Ride The Wave

Life’s feelings comes in waves,

Washing us to shore softly or abruptly, 

or perhaps deep to the ocean floor.

Can we ride the tide, 

Or do we get crushed by the rocky autoclave,

engulfed, drawn under in the darkness. 

The under-toe pulling us down, 

Breath taken away, fighting madly to surface,

Frantic, arms flailing trying to find light.

If we just stopped the panic, we would come up for air,

Ride the crest and breath again. 

Breathe in Light, 

Breath out darkness,

Let this be our Mantra.

It is all an illusion anyway,

This thing we call life,

Let love be your guide. 

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 

H & H Brotherly Love enjoying their final days together until the Rainbow Bridge

Whatever you’re going through, remember the ebb and flow of life. Savor the moments, find shelter when it’s too much to bare, stop and let the water cleanse your soul. Life is cyclical and remember nothing lasts forever so slow down long enough to let it imprint on your soul.

It is with a heavy heart, we will say goodbye to Harry this weekend after so many times we’ve already almost said goodbye. He is a trouper and I appreciate all of your kind support and being a cheerleader for him when we thought his last days might be before Thanksgiving. Your wishes and love have helped sustain us and we have gotten to enjoy him for almost 5 more months, so thank you for all of your love and concern. It’s time but it’s never easy to say goodbye to a family member you have loved so deeply. He has lived an amazing life. I’m sure you’ll see him again for a final tribute.

Love and blessings to you today and all of those you love,



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Mundane, Manic Monday

Hope you had a great weekend! A couple of you noticed I wasn’t here to wish you a Fun Fri-Yay. Thanks for noticing, it means a lot. It was one of those weekends that was a whirlwind that make you re-evaluate what fun is. We all know fun is what you make it and I did find moments but I’m re-evaluating my time and what I can actually do verses what I want to do. Life is rich and full of choices and there are only 24 hours in a day. DARN! 🤣


This post is an array of things, thoughts, poems, rants etc. Just giving you fair warning in case you wonder what the point is or where it’s going. I DON’T know……YET! Ahhhh the unknown of life.

Our Palm at our pool

This was a poem I wrote last year before the coyote decided to take up residence. I changed the ending.

Our palm tree with vivid electric orange nuts, I dare not eat

A safe haven for shade and shelter

Squirrels gather for winter nights

Rats make nests out of leaves for babies

Owls keep watch and score varmints in the field

The Cooper hawks learn to fledge and take flight while they whistle

Cats chase to the top in delight but come up empty 

So much for the raters, I thought they would be.

This is the rhythm to the day and circle of life that sustains my waking moments

Well that is, until Mr. Coyote changed all of that and instead awaits dinner of our cats tucked inside while eating nuts from our palm tree

And swimming in my pool hoping for a feast.  

The trickster

Our morning starts out everyday with the coyote visiting, looking for breakfast, ie (our cats), it’s acutally eating our nuts from our palm tree…. go figure. Cats are safely inside and sadly can’t go out much at all. Hunter goes ballistic and we wait until it’s gone to let him out. He scours the property to make sure of it and gets his exercise on 4 acres sniffing him out, patiently waiting and ready to pounce on his next visit. Sure enough at one point, the coyote is back and Hunter chases him off and usually doesn’t leave the property but does on occasion. My heart always stops until he makes his safe return. NOK On Wood he continues to. (check out this cool bracelet company my son has). There’s no help from the town or support from the neighbors because they care more about the wildlife than they do about the safety of our animals which unnerves us to be honest. I was finally relaxing in the hot tub in broad day light and who should stick his head up but Mr. Coyote. I missed my up close and personal photo shot, because I sceamed and the sight of my nakedness, most likely had him running. 🤣

Scat from the coyote, mountain lion paw prints? Too small for coyotes. I’m tracking all of this for the town since I have to build a case to get help or someone has to get hurt before they help. It’s not normal for them to come so many times in broad daylight.

