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Blogging is Not our whole life but it does bring connection and friendship and makes our life whole. Cindy They’re real friends to me.How about you? I mean where else would anyone that doesn’t blog understand you? The fact is they don’t and to be fair how can you blame them? If I think back …

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Hi to all of our new blogging friends! I want to follow you I do, but please help me do that. Keep reading, and I’ll let you know how. For my seasoned friends, you can skip this post, because you have already gone through the pains of growing your blog, and taken it to new …

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I have a few discoveries I made this week about blogging I wanted to share with you but first a poem: Today’s misgiving is tomorrow’s Thanksgiving so no matter where you find yourself today, give thanks for where ever life finds you. As the colors change and leaves droprebirthing of buds and new growth bring the promise …

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When you you have nothing to say, just writeWhen you think it’s all been said, just writeWhen you’ve heard the same thing 100 times, just writeWhen you know others have too, just writeWhat you don’t know is……..they’ve never been in this place at this time before and either have you, just write!It takes the one …

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