honor your feelings and heart and treat yourself well. Enjoy your weekend and find respite no matter what’s going on in your world. I’ll see you on Monday with some exercise tips and an interview that Yvette from Priorhouse did on me, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

And have fun. After all, it’s Friday Funday and someone has to do it, so it might as well be you.

Stay Blessed, be bold and know you are love.



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A Harry Merry Birthday Party

Happy Fri-Yay… Funday!!!

Last Friday Mrs. Doubtfire, aka Robin Williams, was dancing with her broom on my page and this week I am because Harry celebrated his birthday. YAY!!! I thought he was going to be 14 but when I looked up his birth certificate, I was shocked I was a whole year off and he was actually 13. That sounds about right with this time warp we’ve been in. I’m sticking with birthdays don’t count this year because we barely used them in Covid but I am happy we got to celebrate him and confident we will share one last Christmas together.

As the days have been leading up to his birthday, we have had many talks about what we should do for his birthday. I don’t know about you, but we have invited other friends dogs in and had birthday parties over the years, gone to the beach etc, but that’s not happening right now.

Remember, Harry can’t walk and his front legs have now given out on him so he has to be carried everywhere with a special strap around both his front end and back end. I’ts called helpem harness up and we couldn’t have survided without it for the last 18 months. It has been a God send. He barks throughout the day to let you know what he needs and is up 2-4 times in the night to go out to go to the bathroom. My husbands a saint. If you’ve ever had a geriatric dog you get how exhausting and back breaking it is and it takes it’s toll. It’s so sad and breaks your heart and you would do anything for them including putting them down if they were suffering or in pain. Harry is still happy to eat and be with us and tells us when he needs to go out, drink water, move positions etc. We all love and adore him but it’s hard to get much done with his incessant demands and we find ourselves trying to pawn him off on the other person.

This is how our conversation went one night at dinner.

So what are we going to do for Harry’s Birthday”?

“Let’s give him his favorite meal and a bone”?

“Good idea but no he might have diarrhea all day”.

“Bad idea”.

Well, we can take him on a stroller ride”.

Great idea, we’ll do that”.

And it went on and on.

And then my husband said “Well, we could put him down”.

We all just roared in comic relief. While it might sound brutal, if you have ever had a geriatic pet or loved one that is dependent on you for their every need, you will get this. If you haven’t gone through this, you might not be able to get the humor. It takes it’s toll and you need breaks and relief. While we love him so much and it’s painful, we have adapted to his new normal. It takes so much patience, love, dedication and honestly most people we know would have put him down a year ago. But he is still happy to eat and be with us which is our criteria for him having a good quality of life, painstaking as it is, and we will savor the moments we have left together, until we know it’s time to say goodbye.

Happy 13th Birhtday Harry!
Star looking on, Harry, Hunter and Ollie

Thanks so much for visiting today and do something fun for yourself.
I will be posting until next week Thursday and then am going on a hiatus of a device free holiday just to give you a heads up.

Stay Blessed,



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Seeing Red

It’s Fri-Yay Funday and time to do something fun even if it’s turning up the music and dancing with your broom. Seriously, I actually do this or drag my cat or dog for a dance. 🤣 Turn up the music, kick up you heels and hit it. Yes, dance like no one is watching!

sweeping mrs. doubtfire GIF by Hollywood Suite
God, I Miss Robin Williams!

So, I looked up the definition of fun on Google because they know everything right?


But, it works for my post so I’m going with it.

You will find many more fun versions on other sites if you care to pull it up.


Fun is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “Light-hearted pleasure, enjoyment, … An 18th century meaning (still used in Orkney and Shetland) was ” cheat, trick, hoax”, a meaning still retained in the phrase “to make fun of”. The landlady …


NOT! Well, the light hearted pleasure, enjoyment is nice but cheat, trick, hoax… not so much!

Seeing red 

Riding on my new red Specialized bike just in time for Christmas. It’s fire engine red
just like my vintage Venus bike only loaded with all the bells and whistles; SCORE!

16 gears on the handles to get me up hills, 
A perfect fit, adjusted specifically to a tee for my weight and height.

