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Master heal thyself, Take your own medicine, Sprawl out and stretch your mind. Open widows where rumination lies, fresh air clears all,  leaving aches and pains behind. The gateway to the other side is through,  breath space into stagnant bodies.  Turn it over and drink the elixir Empty out,  music medicine, bells, chimes and touch,  …

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man with fireworks

Happy New Year to all of you! I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you and your constant support, comments and engagement of my posts. I love our interactions and reading you! We have such an amazing community of gifted writers, photographers, poets, comics etc. that I learn and grow from daily. …

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Good Morning and Happy May! It’s Stroke Awareness month and it just so happens that 2 weeks ago my brother in law had a stroke which took us all by surprise since he eats well, exercises and is in good shape. Heredity also plays a role. It’s important to take note of the above picture …

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