We baby sat our daughters cat, Cassian for a week while she was on spring break and finally got him acclimated to the others domaine and out of the hovel of a room he usually stays in. The ever evolving doors of coming and going in our house is always under construction. We are trying to put a gate up for safety but that is another bone of contention with the town because wild life should be free to roam. Don’t get me started. Cassian is a biter like my daughter, so she gets some of her own medicine and unfortunately, so do we when dealing with him. It was a zoo around here and everyone got well aquianted. The hissing has subsided and some games are now underway and territorial aggresion, determing who is the Alpha. It’s clear Ollie the Queen, rules the roost. Hunter is docile and only holds court when needed. So this took the majority of time this week. We could have left them all alone to duke it out for themselves but we would have come back to who knows what. We turned down 2 appointments to euthanize Harry because we just couldn’t do it and his is doing well at the moment. You know if you have a pet or have had to put one down how hard it is. We know we’re getting closer but he’s our family member and he still loves eating and drinking and stroller rides.

Cassian and Star our feral above doing well. Ollie the Queen says “hey this is my domaine”. Posturing, bossing and boom get’s nailed. Now who’s boss. Lol. Cassina isnfully acclimated as you can see! Guess whos’ coming to dinner. Harry gets the white plate and silver spoon, Ollie did find a gopher and now we have to teach Cassian table manners.

In the midst of all of this Marsha from Always Write (do check out her amazing site) sent me some things about her cats and we got to talking about litter boxes so I uploaded this litter box YouTube video of a litter box system I actually love. This was actually fun and crazy to do in my already too busy day. Bed head hair and P.J’s but I don’t care…. well, I do but I can’t be bothered.

Cat Breeze litter box literally makes it a breeze to change your litter box.

You’ll need a bigger litter box to sit underneath this one but that’s it. 24 inches should do the trick.

Kiln Dried Pine Pellets and a 24 inch puppy pad and a 24 in cat litter box or plastic container out of that. They are currently out of stock but have a larger size available.
DON’T use the tray and pads it comes with because it will cost you lots of money for replacement pads and the pellets are horrible and don’t work or absorb urine. Simply use the tray for breakfast in bed for you and your kitties. 💖

I know you have grown to know me as the postitive, motivational person that you look to for inspiration, so sorry if I am bursting that bubble, but life is the same for all of us and it’s stepping one foot in front of the other, trudging through and sometimes sailing to get where we’re going. It’s raw and real, ectasy or drudgery on any given day. Remember, no matter who you are; we are all the same in having to put one pant leg in and then the other as we dress for the day. So next time you go thinking if only I was ______ (fill in the blank) or had _______(X, Y or Z) The grass isn’t always greener but pastures are made by getting out your plough and tilling soil.

There are obstacles and it’s how we deal with them that matters.

Centering, clearing debris from our minds and our bodies to make pathways for what we want is a daily occurance. There are times you just want to put your head in the sand, but eventually you will have to face the music, so come out of hiding and find the song in your heart and sing it no matter how good or bad it is!

A plan of action and staying mindful of your time and what you want is vital to having what you want or you will get swept into the abyss. We all need time. Time to reflect, time to impliment, time to schedule the things that need to be done, time to dream and time to chillax. Otherwise, we end up spinning our wheels getting nothing done or fragments of pieces of things done, but not what our intended outcome is, only feeling fractured in the end.

With that said, I am moving to 1-2 posts a week and really going to try to keep to it if possible (Yes, I’m a WP addict but I can think of a lot worse). My client load is increasing again and I think we will even be starting massage in May. My newsletter has taken a backseat to my W.P. because I love my interaction with all of you here which truly is enriching and I want to be able to connect with all of you and see what you’re up to as well.

I’m changing to self hosting which is a wait and see and here goes nothing approach. We shall see how it goes but I’m following my kids advice and using my daughter’s boyfriends friend’s company. Fingers and toes crossed it all goes ok. Please let me know if you find issues.