It rides smoothly and shifting gears is a piece of cake.
The wind is at my back, the sun shines on my face, a perfect replacement and my butt’s not sore.

My son took me to check it out on a Facebook add he saw.  
He made sure that it fit my body right, examined all its parts  so sweet right?!!!!!

And then he said “Ok mom that’ll be 350.00 which was an amazing price for this 1,000 bike.|
I happily handed over the money and he said “I think Kristal’s going to love this”.

Yes, I’m Seeing Red!

playing on my way GIF by The Elves!

Good thing I love Kristal so much and for the record, he paid for the bike but I have to say, I was pretty excited for a minute.

Have a great Friday and weekend whatever you do! It doesn’t cost anything to laugh and will lift your spirits. Thanks as always for visiting, liking (if you do, of course), commenting and or sharing.

Have fun… or try…. just a little bit or a lot!

Stay Blessed because you are a blessing to me!



Busy Elves and Videos

This is a smorgasbord of fun for various reasons:

The biggest one being, the mother I was, has retired herself and now is coming out to play and take videos and pictures of my adult kids, entertaining themselves. It turns out they will always be kids at heart and I no longer need to be the entertainment center. YAY!

And I have finally made a promised video for Luke and those of you who have asked for exercises to support your back health, since we are all finding ourselves sitting more than usual.

F inding new found treasures 

U nbeknownst to me

N ever losing your sense of wonder!

Found the playful elves in Santa’s workshop

Using natural elements to create Santa’s Reindeers:

Women and tools with men who think they rule

Girls are no fools

Tired foreman after supervising the Elfs sleeping with Casian

And Now a workout video because I promised our friend Luke from 365 that I would get him a back video out to help with back pain. He does beautiful photography so visit him when you get time. It’s a about 20 minutes long.

You better watch out and better not pout, because I’ll know if you are sitting watching it or doing it-:)

Thanks so much for stopping in and have a wonderful weekend and make sure you find some fun in whatever you do. You deserve it!




Fri-Yay Family Funday

I hope you all found some grateful moments during the Thanksgiving holiday even if it was changed up from your usual gatherings. Staying open to what is and finding blessings and gratitude as we accept change creates more abundance in our lives, even in difficult times.

Everyone was disappointed that we wouldn’t be hosting in the usual way with all of us gathered together with all of the grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. I even told my daughter not to fly in from New York because CDC said it wasn’t safe to do so. She was agahst thinking I didn’t want her. “Of course I want you I told her, it’s just well you know, COVID”. She got tested and booked her flight at an obscutre time, with a flight with few people, and here she is in all her glory, and thankfully she didn’t listen to us. We couldn’t be happier.

So here we are, under one roof with just the 6 of us, and it’s the first time in over 35 years that we haven’t hosted Thanksgiving, and it was heaven on earth. Not that we don’t LOVE our family and we did miss them but each of the kids made something they wanted to try that was different and we didn’t have to rush and clean up before everyone brought more stuff, only to clean up again later. The usual pressure was lifted and everyone fended for themselves and we had an amazing day. It’s my favorite of the holidays because there are no gifts except each other which is the best gift of all. We did our usual ornament exchange where we pick numbers and steal, which is always a fun game.

Cheers to All in Celebration, wisdom, beauty, radience, inspiration and grace (the names on our glasses). I highly reccommend ordering these awesome clear plasitc stickers for your glasses. I even wash them and they don’t come off.

This year in honor of giving back to the earth and our recent tree that fell along with 3 lemon trees dying, we bought 2 trees to plant together in ceremony during the weekend. We will infuse the dirt with all of our love and energy with the intention of it yielding lots of lemons and make lemonade out of this year, kissing 2020 goodbye, not a minute too soon.

Everyone was suppose to write a poem to share but of course, I was the only one that did. 🤣 A few of our word press friends participate in d’Verse poetry and I never have time to entertain it but Dwight encouraged me, so I took a stab at it (thanks Dwight). I wrote the instructions of the poetry below.


