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Laboring ExpectantExcitedNervousPreparingBathing Surrealtender loving momentsaltered state of mind.Out of body experience.Bathing. ConnectionFeedingDousingSprayingMassagingBathing PainWaves of contortionMoaningFocusSweetnessBreathing deepBathing SurrenderPlanted and rootedOpening chakrasClearing energyReadjustingBathing TrustingSurrenderLetting goTimelessBathing ShakingEndlessHotColdOn handsand knees MovingMovingMoving DownDownDown To the exact place…….you don’t want to go. BurningThrobbingAchingMoaningSustaining MovingMovingMoving downDownDown PushingPushingPushing 💗 And finally….Euphoria.Seeing your babyFor the very first time. No wordsCryingLaughingCuddlingNursing Nirvana found.Eternal BlissIndescribableHeart burstingLove❣️ …

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woman posing in dress and with whip

Happy Fri-Yay Funday Y’all! No this isn’t a new poetry form. We all leave that to our friend David Alexander over at Skeptic’s Kaddish who blows the socks off poetry, as he is literally making his own form from A-Z right now. The man has a mind of a steel trap and I’d say too …

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