And finally a song I love to get me through the day. You can see I’m late today and it will almost be Tuesday by the time it goes out. Not staying in optimum posting times, just trying my best today and that’s all I’ve got. And some days that’s enough, it has to be. Good enough is ok!

P.S. In my next life, I’m coming back as a coyote or one of my dogs or cats. 🤣

Make it a GREAT DAY!

And Yes, I’m finally having fun singing this song!

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Blessings of love, acceptance and abundance for all of us and those we love,



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If there was No Color, what Color would we be?

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

If there was no color,
What color would we be?

Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written.

Same on the inside as we are on the outside.  Different genes, shapes and sizes coming from different countries and nationalities but all wanting the same thing …. peace and harmony. 

What color would we be if our eyes couldn’t see?
Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written.

Writing a new script and a new path as those before us started… 
up to us, to continue their legacy. 

If there was no color, what color would we be?  
Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written. 

Yellow, black, blue, orange, purple, white, red will all be brown someday.  Same on the inside as we are on the outside. All the colors of the rainbow, beautiful and bright, a melting pot of delight.

If there was no color what color would we be? 
Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written.

Yearning for the same thing;  food, shelter, love and peace and harmony. 
And if our words spoke love, what would happen to our hearts?

What color would we be if our hearts couldn’t see?
Invisible ink that disappears from the page.

Wrongs made right where no one gets even. 
Would the hate disappear and violence and greed?  An eye for an eye never brought anyone back.  Would the bullying stop, if our colors were one and our preferences honored?

What color would we be if our eyes couldn’t see and our hearts could open in acceptance 
For every man, woman and creature?

Call me naïve, a hippie at heart
How could we remedy the injustices from the very start? 

What color would we be if our eyes didn’t see?
Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written.

I wish we could go back to when we were young and carefree.
Where did we go wrong?
What could we have done to rectify the wrongs, from these atrocities?

If there was no color what color would we be?
Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written.  

That’s who I want to be…. Invisible ink!

Yes, I’m ridiculed for having unrealistic ideals but I’ll continue to hold my head high and my hands open with a hand up, not a hand out for our fellow mankind no matter what color we be.

The world would be boring if our eyes couldn’t see;  so honor all of our colors;  the rainbows of differences,  that give color to our world. There are bad ones and good ones, and it is seen in all races, genders, religions, and countries my new motto is just don’t be an asshole.

Hi Friends,

I had written this piece within hours of recieving this text from my oldest daughter below. The last line was hers and I just had to add it:

Just found this video again, that I loved sooooo much when our minister at church played it years ago… I think this is the ultimate message that I believe in, and I get frustrated with a country trying to divide us instead of unite us… this is the message I believe in…. thought I’d share with you. I shared this in my classroom years ago, after I saw it, and it terrifies me that it might not be something I could share again for fear of being “canceled” in today’s society… love you! Thought I’d share, so you can see my thoughts versus how you sometimes think of me when we debate, lol

This was where I thought society was heading, and I was always so hopeful, this past year has made me much more cynical.

This was truly heartfelf for me to receive and we go round and round in discussions and things are so jumbled in our world today, it’s been an example of not being able to see the other person or what is going on in their psyche and hearts. It was also validating knowing that church in the young years actually are imbedded in her psyche of love in action.

I sent her my above poem and here was her response back which I just love.

Lovely mama, it’s all about heart, there are bad ones and good ones, and it is seen in all races, genders, religions and nationalities, etc. my new motto is just don’t be an asshole.

I laughed so hard and of course I later sat back and thought about why people have been assholes and what has happened to them in their life to go down this path. There is a lot of reasons for sure and it’s my job to help people uncover and heal the parts of themselves that made them assholes. I’ve been feeling sorry for the coyote laying at my pool and wondering if I could tame him.
Oh God I thought, “DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE”.

I LOVE THIS VIDEO and am proud to share it and If it’s politically incorrect and I’m “cancelled”, I’ll take my chances and thank my daughter for sharing it with me.

