Say Goodbye To Yesterday

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Say goodbye to yesterday
To make way for what’s to come
Clean out the closet of our mind 
So we can dwell in possibility. 

Say goodbye to yesterday
The heartache and the loss
We’ve made it through the craziness
No matter what the cost. 

Say goodbye to yesterday 
And thank it for the lessons
We don’t have far to look
They’re right in front of our noses.

Say goodbye to yesterday
So we can move forward in faith
And birth our soul’s yearnings
While nourishing new beginnings.

Say goodbye to yesterday 
The toxic people in our lives
The leaders that took us down a garden path
To the graves of those we’ve lost.

Say good by to yesterday 
And make room for moments of today
We think we know so much but if we’ve learned anything,
It’s that life happens while we’re making other plans.  

Say goodbye to yesterday 
And make your blessings count 
It’s in the moments you create 
Remember gratitude is attitude. 

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Burn Baby Burn!!!

Burning Bowl Ceremony: Usher 2021 into Fruition

As we usher in the New Year it’s important to reflect on 2020 to release whatever emotions or patterns might be holding us back from moving forward.  

Take some introspective time to reflect if you haven’t done so already and see what you need to let go of and what you want to birth this year in 2021.

While we are so ready to say goodbye to 2020, it seems we are a long way from where we were before the Pandemic started.

Eager to move on with a vaccine being slowly distributed but not there yet, and we must do our due diligence while moving into the year with the unknown.  And we all know the unknown is one of the hardest places to hang out in.

This is my annual ritual I do in groups with clients or alone.  Both are awesome.  You could even call your support circle together outside or hold a Zoom meeting and do it together online.  You could also do it with me below and turn the video on and off while you complete each step.  It’s very powerful and I haven’t missed a year for 35 years and I started the tradition with my family as well.  

New Years Burning Bowl with the Family

9 Easy Steps to Usher in the New Year and clear out the debris from 2020

  • Sit in meditation at your alter and light a candle, some incense, a flower and bell and root and ground for a few breathes or a long meditation.  These 3 things reminds us of the impermanence of life as we know it.
  • Write down all the things you want to let go of from this past year on a piece of paper.  This is your chance to get them all out of your body and mind and on to paper.  Anything at all that has a hold on you. Ie: anxiety, anger, depression, jealousy, frustration, loneliness, hurt, resentment. It can go on and on and don’t stop until you have written each one down. 
  • BURN IT!  Yes, burn baby burn.  Let it all go and feel it release far and away from you physically and metaphysically to create space inside for what you want to manifest in the New Year.
  • Write down what you are grateful for:  I know this might be a tall order for some of you with loss and the challenge from last year but it is really important because Gratitude produces more abundance in your life.  There are always things you can find even in the most dismal of times (yes, even in 2020).

And to think 2020 had such a good ring.  Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…. what a lesson this was!

  • Write a letter to God, Source, the Divine, Your Higher Power affirming your wishes for 2021 thanking the powers that be.  See my sample letter below from last year.  I also might write some goals that I have with dates and a plan of action and add those to my calendar.  
  • Pick 3 angel cards representing Past, Present and Future.  This is optional but quite profound and fun to play with!  
  • Stick it in an envelope, seal it and address it to yourself so you can mail it to yourself one week before the end of 2021 (write the day you will mail it to yourself in your calendar or you will forget).
  • Now, open your letter from last year.  It’s amazing what you will find.  
Past, Present, Future Healing with Angels Dorreen Virtue, P.H.D. deck

This year was like a surprise gift I could have never predicted..  If some things still haven’t come into fruition, you simply  put them on your list for next year.  In regards to my Angel Cards, I still have the same love transformed into more passion. I’m playing more and always have to be honest with my truth and integrity. I am curious about all of the cherubs in all 3 cards as this is rare. I have 4 children and had 1 miscarriage making 5. Does this mean I have grandchildren on the horizon? hmmmm…..I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  • Remember to say Thank You!!!

