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I hope life finds you well and you enjoy my stories, quotes, poetry, health and fitness articles and other musings.

Life is meant to be shared and I do hope you find some pearls of wisdom and aha moments that give meaning to your day; perhaps a chuckle, something to ponder, growth, light, insight and joy.

As a Health and Wellness Professional, I am inspired daily by my clients and friends who continue to inspire me to be my best self! One of my favorite parts of blogging is sharing our thoughts openly and candidly in support.

I’m looking forward to following each other’s journey. Many Blessings, Cindy

Final Blooms

blooms final hooray last chance to shine in the sun bow to fall color Cindy It was hot as blazing this weekend so I impulsively over nighted 2 rafts

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Fun Fri-Yay Covid Bust: Fun with Babies

Happy Fun-Fri-Yay my Friday Funday Friends, This week has been a bust with Covid now having run officially through my entire family and even JuJuB

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A Symphony of Love 💓

Dancing fingers orchestrate the symphony of a 3 piece band,keeping score, playing you like a fiddle. Harps of love, trumpets blast threw my

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Move It Monday… A Video & T.Y. 5,000 Followers

Friends are the cornerstone of support and abundance. A gathering of leaves that swirl in our soul as they drop, imprinting their stamp, long after

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Fun Fri-Yay with a Twist of Anne Lamott’s words….

Life with babies and aging parents are busy and timeless. Compound that with work and it’s a wonder you can get a thing done, let alone blog.

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Learn To Fish or Leave The Shore: A Story

Leave the shore to go for what you

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Ever So Gently Book Review

Purchase here on Amazon Ever So Gently, is A Collection of Poems by author, Lauren Scott, who walks us through her day with the first encounter of

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Book Launch of Re-Create & Celebrate TODAY at Books Ink

Book Launch Today at Books Inc Palo Alto, California

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Spillwords Published Poem: Behind The Wall Memories Live

#Published #Spillwords #Suicide Prevention

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Splash into Fall

Enjoy the last hooray of summer as we move into

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