Have a wonderful day and be your bright colorful bold self!
What color would you be if you could choose any one that you love?

I would be purple or mayber blue and purple.

I so much appreciate your time, liking (if you do of course), comment and or share if you’re inclined.



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Fun Fri-Yay Spring Training and Opening Day

Joseph Leslie Cartwright

Spring days are here again,
the wind up and the the throw

The horsehide hurling through the air
the batters heavy blow

It won’t be very long until the stands are overflowing
with baseball fans from everywhere who boo and do their crowing

And that is our America and our democracy
when one may argue in defeat and smile in victory

Because our baseball represents our human way of living
of playing square and asking less, than ever we are giving

There ought to be spring training now for everyone on earth
to put us in condition and to help us prove our worth

Author Unknown

A Shout Out to My Dad today for all his many talents, this being only one of them.

Sweet Mug my Dad had made for me of my Grandpa Jo who played Pro Baseball for 4 years and then met and married my grandma (GG)

Fun Fact:

This is just one of many of the poems my Dad has memorized through the years. He learned this one sometime in the 50’s. My father, Stanley Joesph Cartwright, played semi pro baseball in San Francisco with Sarto’s AC. His father, my Grandfather; Joeseph Leslie Cartwright, played Professional baseball for the Western Leagues, The Pacific Coast Leagues, The Salt Lake City Bees with Tony Lazzeri and in the minor-league baseball for the Mission Reds, a San Francisco-based pro team. In the off season he played against Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb and Jim Thorpe.

My Grandpa Cartwright
My Grandpa’s Brother I never met

Baseball has always been big in our family. I played in an after school softball program in high school, which was short lived. My husband has played all of his life and our kids have been immersed in it all of their lives as well. He coached them all from T-Ball to majors in 8th grade. In 1994 my husband went to baseball fantasy camp that The San Francisco Giants ran, which was a dream come true for him.

Four Kids and their Dad

Four kids and their dad on the baseball diamond,
giving hand signals, shouting calls
Run, slide, throw,
rounding the bases for the winning run. 

Pitcher, shortstop, left fielder and catcher, we had one of each.
3 strikes and you’re out and you better not pout.
Good sportsmanship was required.

Daddy’s little girls, had him wrapped around their finger, were safe
while he and our son had words and arguments while flipping the bird, since he  never quite understood he was a surfer by fate.
Mom In the stands, cheering them all on, delivering snacks, refereeing, mending wounds, always just missing the catch or the home run and rushing home to get dinner on the table. 
Who’s on first, second, third or home, it was never clear to her since her job was the schlepper.

Every year they got out of school for Opening Day and even watched their Dad play as a Giant one year at spring training camp with all the Giants greats.

And now they all play on a coed summer softball league when Covid isn’t happening and our son now gives him a run for his money.  Coed champions now 3 times in a row and mom shows up with the dogs and watches in the stands.

Well, we lost tonight but the memories live on of better games ahead. I still hear my grandma singing take me out to the Ballgame which is the best part of baseball to me. Sorry, but to me, baseball is the only sport you can fall asleep in and not miss anything, except if you do. My husband argues that you have to understand the nuances of the game and I’m sure he’s right, but it’s beyond me. My favorite thing about the game is getting there late, visiting the amazing vegetable garden with kale and lettuces, walking around, eating peanuts and then leaving early. Lunch at Momo’s after would be ideal or an Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista but that rarely makes the cut.

Cheers to a great season and all of you for being great sports and visiting! Please like ( if you to of course), comment and or share. Have a great weekend however you spend it.

Happy Easter and Rebirth and Renewal,



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Spring Renewal

Ollie and Harry Chillin….Harry is still with us and his resilence is astounding.

April showers bring May flowers and the fruit of our labor burst open with color as we move into Spring. 

Spring, a time for renewal and opening to what is, not what was.  Giving thanks for all we have, not what we have not.  

