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Life with babies and aging parents are busy and timeless. Compound that with work and it’s a wonder you can get a thing done, let alone blog. This is when you either know that you’re a little addicted or that writing and blogging feeds us deeply. There’s probably a little truth to both. Look at …

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time lapse photo of river between mossy rocks

The length of our life is Love And as we Love Eternity appears memories of my grandfather With every turn, the songbird sings.With every gush of wind,you whisper in my ear.With every blade of grass,seeds sow mysteries of the past.With every tree standing tall,I face each day as it comes.With every sound sung,I hear the …

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Will the Real Barbie please stand up? Meet the Cast: Margot Robbie: BarbieRyan Gosling KenWill Ferrell Mattel CEOEmma Mackey:Simu Liu:Michael Cera: Alan Kate McKinnonAmerica Ferrera: Gloria As promised here is my quick review of Barbie. I didn’t play with Barbie that I can remember and if I did, it was short lived or long enough …

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