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Welcome to my blog!

Thank you so much for stopping in and visiting me.

I hope life finds you well and you enjoy my stories, quotes, poetry, health and fitness articles and other musings.

Life is meant to be shared and I do hope you find some pearls of wisdom and aha moments that give meaning to your day; perhaps a chuckle, something to ponder, growth, light, insight and joy.

As a Health and Wellness Professional, I am inspired daily by my clients and friends who continue to inspire me to be my best self! One of my favorite parts of blogging is sharing our thoughts openly and candidly in support.

I’m looking forward to following each other’s journey. Many Blessings, Cindy

Busy Elves and Videos

This is a smorgasbord of fun for various reasons: The biggest one being, the mother I was, has retired herself and now is coming out to play and take

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Breathe in Breathe Out

Wishing you a blessed day. May you be happy, may you be healthy and may all beings everywhere be happy and healthy! ❤️ Cindy Thanks so much for

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Harry’s Days Are Numbered: Sad but True

Born with a silver spoon and spoiled to the umpteenth degree.4 siblings, born into royalty without a care in the world.   He didn’t know any

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Fri-Yay Family Funday

I hope you all found some grateful moments during the Thanksgiving holiday even if it was changed up from your usual gatherings. Staying open to what

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Leaves Floating in The Whispering Wind

Leaves floating in the whispering wind, Each with a story, Dancing to kiss the light,  One last time before descending to Mother Earth. The

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Giving Thanks

Count Your Blessings and Watch Them Multiply Sending you all a little blessing from nature today, especially for those of you who are stuck in the

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Fun Fri-Yay

Dusted of my Venus bike,Fire engine Red.I remember when I bought it and thought what a cool name Venus is; I can ride to all the galaxies and visit

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You are the Magic

I’ve always been a cheerleader, Rooting you on to your dreams. Whether it’s a kick in your rear or whisper in your ear,  I’ll lead you

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Commitment to Finish Strong!

Hi Friends, As we’re finishing up the year I’m reminded of how I started the year before lock down was in place. I created a goal of

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Happy Fun Fri-Yay and Almost Diwali!

I celebrated early with my dear friend Nila! Festival of lights, where everyone comes together for fun, food, dancing, honoring Lakshim; The God

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Behind the Dark Cloud

Behind the dark cloud the sun is always there and the clouds are wrapped in cotton candy to hold your tears and fears. Good Morning, This is to my

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And I Smile 🌝✨

Love to you and renewed faith and vision to all of you; while we embrace our next chapter, no matter where this finds you on the globe. Blessings and

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