Rebirthing of our human condition is vital to infuse hope into our spirits.  The truth is, we are perfect the way we are, even when we feel otherwise.  Accepting ourselves where we are is vital to expansion and growth. 

Life is movement, and it is this dance that allows for freedom of our physical bodies and minds.

Experiencing all facets of who we are and who were are not, allows what we actually need for transformation.  

It’s not arriving at a perfect spot but rather accepting the spot we are in no matter where we are, where we’ve been and what we are walking into. It defies religion but honors our own personal experience of what it means to be truly human and supernatural at the same time. There is not one or the other.  

Some days we shine like a rainbow, others a storm cloud. Riding the rainbow and waves is the way of life.  Moving is important in opening our souls and nature is a gift that allows us to know truth.  When we do that, we naturally move in tune with our body and things change in ways we couldn’t project or control.  

Our lives are a microcosm of how we treat ourselves.  So next time you find yourself fighting and resisting what is, just be.

Get out in nature, take a deep breath.  Your body will tell you what you need next, if you’re kind and listen to it’s inner yearnings.  

Love yourself where you are, wherever you find yourself.  Plant, Bloom, Grow.  Be kind to you and let the grace of God hold you!

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas
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Thanks for tuning in and today and have a wonderful Wednesday and holiday however you celebrate. With special thanks to my friend Kumar Harsh for the inspiration to video my poem. I often share things I write with him and when I shared this one he said; Wow, this was such an amazing read Cindy. I felt so warm, it was like you were here and talking to me. If you haven’t read his poetry or new book, definitely by a copy on Amazon.

It is with a heavy heart for me and all of us to say farwell to Sue Vincent who I was only lucky enough to know through all of you sharing her poetry and contributions, towards the end of her life. She picked a wonderful time in spring moving into Easter to make her transition. I appreciated her kind comments and wisdom in our sharing and how she embraced her life the same way she embraced her death, and me as a new follower. One of my favorite comments she wrote to someone was; I’m sorry I won’t be handling that anymore, I’m busy dying right now, please check in with (name forgotten). It was such an example of how I want to embrace my last days on earth. Her writing was beautiful, wise, poetic with such jewels that take your breath away and her book Midnight Haiku was just published and made it to the New York Times Best sellar list. I joked with her and said “we’re always famous after we die” and she said something very funny back which I can’t recall now. She also has many other published books if you search Amazon. If you don’t know her please go to her site and follow it as I believe it will be perserved. She will be a guiding star for all of us in days to come as she takes her place as one of our writing angels. Thank you Diana, Marsha and The Carrot Ranch for the introduction.

May the grace of God hold and house your spirit today and always.

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Blessings of Love,



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Here Comes the Sun on Move it Monday!

Photo by Samuel Silitonga on Pexels.com

It’s Move it Monday and as we move into April with the vaccine underway and more and more people vaccinated, we are hopeful for a continued reduction in cases with a hopeful eye on the future, as we get the virus under control.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year of staying in and masking up when we go anywhere and in many ways it feels like a lot longer;  especially for those that have gotten Covid,  lost loved ones, their businesses and income or suffered from mental health issues.  Covid has been a black cloud for some and my heart goes out to all of you who have been shaken to the core of this dreadful disease. 

It’s no wonder depression is on the rise and mental health has been compromised with isolation at a high. Winter months with reduced light is always challenging but here comes the sun with spring blessing us with warmth and light, so it’s time to celebrate and get our booties moving.

While some are thriving in this virtual reality world those are far and few between.  For the most part, it’s been challenging for everyone and especially for people in big cities that are stuck between 4 walls everyday.  

According to one survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 40% of respondents—from a pool of more than 5,400—experienced a negative mental or behavioral health condition in the month of June alone; problems included anxiety and depression (CDC 2020). And the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America™ 2020 survey of more than 3,000 adults found that tension hit parents and people of color particularly hard, with many respondents stressing about the coronavirus, the economy and the government’s response to the pandemic (APA 2020). 

