Follow Your Bliss

The wind blows, follow itThe sun shines, seek itThe snow melts, become liquid Follow your bliss You can move mountains with a single stepFeel the earth move under your feet Explore life’s beauty of which you are! Follow your bliss Move it,  spin it, twirl, dance, Go with the flow, ride the waves, be the tide, let… More

Fri-Yay Funday: All my bags are Packed

All my bags are packedI’m ready to goleaving all my baggage behindGood where I been, good where I’m going toI’m taking it in strideEntering the golden years, I’m not gonna lieLife has good to me or I to it and in the next chapter, I’ll take what I findGood bad or indifferent, through the ups… More

Don’t Go Chasin Coyotes

Don’t go chasin coyotes cuz you definitely won’t winIn my mind and leap years I’m 16, but if I do the math I grinNarly teeth and snarls, you might shoo them awayBut get an achy back with scrapes and scratches so I best not playIn the end you’ll only end up with a few bruises… More

Fun Fri-Yay: I Am Woman; Hear Me Roar my Dog Haikus

Happy Fri-Yay Funday Ya’ll! I seriously thought I would bring you some amazing history from Filoi House and Garden’s where I entered my Haiku contest today but as I was posting my Wednesday Cat Haiku post, I almost had a heart attack. I was just sitting down to post and my husband ran into the… More

Not much Sitting in Kitty Sitting; Cat Haikus

I told my kids when they were 18 wait until you’re 30 to get married, you have plenty of time”. They said, “what, no you’re ruining my life. We will be married with kids long before that”. That is, the girls said that but NOT my son. They’re all soon to be 30, 32, 33… More

Haiku Contest

With a little prodding from David, support from Chuck and Kumar, expertise from Goff, and all of my family, I entered a local haiku contest at Filoli. Mind you I am not a Haiku writer nor do I consider myself a poet although poetry, I write. I saw the contest in an email and then… More

Can’t Live With Them 💖 Can’t Live Without

Happy Fri-Yay Funday and almost Valentines Day from me and Jay (an amazing poet and writer). This organic song originated out of a silly fun. See our post exchange below. Lyrics to ‘Can’t Live with Them but Can’t Live Without’ Men and woman                                 light years apart                                    can’t… More

Passion Ignited

Dancing color of mystical enamored love Morphing together,Hearts beating as one. Burning desire of passion in ebb and flowRhythms melding, heat flowing, psychedelic euphoriaOver and over againElectric Fusion succumb Copyright © Cindy GeorgakasAll Rights Reserved  This picture evoked such a beautiful image of love and connection expressed in union. I hope you have a beautiful Valentines Day… More

Let Go and Feel the Love

Hey Valentines, I know it’s the love week but before we can let love in, we have to make space inside to receive it.  I have been having more and more profound experiences of letting go and wanted to share my insights with you. This is longer than a lot of my posts to give… More

Billowing Branches on Fri-Yay Funday!

Billowing BranchesHeavy eyesSnowflakes dancingTurn warmWhen they hit my headWarm slumberlandStarry nights Softly kissing my checksLying in the powder sinkingEyes fluttering  Billowing BranchesImages floating Warm but shiveringReal or fantasyBody suspended on a magic carpet ride.Over valleys and hill tops, my heart skips a beatFlying so high, I may never come downPeace beaconslight shineseverything is rightBillowing branchesDo I stay or… More

Love Now

Love nowTomorrow might be goneLet your heart burst open Shout it on a mountain, and down In the valleyRun to the roof top and let it echo to the skyCall your friends and family and tell them how you feelOpen up the flood gates and share before it’s too late. Yesterday when I was teaching a… More

Move It Monday 💖 Covid Tips

Welcome to Move it Monday on February 1rst! Time to open your hearts, and do something kind for yours! Show me the love and get your heart pumping and your nutrition in check and YES…. that means chocolate! A day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine in my book….. (sorry but it has… More

Fri-Yay Funday Birthday Haiku

Happy Friday Everyone, Hope you have some moments of joy today and your weekend coming up! We were fortunate enough to get 3 out of 4 of our kids for dinner last night for my middle daughter’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Blair! home grown flowers bloomone more year to celebrate the day one was born It… More

Winds Blow Uncertainty

Winds blow Uncertainty Cleansing aching heartsThe sun hides behind the fogWaiting patiently to burn off In the distant horizon ships pass byPlanes fly high Birds sing while vultures circleWaiting to be fed   Life is fragile Struggling to find wordsDialing the phone Nobody’s home I just called to say goodbye The whistle blowsTears flow back to the ocean The fog burns off And… More

It’s a New Day, A New Dawn

It’s A New Day, a New Dawn,Time to come together in peace and harmony It’s A New Day, A New Dawn,Let bygones, be bygones and move on It’s A New Day, A New Dawn, Onward and Forward with hope and faith It’s A New Day, A New Dawn,It won’t be perfect but nothing ever is… More

Hump Day Wednesday and Recaps:

Hi Crazy Peeps, Ok, I just had to say that once, because when I hear y’all say it, I love it and I feel young and hip. I always think “oh YAY, I may not be that young but I’m a leap year baby, which means I only have a birthday every 4 years, which… More

Fri Yay Fun Day or WTF

Hi Friends, If I am to be completely honest, I’m not feeling too fun at the moment. I have always been accused by my clients and most friends of being “too happy”. A dear client who transitioned at 86 used to say “OH NO, here comes Ms. Happy” when I showed up twice a week… More

Say Goodbye To Yesterday

Say goodbye to yesterdayTo make way for what’s to comeClean out the closet of our mind So we can dwell in possibility.  Say goodbye to yesterdayThe heartache and the lossWe’ve made it through the crazinessNo matter what the cost.  Say goodbye to yesterday And thank it for the lessonsWe don’t have far to look They’re right in… More

Burn Baby Burn!!!

Burning Bowl Ceremony: Usher 2021 into Fruition As we usher in the New Year it’s important to reflect on 2020 to release whatever emotions or patterns might be holding us back from moving forward.   Take some introspective time to reflect if you haven’t done so already and see what you need to let go of… More