Gracefully open up your heart
Gather seeds of yester-years
Giving thanks for those to come
Grow in joy and always love
Grounding and rooting to earth 
Grow wise from your ancestors
Go in peace, and share your light


Foundation on which we stand 
Finding solace in each other
Figuring out who you are
Fights to learn to give and take
Fables told rich history 
Friends at best, respect no less 
Forever lives in our hearts

Today at d’Verse Laura introduced us to a form of poetry called Pleiades. We must pick a ONE-WORD TITLE  then write a SEVEN-LINE poem of SEVEN SYLLABLES  whereby each line begins with the FIRST LETTER of your title. Join us at: https://dversepoets.com Then click on the Mr. Linkey box and read other poems.

Enjoy your friday and have a great weekend, whatever you do.
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Love, gratitude, health and abundance,



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Fun Fri-Yay

Dusted of my Venus bike,
Fire engine Red.
I remember when I bought it and thought what a cool name Venus is; I can ride to all the galaxies and visit the heavens.  

It’s been 10 years or so since I’ve taken a spin.
I bought it used from a gal that had it built for her frame, and she won a few triathlons riding it.
I was about her size and thought, If it was good enough for her, it was good enough for me, since I knew nothing about riding.

Never mind I have to reach down to the top rail to adjust the gears and lose my balance, tork my back, and hunch over.  There aren’t enough speeds for my liking, no mirrors, lights or horns, so I soon retired it, and took to hiking and running, which is more my speed.

Now if I was Dwight, our friend from Roth Poetry who has a knack for fixing everything, I’d fix it up and sell it for a pretty penny, since I hear these old vintage bikes (anything earlier than 1982), are actually worth something. This is not a bike for Sheree from View From The Back, where she raced throughout France, and would leave us all in the dust. I bet she’s familiar with this bike in all her years of riding.

Who has time for biking when you’ve got dogs to walk, gardens to tend, and work to do but when my son looked at me in the eyes and said “Mom would you like to ride with me?” My head spun so fast and I was out the door in seconds flat.  Now, we didn’t make it to Venus or Mars and my neck is still sore, but it was worth every minute to have some Fun Friday time with him. So, I’m in search of a new bike and I’m going for all the speeds I can get with all the bells and whistles and yes, electric too; so I’m not left in the dust and he’ll keep me in the que.  

Please do check out Dwight and Sherre’s site as they take you on wonderful rides, whether it is a scenic view, great poetry, some ingenious ideas, beautiful antiques, food and vintage treasures.

Have a great weekend and as always, Thanks for stopping in and visiting.

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Happy Fun Fri-Yay and Almost Diwali!

I celebrated early with my dear friend Nila!

Festival of lights, where everyone comes together for fun, food, dancing, 
honoring Lakshim; The God of wealth.

Coins, painted decorations, sparklers and candles and sweets, bless the occasion, 
To remind us, Light wins over darkness and blesses us with wealth monetarily and spiritually. 

And what a special time it must be in the villages tonight at a distance, celebrating Kamala, our Vice President Elect!  

Indian village women, one holding a placard featuring U.S. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris during celebrations for her victory, in Painganadu a neighboring village of Thulasendrapuram, the hometown of Harris’ maternal grandfather, south of Chennai, Tamil Nadu state, India, Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020. Waking up to the news of Kamala Harris’ election as Joe Biden’s running mate, overjoyed people in her Indian grandfather’s hometown are setting off firecrackers, carrying her placards and offering prayers. (AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)

I raised my kids in Unity, a non denominational Christian faith where my husband and I taught Sunday school every week.
We celebrated all religions and faiths everywhere in the world.  In true form, most religions are pure of heart.
So it’s special to me to honor all of my friends everywhere on the globe,
In whatever faith they are, to show my respect to them and honor their faith. 

On the first day of Hanukkah I always make potato latkes and have chocolate gold coins with a menorah and a dreidel of course, to honor my jewish friends with such a rich history. We always celebrate Greek Easter, to remind my kids of their Heritage. Even though I just have the name and they are a very small percentage of Greek. They on the other hand, will tell you, they’re 50 % since they relate so much to the culture, even though they are probably more English and Swedish than anything else.  But when we flew to Athens to meet the relies, I quickly adopted the heritage, because they couldn’t be more loving and hospitable and I adored them all.  Everyday is to be celebrated and holidays make us stop and appreciate the short time we have on earth. 