The effect this has on our psyche can be insurmountable making getting up and moving critical for our mental state, not to mention our physical state.  Weight gain is also on the rise with less movement with everyone glued to our computers.  I’ve even spent hours on end at the computer writing when my job is generally active 24-7.  Kudos to you if you are making exercise and healthy eating part of your life and adhering to a program.  

Never before has it been so important to clear our head and break away from screen time.  Exercise increases serration levels which reduces stress, combats depression, anxiety and addictive behavior such as drugs, alcohol, porn, over eating , etc. You are not alone and there are many scientific studies that show how movement and exercise can help combat these conditions and have better outcomes against the negative outcomes of mental health effects of the pandemic.  Not to mention it helps weight-loss, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, reduces diabetes, increase immune function, reduces auto immune disorder symptoms, helps with Alzheimer’s etc.  


NO MORE EXCUSES!  IT’S TIME TO DO THIS AND REMEMBER TO STAY MINDFUL AND BREATH which helps calm your nervous system, increase oxygen levels, and keeps your eye on the task at hand keeping you centered and relaxed.

Some of you started when I wrote my last Move It Monday and I gave you a base program to start with.  Refer to that if you let it go by the wayside.  

Otherwise, it’s time to step it up and I’ve devised a 22 minute workout to do just that.  It’s a begining intermediate class but you can do it in segments and curtail it the level you need to.

Part of a No Guts No Glory class on a client Zoom session a little video glitch but what the hey, it’s Covid. lol!

Encourage More Daily Movement

We should all move our bodies in some form or fashion every day, says Hillary Cauthen, PsyD, executive board member for the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. With the pandemic restricting many of our activities, it’s more important than ever to take daily walks (or runs), twice-weekly weight training, and 10- to 15-minute stretch breaks throughout the workday. Set up a buddy system or check-ins between training days. The more we move, the better they can tame stress.

IDEA is a Health and Fitness Association I am a member of if any of you want to check it out from time to time and I extrapolated some of my information from their sound advise.

Happy Monday wish is was Sunday, I don’t have to work day but it’s just another manic Monday. Hey, but I did have a good weekend and I hope you did as well. We woke up to the coyote laying at the pool sunbathing and Hunter up at 3, 4 and 5 wanting to chase it and so bummed I didn’t get a picture for you.

Make it a great day and week and Happy Celebrations to all of us as we get out in the sunshine and move!

Thanks for your continued support, liking (if you do of course), commenting and or sharing if you’re inclined.

Blessings of Light and Love,


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Road Trip on Fri-Yay Funday

Photo by Uriel Mont on Pexels.com

Jump up with anticipation, ready to hit the road
packing up the car, loaded to the brim
suit cases, sleeping bags, fishing rods, games and don’t forget the snacks.
run back in for Mr. blankie and baby Ellie. God forbid we forget them.  

Counting license pates, telling stories catching up on life’s events, playing my little eyes see something that is blue, singing 100 bottles of coke on the wall, everyone talking and nobody listening. Laughing and giggling stopping for a pit stop, filling up with gas and a treat.

Those days are imbedded in my mind, so chaotic and so much fun, up at the crack of dawn but time goes by, kids grow up, move out and make their way.  We’re left with memories that enrich our lives with stories to be told.

Jump up with anticipation ready to hit to road, 
packing up the car, loaded to the brim
computors, golf clubs a stroller, food, snacks for all. This time no kids but 2 Dogs, 2 cats, 3 Adults time to hit the road trip.  Run back in for the CBD in case the cat howl’s and dog’s growls get too much, God forbid we forget them.

Some things have changed but not that much we just replaced our kids for 4 furry legged ones.

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Today at d’Verse Peter, asked us to write a circle poem that begins where it ends and ends where it begins.

