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Life is meant to be shared and I do hope you find some pearls of wisdom and aha moments that give meaning to your day; perhaps a chuckle, something to ponder, growth, light, insight and joy.

As a Health and Wellness Professional, I am inspired daily by my clients and friends who continue to inspire me to be my best self! One of my favorite parts of blogging is sharing our thoughts openly and candidly in support.

I’m looking forward to following each other’s journey. Many Blessings, Cindy

All Paths Lead to the Same Direction

There are many paths back to ourselves and all lead to the same direction.  Being directionally challenged myself, I have had many diversions

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Good News

  Good News…. This is inspired by reading the paper and finding only bad news. It’s tragic: You would think the world were coming to

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The Lesson of an Orange

  As I was walking on my path today I kicked an orange that had fallen from the tree. A light bulb went off when I realized I had done this way too

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The Gift Of The Lake

stay open to moment to moment

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A Window into Our First Day

8/27/15 A Window into Our First Day : Life stands still looking out at the birds flying overhead spreading their wings. Light filters into the room

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The Magic Bullet: Combating Fears and Phobias

  I wonder if the one cup blender is so popular because we are all looking for the Magic Bullet in our lives. I have news for you and you’re

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Sing Your Mantra Celebrate the moment with gratitude for your many blessings. Acknowledge small joys, wins, and be happy with what you have instead

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Precious and Few

Precious and Few We often take for granite what we think will always be there whether it’s our health, peace of mind, friend, spouse, parent,

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If it’s not one thing…. It’s your Mother

If it’s not one thing it’s your Mother Mothers Day can conjure up the sweetest memories as the poem my Father recites every

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The Precious Gift of Social Media

The Precious Gift in Social Media My struggle with social media continues as I wade through posts, making mine, trying to figure out why I’m on

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Sewing New Seeds of Love of in a Forgotten Garden

  Disapointment It isn’t your fault, it just is Stop and cut bait and DON’T even go there. And realize it’s them, not you, and

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Ending Obsessions

Do you sit and perseverate about the same subject over and over in your mind, head spinning like a top? Is it common for you to repeat past

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