I am a Wannabe Indian, says my friend who moved  here from India when she was 12, and has became a US citizen shortly after that.  

She can’t celebrate on Saturday because she’ll be having a low key night she says.  I’m thinking “what kind of Indian are you?” And I tell her as much, but what the hey, I can post it on my Fun Friday, so it’s not all bad.  But then, when she tells me, “I’ll bring pizza and tea and get there at 5:00”,  I put my foot down.  To let her off the hook a little, she does cook Indian food about 4 nights a week but come on, this is Diwali!  She often says, “You’re more Indian than me now”. 🤣. A few years ago when we celebrated, she was in awe of how many candles I had lit.  I light candles everyday to remind us of our impermanence  on the planet.  When the light goes out and it will, I want to go out knowing I have lived my life to the fullest with no regrets.

Transformed my Yoga and Workout Studio into Diwali Delight

The other thing I was so excited about was the arranged marriages I am working on from afar; 😭.  You know who you are and I now have a waitlist too. Hahahahaha.  So there’s that and the promised Sari, I told you I would wear at the wedding.  Well, here’s a little sneak preview.  

The only problem with borrowing a Sari from your 5 foot friend who’s skinny as a rail when you are 5’5 and no part of you is skinny is, how will that work?  She assured me all would be fine but when we started trying them on, I seriously couldn’t even put an arm in one of the sleeves of the blouses. I thought “how are we going to get this sorry ass in a Sari”?

The best part was when she put her blouses on she couldn’t hook the front either, so I didn’t feel as bad. She wore them for weddings in India 6 years ago and was shocked.  We were devastated but all we could do was laugh.  The Covid 15 had hit us.  Well, not 15 but let’s face it, when you’re a skinny mini, 5 pounds makes a huge difference.  

Cheers to us and to you with doors and window open and a quick toast & 6 ft apart

So after we had her delicious chai tea and lentils and rice she made, I broke out the champagne and Roti, Chicken pasanda, lamb curry, samosas etc. we made a toast to Lakshim and numerous other things;  the end of Covid, a vaccine, blessings to our world and kids, family and friends. 

She gifted me The Bhagavad-Gita which she barely read a page but has sweet memories of her Dad reading it everyday.  I’m always in awe of her stories, her village and how brilliant she is.  I asked “why do you know so much more about a country I was born in, than I do” and she says, “because I had to know and you grew up here”.  She always gives me a pass and educates me without making me feel bad which inspires me to learn more, for which I’m extremely grateful.  I love you dear friend.

She also gave me some beautiful candles and as a joke a can of Gulab Jamun because she works full time and didn’t get time to make them fresh🤣 since she knows how much I love them.  I secretly went to the India restaurant  and got 2 fresh ones, I didn’t tell her about it because I knew she wouldn’t eat one, especially after our sari fiasco. 😭.

We danced a little after to Indian music and had a ball.  I do not for the life of me, know how you dance in a Sari but she assures me pinning it up, makes all the difference in the world.  

Then I surprised my son and his girlfriend to a romantic dinner when they got home and left her a dress to wear.  What a beautiful bride she will be and hopefully, I will be calling her my daughter in law someday. Fingers crossed but no pressure sonny boy.  Hahaha! 

My first arranged gonna be marriage… lol. Actually, they met on their own

Have a wonderful Diwali whether you celebrate or not, light a candle to Lakshim and our Indian friends to show our respect and because we all need more light to combat the dark night. 

My girls are coming down tomorrow night (all but my baby who’s in N.Y. 😢 but see you soon) and we will be celebrating my husband’s birthday AGAIN. The birthday that never ends, and they will get in their Indian Garb. We will toast and dance the night away on Diwali because as you remember, they ALL love a dress up party and a celebration.

Wishing you a lovely day full of grace and love, wealth and abundance as you celebrate safely at a distance with a lot less people.  

Big Hugs and always light,



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