Here’s are samples of what I wrote this year:

What do I want to release?

Impatience, frustration, perfection, fixation, being swept away, sitting so much, poor scheduling.

What I am grateful for:

My income only decreasing in half, clients that are so gracious, new definition of self, learning to do technology hard as it’s been, seeing clients on Zoom which has been awesome and more efficient in some ways, saving so much money by only spending money on essentials: Food and wine 🤣, learning how to structure my writing, my 1,000 followers to finish the year. Thanks again. My health, my yoga and Tai Chi practice, walking, strength training, sustaining my exercise routine, making videos, time with myself, effort, struggle and worry about income and just trusting, the beautiful clean air, starting my book and joining a writers workshop, doing some guest interviews, continuing even when I’m frustrated, help from some of you when I’m at the 9th hour and stuck, simple gatherings of everyone pitching in, letting go of messes in the house, amazing parents, kids, friends, pur word press family.

What I’ve learned about myself:

That I can stop driving myself to goals and trust the process, that I am capable of learning technology even though I have a difficult time with it, that I am resilient, that it’s ok to ask for help, I do much better with order and a schedule, it takes time to learn so it’s a double edge sword, to be gentle with myself, that I need to stop and eat and drink more water, that I love writing but hate sitting so much, that exercise, meditation and my yoga and Tai Chi are essential and imbedded in my genes at this point, I need to get up every hour and break, that interruptions of all of the animals is grating on my nerves, they teach me patience,

My letter From 2020: 

Weird I started this right after my birthday Feb 29th on March 1st (late this year) before Covid

This was wild to read because all of this came into fruition this year without any thought that my life would shift. At the time I was seeing a full load of clients 4-6 a day. Covid was the gift of allowing me to create this new shift. Otherwise, I would have just kept plugging along in my familiar and expected patterns. Yes, it took a pandemic for me to ask what about me, what do I want? Ask any busy person to get something done because they will do that and more. Now I have limits on what I want to do and how much is actually good for me, which is so freeing. I’m not sure why I didn’t address my letter in my usual way with is usually Dear Father Mother God, Thank you for my blessings of……..

I also enclosed a second page this year which I never do. I also often write down exercise goals, etc. and put dates on them and add them to my calendar. Somewhere, I must have known there would be no schedule this year.

Here’s the second page I included. It was so unusual for me to do a semi poem or thoughts propelling me into writing without even knowing it. I thought I would spare you from my horrible writing this time. 🤣

Gathering, chirping, nesting
Moving from limb to limb
Leaping to new heights
Swinging off branches
Singing my song.

Listening closely to my heartbeat
We all have a song waiting to be told
And to share with the world
Deep penetrating, dark open
to shed light on wounds and cleanse
Drinking in the nectar of life’s gifts

Sharp fans spike shadows of light
moving gracefully, gently and swiftly
cutting through lies
People have their ideas but they can’t define me
All are mirrors to grow and learn from.

Happy New Year as you put into motion an attitude of gratitude so that no matter what happens to you next year, you can ride the current, go with the flow and find your dristi (focus) and bliss.

As always, thanks so much for your time and support. If you found this useful, please remember to like (if you do of course), comment and or share.

In Gratitude,




The Precious Gift of Social Media


The Precious Gift in Social Media

My struggle with social media continues as I wade through posts, making mine, trying to figure out why I’m on Face Book in the first place and what I want to say. I’ve avoided it for this long and swore I would never get on and now in an instant I’m on Instagram and Linked In as well. I missed the window my friends talked about of spying on their kids or seeing what they were up to. 3 of my 4 kids won’t even accept me as a friend now and barely do F.B. anymore since all of us oldies are on it. Go figure. So I can only imagine way back then, they would definitely not want me knowing anything they were up to.
They have moved on to Twitter, Snap Chat and Instagram to get away from us no doubt.

My writing has been my driving force of deciding to sign up, but I’m not certain this is the right forum for that. That and my staffs request of getting on board in the new century. Apparently, I can’t just sign up as a business page anymore without a personal page. Besides, I’m told people want to know what I’m up to before they look at my business page or it looks too promoting.

