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1st Move it Monday in 2022: Finding Purpose

Happy New Year to You! I hope you are starting your year with new hope and vision no matter what you are going through. My experience is that it takes awhile to decompress from the holidays. So if you’re lagging, cut yourself some slack, and give yourself some time to reflect and recommit to what …

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Move it Monday for Super Humans

Look! Up in the sky.  It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman! Most of us are NOT Superwoman or Superman but we are Super Humans with an incredible navigation system if we will just listen to our bodies. Life is movement! Somethings move faster than others.  All movement has its own speed.  While some …

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The Beauty of Aging

Life is precious and fragile and with 5 aging parents 85 through soon to be 96, I know well the challenges that aging presents. My oldest client will be 91 at the end of December and he still comes in 2 times a week and maintains his workout which keeps him able bodied and sharp …

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Full Body Presence

Being present requires every ounce of our being to be still,so we can be a silent witness to our process or someone else’s  without censoring it.   It’s staying open to what is happening and following it as it shifts and morphs into whatever emotionally, physically or spiritually wants to express itself.  It’s holding space and …

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Take the High Road…You’ll never be sorry❣️

Everyday we have a choiceto judge and condemn or to see each other’s light Take the high road and glean insight We might not like what’s been saidor done andwe don’t have to  Take the high road and glean insight Sometimes it’s betterto bite your tonguewhen you wanna say “I told you so” Take the …

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Slamming Doors of My Mind

Doors swinging, ever evolving:  ages, stages, never dull. Door number one your past opens to memories gone by; the  good  bad or ugly.  Focus on the now. Constant motion, smiles and frowns, leaving behind scars, smiling as I slam the door. Door number 2 is where you are this moment;  do you have your car …

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photo of woman looking while holding a wooden baton

The Queen Has Spoken

My blood boils as I chokeon your words so raw rippingat my flesh I gag on my vomitcuts like a knife straight to my heart. I stumble and fall in a heapweak in the kneesmortified  my own flesh and bloodcould rip me to shreds.  Take the high road …the whisper is faint as I try to stand in the rubble but fall The …

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Are You a Leader or a Follower?

“Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend.” Albert Camus AUTHOR AND PHILOSOPHER Are you a leader or a follower?  I still remember my parents words in the back of my head to be a leader not a follower …

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Intention Setting Haiku

Hi Friends, For those of us that are coming out of the pandemic, we are all having to adjust from where we have been to where we are now and where we want to go. I realize some of you are still in tighter lockdowns but you will get here eventually. It’s important we are …

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Marching on a Mission

Marching on a mission Eyes on the prize, There are gonna be detours I’m not gonna lie. Keep your focus Just for today Do what you say you will. Strengthen that muscle  There is an end in sight.  Remember to celebrate when you get there Because as soon as you do, There are gonna be others.  …

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Wedded Bliss and Holy Matrimony

Hello Friends, You might notice (or not) I’m on a different blogging schedule this week and am only posting twice this week to free up my weekend and spend some well deserved time with my husband since he gets tired of my banging away a the computer in my off time. So even though it’s …

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Reeling like a tophead spinning, life changes Birth, death, rebirthThe cycle of lifeOne goes out Another comes inThe miracle of it all Reelingdemandslimited timestretched ReelingStop….. Breathe!Smell the flowers Reeling A full plateEmpty bellyInbox fullPick one ReelingStop….. Breathe! Repeat your mantra Reelingtime is precious and fewGet out in natureStop…… Breathe!Repeat your mantraStill the mindStop the clock …

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white and multicolored ferries wheel

Slow Down…. Ya Move Too Fast❣️

When you’re moving too fastslow downWhen you think you’re a genie in a bottleGive yourself a rub Chances are your on over killrushing aroundso just chill When you find yourself spinning like a topand you’re ready to flopRemember…. life’s just a gameHit em with your best shot The ferris wheel of life never stopsunless you …

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Why Not Wednesday?

Why Not Wednesday? Choose love instead of hate Be kind, not right; NOT my way or the highway Smile instead of frown Be the best version of yourself Give a helping hand Have Grattitude, don’t cop an attitude Be nice to you and others around you Love yourself; No one else will if you don’t! …

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woman in gray hoodie beside woman in gray hoodie

May we always have friends

Friends come, friends go, same old, others newSome young, some oldSome close, some… just to say hello Aquaintences we share special moments withOthers a smile or a niceties while waiting in lineClients that are special, turned friends…so sublime Ones that hold your hand when you are going through a rough timeYour 2 a.m. friends you …

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If You Put Me on a Pedestal……

If you put me on a pedestal You’ll have to take me downSo you might want to be careful Of whom you find worthy to wear that crown If you put me on a pedestalYou’ll have to take me downYou’ll scream and fight and and moan and groan But then see how much you’ve grown If you put …

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Talk is Cheap: It isn’t enough to talk about…..

It isn’t enough to talk about action Rather act on your ideas  It isn’t enough to talk about your ideasPut some elbow grease behind them and make it happen It isn’t enough to make it happenUntil you know where you want to go It isn’t enough to know where you want to goUntil you know your …

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Sending Love from a Distance

THERE IS NO DISTANCE BETWEEN HEARTS THAT LOVE So many miles away, I feel your pain and despair.Your country is suffering and I am suffering with you because you are my friends.I may have never met you physically but I know your heart. I know your stories, I know your desires, I know your struggles, …

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Mourning Monday Came with a Prick

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy even when it’s so clear it’s time for them to move on.   You always want one more day, one more moment, one more kiss, one more whisper of I love you, One last meal.   It became clear that Harry’s time had come after cancelling …

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If there was No Color, what Color would we be?

If there was no color,What color would we be?Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written. Same on the inside as we are on the outside.  Different genes, shapes and sizes coming from different countries and nationalities but all wanting the same thing …. peace and harmony.  What color would we be if our …

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