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Star Dust Fri-Yay Fun-Day

Today I’ll sprinkle Star Dust in my coffee and eat my cheerios. I’ll wear my bat woman cape for extra protection and put my touch stone in my pocket. I’ll move slow instead of hitting… More

Ignite the Light

Reaching Far and Wide Searching for the light Sheltering you and me Bursting with color Before it’s deciduous and ………leaves. Reminding you that when darkness comes, leaves fall and all is cold and barren, you… More


Your body like your mind is your temple.  Moving allows it to come to life freeing restrictions, creating new neural paths in the center of your brain, heart and belly. Feel the wind beneath your… More

Interview with a Fitness and Life Coach

Good Morning, I am so honored that Kally from MiddleMe invited me to interview on her blog. Kally comes from a corporate background, and is a online entrepreneur. She does a mirage of various projects… More

Fun Fri-Yay with Mr. Abu

Our mind can be our worst enemy or our best friend. What if we gave this monkey mind a name and had a little fun with him to find magic in our day and sent… More

Never Assume But U Will!

When you Assume and you take something Personal; You make and Ass out of U and Me. ASS U ME Last week I wrote about Miquel Ruiz’s Book on the 4 Agreements If you recall.… More

Fun Fridays

Memories of days gone by  When the bell rang on Friday,  darting out, chasing the ice cream man. laughter while we trudged up the hill in our saddle shoes, telling jokes and comparing notes of… More

What is your Mantra?

Sitting in the unknown often creates internal tension and suffering .  It is also where the universe has another plan, so surrender to what is and turn it over to a higher power.  Copywrite Cindy… More

Grow in Wisdom

Wisdom is optional, Aging is not. To be wise you must remain open minded, learn and grow especially as things become more challenging. Staying rigid in belief and thought are reflected in the body. copyright… More

The Lesson of an Orange

  As I was walking on my path today I kicked an orange that had fallen from the tree. A light bulb went off when I realized I had done this way too many times.… More

The Magic Bullet: Combating Fears and Phobias

  I wonder if the one cup blender is so popular because we are all looking for the Magic Bullet in our lives. I have news for you and you’re not going to want to hear… More

Precious and Few

Precious and Few We often take for granite what we think will always be there whether it’s our health, peace of mind, friend, spouse, parent, job, home or beloved pet. And now once again our… More

If it’s not one thing…. It’s your Mother

If it’s not one thing it’s your Mother Mothers Day can conjure up the sweetest memories as the poem my Father recites every Mother’s Day. To one who bears the sweetest name and adds luster… More

The Precious Gift of Social Media

The Precious Gift in Social Media My struggle with social media continues as I wade through posts, making mine, trying to figure out why I’m on Face Book in the first place and what I… More

Sewing New Seeds of Love of in a Forgotten Garden

  Disapointment It isn’t your fault, it just is Stop and cut bait and DON’T even go there. And realize it’s them, not you, and move on. People are not always honorable. Of course it takes 2… More

Ending Obsessions

Do you sit and perseverate about the same subject over and over in your mind, head spinning like a top? Is it common for you to repeat past behaviors, and unproductive thoughts?  Although whatever stimulus… More

Chinese New Year of the Ram: Recommit to your Goals

We’re already halfway into the second month of the year.  You’ve set your intention, clarified your goals and made a plan of action but you are falling short of reaching them. Why?  It’s an important… More

10 Minutes Count

Your practice calls:  You swear in 10 minutes you’ll get off the couch and get to it. The phone rings, another five minutes passes, someone knocks at your door, times a wasting. The dialogue in… More

Yoga Live: San Francisco This weekend

Take classes with some of the best teachers in the industry or just go and sample new healthy products and shop for the latest gear in yoga. 48 + Teachers sharing a wealth of information… More