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If there was No Color, what Color would we be?

If there was no color,What color would we be?Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written. Same on the inside as we are on the outside.  Different genes, shapes and sizes coming from different countries and nationalities but all wanting the same thing …. peace and harmony.  What color would we be if our… More

Follow Your Own Moral Compass

I am so sad and shell shocked once again by the mass shootings, along with the suicide rate rising as I’m sure you are as well. This is a reflection of the inner pressures that build, creating a rage internally that gets displaced by either turning outward or inward. Seek help NOW if you are… More

We Walk The Tightrope of Time

No one makes it out alive:Some travel straightSome veer offSome in their own backyardSome over mountaintops Some to far off lands. Either way, there are the peaks and valleysWe travel with others and sometimes aloneWearing many masks along the way. Our travels always take us back home to the essence of who we are and… More

Congratulations; Fail Until You Succeed!

Do you ever feel discouraged by the amount of attempts you make at trying to get something right? I do!!!!!! Just after I wrote the quote below and added it to a picture I took on Canva with my print over lay, I couldn’t remember how to upload it and I had to ask my… More

Haiku Contest

With a little prodding from David, support from Chuck and Kumar, expertise from Goff, and all of my family, I entered a local haiku contest at Filoli. Mind you I am not a Haiku writer nor do I consider myself a poet although poetry, I write. I saw the contest in an email and then… More

Let Go and Feel the Love

Hey Valentines, I know it’s the love week but before we can let love in, we have to make space inside to receive it.  I have been having more and more profound experiences of letting go and wanted to share my insights with you. This is longer than a lot of my posts to give… More

Love Now

Love nowTomorrow might be goneLet your heart burst open Shout it on a mountain, and down In the valleyRun to the roof top and let it echo to the skyCall your friends and family and tell them how you feelOpen up the flood gates and share before it’s too late. Yesterday when I was teaching a… More

Winds Blow Uncertainty

Winds blow Uncertainty Cleansing aching heartsThe sun hides behind the fogWaiting patiently to burn off In the distant horizon ships pass byPlanes fly high Birds sing while vultures circleWaiting to be fed   Life is fragile Struggling to find wordsDialing the phone Nobody’s home I just called to say goodbye The whistle blowsTears flow back to the ocean The fog burns off And… More

Fri Yay Fun Day or WTF

Hi Friends, If I am to be completely honest, I’m not feeling too fun at the moment. I have always been accused by my clients and most friends of being “too happy”. A dear client who transitioned at 86 used to say “OH NO, here comes Ms. Happy” when I showed up twice a week… More

Say Goodbye To Yesterday

Say goodbye to yesterdayTo make way for what’s to comeClean out the closet of our mind So we can dwell in possibility.  Say goodbye to yesterdayThe heartache and the lossWe’ve made it through the crazinessNo matter what the cost.  Say goodbye to yesterday And thank it for the lessonsWe don’t have far to look They’re right in… More

Burn Baby Burn!!!

Burning Bowl Ceremony: Usher 2021 into Fruition As we usher in the New Year it’s important to reflect on 2020 to release whatever emotions or patterns might be holding us back from moving forward.   Take some introspective time to reflect if you haven’t done so already and see what you need to let go of… More

Wrapping Up, Pet Peeves, Blogging Ideas And Thank-You!!!

Dear Friends, In wrapping up the year, I am feeling particular grateful for your friendship, follow, comments and sharing my work. Thank so so much for being here to share insights, learn, grow and support each other in our journey together. It truly is a gift and I have learned so much from each of… More

I Can’t Wait to See You, But I’ve Changed

I can’t wait to see you but I’ve changed. My husband says, “I haven’t changed  But you have.” “Of course I say, that’s how life is;  change is the only thing there is”. He shoots me a stare, a snarl and a shake of his head, I look at him in disbelief.  Neither are right… More

Roast and Toast

As we celebrate the holidays and roast and toast; each in our own Covid bubbles this year, I am reminded of an old classic story that many of you will remember. If it’s new to you, I hope you enjoy it. I always love the sentiments and truths the story provides. As the story goes;… More

I Will Never Leave You

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening… Wherever this finds you on the globe, My apologies for those of you who received this twice. I somehow tried to schedule it and it accidentally went through and then it disappeared. I am giving you the option of listening to my video or reading my thoughts I compiled today.… More

You are the Magic

I’ve always been a cheerleader, Rooting you on to your dreams. Whether it’s a kick in your rear or whisper in your ear,  I’ll lead you straight, And head you out the gate. On cloud or mule, There’s no magic to reaching your dreams,  It’s just knowing what you want and follow through. There are… More

To Be Heard and Seen

Everyday we have a choice, Will we let ourselves get swallowed up in darkness, Or continue to reach for the light? It’s not easy this push to the left and pull to the right, Even our families are in a tizzy and fight. It seems so clear to me, and clear to them,  That they… More

Lean in and Vote!

LEAN TO THE LEFT LEAN TO THE RIGHT STAND UP SIT DOWN FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT AND VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! The election reminds me of this cheer we used to shout on the sidelines at games, growing up when I was a cheerleader. Now, more than other we need to Stand Up and Do Our Part.… More

Star Dust Fri-Yay Fun-Day

Today I’ll sprinkle Star Dust in my coffee and eat my cheerios. I’ll wear my bat woman cape for extra protection and put my touch stone in my pocket. I’ll move slow instead of hitting the ground running and I’ll treat me as good as I do my animals. I’ll wear my purple top because… More