I’ve never done this before but when I read Dwight’s poem at Roth’s poetry it was so much fun, I thought I might as well try it since I woke up with nada. I remembered David’s words after reading his awesome circle poem today saying “Cindy, of course you can write in these groups if you try” after telling him that I wasn’t equipped to learn all of these rules etc”. Well, one thing is sure and that’s that I’m not sure I followed it right but at all but at least I gave it a try and it was fun and hey, it’s Fri-Yay Funday!

My husband is hoping I’ll join he and my son for some lake fun so they can golf and I can watch the animals. Hahahahaha… I haven’t decided if this is fun for me or them so the jury’s out whether I go or not but it would be a good break from coyote guarding.

Have a great weekend and have some fun, no matter what you do.



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We Walk The Tightrope of Time

Photo by Gantas Vaiu010diulu0117nas on Pexels.com

No one makes it out alive:
Some travel straight
Some veer off
Some in their own backyard
Some over mountaintops
Some to far off lands.

Either way, there are the peaks and valleys
We travel with others and sometimes alone
Wearing many masks along the way.

Our travels always take us back home to the essence of who we are and where we came.
Walk the journey in love and when you fall down brush yourself off and never look back.
There are many stories in your bones, 
Some to be told and some to strengthen your spirit.  

Live a life that you can call your own, that houses your soul
so when you make your way to your next dimension,
You can take your place as the star that you are, shinning brightly.
Yes, we walk the tightrope of time, TRUST IT!

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Have a wonderful day or evening wherever this finds you on the globe. Thanks as always for taking time in your day to visit and please like ( if you do of course), comment and or share. Life is short and precious and you are important to me.

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It’s Raining Cats and Dogs on Fri-Yay Funday

We’re finally getting a little much needed rain which we desperately need. I know some of you are up to your eye balls in storms and snow and enjoying bursts of color after such a cold season. It’s too bad we can’t spread the wealth and have equal playing time so we’re not either flooding or in a drought. It’s always all or nothing.

My friend/ dog trainer came over for a visit with his dogs this week and they didn’t mind the cold and to my surprise jumped in the pool. It was the highlight of my week. Memories came flooding back of my kids jumping in puddles and loving the water. They loved nothing more than to slide down the hill in the mud and come back covered head to toe. We would hose them down and throw them in the tub for a bubble bath and I would sing “Splish Splash I was taking a bath”. Those days were never dull and always kept us on our toes and now they are fun movies in my head.

Hunter and his friend Karenin and New Friends Maple and and Enzo. I love how dogs make friends so quickly with a sniff. Wouldn’t probably go over too well for us. 🤣

This is just a silly diddily Word Play that quickly evolved thinking back in time.

Babies Play
Child’s Play

Parents say…Time to take a bath

Play day
Cold play

Splish Splash …..
Your troubles away

Dogs Play
Cats Play

Cat eats mouse …..
Dogs chase them up a tree

Role Play

The plot thickens……
You oughta be in movies


Romance is in the air……
Some like it hot

Foul Play
Dirty Play

Air your dirty laundry……
Cut to the chase


Yay for Theater coming soon……..
Drama at it’s best

Double play
Ground Play

Cover all your bases……
Catcher at the plate

Horse Play
Down Play

Win or Lose…….
All Bets off

Word Play
Cindy Play

Stay home wear a mask…
Another Ground Hog Covid day!

Remembering Bobby Darin’s Splish Splash I was taking a bath song which was so awesome!
My daughters Cat

Thanks soooo much for visiting today and have a great Friday and weekend. As for me, I ran out the door to a client thinking it was Thursday (don’t ask) and didn’t get to add the pics I wanted which are lost in space somewhere and I can’t seem to find them. This seems to be the story of my life these days. Have a great weekend and as always please like (if you do of course, comment and or share if the spirit moves you.

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Sending you a very big hug and lots of love to all of you no matter what you are going through. Have a blessed day and stay strong. You are enough and the world is blessed because of your presence.

Thanks so much for visiting. Please remember to like (if you do of course), comment and or share.
Until Fri-Yay Funday; Take good care of you!


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