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We are each given a body: Move it! We are each given a mind: Use It! We are each infused with spirit: Remember that! Yesterdays gift is tomorrows sorrows and blessings. Today is borrowed from future generations, Take care of our temples while watering our soul and earth. Cindy Photo by Kristina Wagner on Unsplash Copywrite Cindy GeorgakasAll …

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Hey guys! Part three of Nature’s Beast (Best Teacher) has been interrupted due to me burning my finger cooking Samosa and hot royal. When in doubt send it out or go to a restaurant… Anywho, my finger is burning so I’ll save those pics for another day. And to add insult to injury, my computer …

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Good Monday (I hope) Morning to you if you are in my neck of the woods or afternoon or evening wherever this finds you on the globe. I love to love! I hate to hate. I love our country I hate what’s happening in the world right now. But I’m not taking this worldwide today, …

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