Ding Dong Be Gone!

Tires turning Mud slingingTrees falling Animals dying  Lies told the truth cajoledFires fueling Ash burning lungs But we have no climate change? We can’t breathsenseless killings Street Riots Police brutality  SegragationPeople brutality Fear incited Anarchy No Masks? Sold down a riverfor power and… More

To Be Heard and Seen

Everyday we have a choice, Will we let ourselves get swallowed up in darkness, Or continue to reach for the light? It’s not easy this push to the left and pull to the right, Even… More

Fun thru Smiles and Miles

Fun isn’t always the big things we do and plan, it’s the cultivation of relationships formed and friendships born. When I pour my coffee or tea in the morning and come here to my site… More

Lean in and Vote!

LEAN TO THE LEFT LEAN TO THE RIGHT STAND UP SIT DOWN FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT AND VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! The election reminds me of this cheer we used to shout on the sidelines at games,… More

Star Dust Fri-Yay Fun-Day

Today I’ll sprinkle Star Dust in my coffee and eat my cheerios. I’ll wear my bat woman cape for extra protection and put my touch stone in my pocket. I’ll move slow instead of hitting… More

Ignite the Light

Reaching Far and Wide Searching for the light Sheltering you and me Bursting with color Before it’s deciduous and ………leaves. Reminding you that when darkness comes, leaves fall and all is cold and barren, you… More

Golf Widow

Happy Fun Fri-Yay Everyone! I’m a golf widow on many of days but I’m not complaining by any means. The boys days spent on the green are my sanctuary of peace; writing, doing yoga or… More

Be The Sea Of Change!

Mother Earth is angry and the ocean reflects its displeasure mirroring the injustice in her waters and sky.  The rock guised as monsters reckoning with earth; bound by greed, no bounderies of caste or creed,… More

Six Word Story Prompt

Hi Guys, So excited to finally have the time to participate in Shweta’s 6 Word Prompt. This was fun Shweta!A special thanks to Zamadloma for her help in the ping back❣️❣️❣️ Fingers crossed I got… More

To Kiss the Page or Not?

Awe struck by so many stories, poets, photography, quotes and thoughts.I scratch my head and read; and sit in a daze.Some I understand, some not so much, to be honest, some not at all. Others,… More

The Length of our Life is Love❣️

“The length of our life is love Not length of days or years And as we love Eternity Appears.” This quote was in my grandfather’s wallet and he carried it around until he passed on… More

Unspeakable Wisdom

There is something unthinkable when you float in the cosmos with the planets orbiting around you.  There is something powerfulWhen the moon touches the sun for a good night kiss. Birth is one of those… More

Fun Fridays

Memories of days gone by  When the bell rang on Friday,  darting out, chasing the ice cream man. laughter while we trudged up the hill in our saddle shoes, telling jokes and comparing notes of… More

Fire of the Heart and Sky

Red Hot fire coursing through my veins Hearts beat as one, open and weak at the knees Kids out playing while fire trucks go by The stop sign ignored The siren in a distance Food… More

Precious Time

Time don’t let it away Savor the moments Hidden in every nook and cranny  My grandpas watch in my pocket  Saying catch me if you can You can’t bottle it or save it  So enjoy… More


In and out you goWith no end to your whim Bringing me surprisesThat keep me entertained On the prowl all day and nightAnd yet still I take you back, no questions asked Are you in?Or… More

Focus on the Good Stuff

Surround yourself with people who make youthink, grow, laugh, and love,And you are your best self around. Forget the bad, and focus on the goodEven when you have to squint to find it because it’s… More

My Perfect Self

The waves kiss the shore bringing up beautiful shells;  some pristine, some cracked, others broken. I discard the broken ones looking for the perfect ones. The broken ones fill the parts of me to attempt… More