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I hope life finds you well and you enjoy my stories, quotes, poetry, health and fitness articles and other musings.

Life is meant to be shared and I do hope you find some pearls of wisdom and aha moments that give meaning to your day; perhaps a chuckle, something to ponder, growth, light, insight and joy.

As a Health and Wellness Professional, I am inspired daily by my clients and friends who continue to inspire me to be my best self! One of my favorite parts of blogging is sharing our thoughts openly and candidly in support.

I’m looking forward to following each other’s journey. Many Blessings, Cindy

Ignite the Light

Reaching Far and Wide Searching for the light Sheltering you and me Bursting with color Before it’s deciduous and ………leaves.

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Your body like your mind is your temple.  Moving allows it to come to life freeing restrictions, creating new neural paths in the center of your

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Golf Widow

Happy Fun Fri-Yay Everyone! I’m a golf widow on many of days but I’m not complaining by any means. The boys days spent on the green are

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Be The Sea Of Change!

Mother Earth is angry and the ocean reflects its displeasure mirroring the injustice in her waters and sky.  The rock guised as monsters

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Interview with a Fitness and Life Coach

Good Morning, I am so honored that Kally from MiddleMe invited me to interview on her blog. Kally comes from a corporate background, and is a online

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This is Us

Good Morning or Evening wherever this finds you on the globe. Happy Fri-Yay Funday! Fun Today is when I finally got my kids attention and they

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Six Word Story Prompt

Hi Guys, So excited to finally have the time to participate in Shweta’s 6 Word Prompt. This was fun Shweta!A special thanks to Zamadloma for

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To Kiss the Page or Not?

Awe struck by so many stories, poets, photography, quotes and thoughts.I scratch my head and read; and sit in a daze.Some I understand, some not so

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Fun Fri-Yay with Mr. Abu

Our mind can be our worst enemy or our best friend. What if we gave this monkey mind a name and had a little fun with him to find magic in our day

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Perfect Moments

The waters flow into a panacea of perfect moments while I drink in nature filling my heart with peace and tranquility.Cindy~ Blessed to share a Jason

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If You’re Going Through Hell 👹🔥 Keep Going 🔥👹!

“The only way out is through” (Robert Frost) So don’t give up, you’re almost there. It takes as long as it takes. If you are

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Fun Fri-Yay Yet?

Somedays fun is just feeling blessed for a new day. It’s not always bells and whistles and sugar and spice and everything nice and that’s

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