Well, the truth is I want my business page to be promoting. Isn’t that why you would have a business page in the first place? This all seems a little cat and mouse to me and I’m perplexed and confused by this whole thing which seems like a game where I can’t figure out the rules. And being liked is more important than being who you are, even if someone doesn’t know you but are” your friends.”  Hmmm……. 

In trying to understand the concept more, I asked my son what he thought I should do and how to get my head around this.

He said “Mom, I don’t know what to tell you, it’s the world I grew up in and I don’t like it. But Mom, it’s the way it is”.

Further more, he said, “if you want to know something Google it, you don’t ask people about this stuff, it’s the way the world works now. You can be whoever you want to be. It doesn’t really matter. Say whatever you want to say and you will be portrayed as that even if it isn’t true. He continued to say, I have 2 fictitious accounts”.

Call me old fashion but I come from an era of being who I am matters and I spent a long time to find out who that is. I’m not keen and quick to pretend to be someone else. I rather like who I am. It has taken me a long time to like the person I am today. I’m not interested in being some identity I can turn myself into that I haven’t worked for, for better or worse.
We were a generation whose work ethics mattered, our word was our bond and what we did was an extension of who we were.
We talked about life, our values, we meant in person, talked on the phone, talked about philosophy, ate dinner together, hashed over different opinions.
Worked up the ladder.

In talking to head hunters the new generation wants instant gratification. Where we had one or 2 jobs in our lifetime, they will have 6-10 and furthermore they have to be able to shift gears with the ever changing demands the world is putting upon them. Those of us that don’t make adjustments and change get left behind. As the saying goes “The only constant in life is change.
If they don’t like the terms, they quit and reinvent themselves.
We are now a society that has been immersed in social media for better or worse and in a snap of a finger we can find out anything about any subject or scarily anyone. Leads in business are developed from here and if you don’t know how to navigate these systems, you will be left behind. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place and learning to sift through what is necessary and what isn’t is vital to our peace of mind.

In my struggle to figure this out, I sat in mediation asking the question how can I make peace with this? How do I move forward?
I can delete the whole bloody thing for that matter.

I picked my angel cards because at a time like this they’re as certain as anything else. LOL.

I closed my eyes and asked the question, how do I deal with this social media stuff and picked my card.

The quote Precious Gift was what I drew.

Friendship, family and love are precious gifts. Do not lose sight
of what is most important”.

And so they are.

As I continue to struggle through this process one thing became clear and that is social media does not replace family, friends or relationships and they are meant to be shared and talked to and seen face to face. Not an enigma of our imagination.

We celebrated my son’s 28th birthday last night with 11 of his friends around the table where they sat around the bonfire talking about their lives. The bond they have was so heartwarming to witness. He shared how grateful he was to have such special people in his life and thanked each of us for being an important part of his life and how much he appreciated the support he has gotten from each of us. This birthday dinner was his gift of thanks and giving back to those he loves and cares about. It was so touching we were moved to tears. We are all craving connection and to be understood and this was a testament of friendship that isn’t found on Face Book with 300 plus friends.

One thing became clear and that is my posts will be whatever is important to me and I find value in and will be the real deal for better or worse.

I promise to stay open to change while I hold fast to values that are tried and true and not sell out to what is popular at the moment.

To Precious Moments,


Rewrite a Revolutionary Script for 2015

Hi there, thanks for making your way over. Here is how you can begin to restart 2015:

The first step in your journey requires you to

1. Write this year’s script:
Set aside a time where you can dedicate your full attention. This initial step is critical and powerful. When you proclaim what you want, it allows you to remain focused on what is key for you.

  •    -I want to lose 20 pounds,
    -Start yoga,
    -See a trainer
    Why is this important to you? ? How will it change your life or enhance your life?
    Is it in line with your life purpose?

2. Determine three goals that are key:

Setting a top three priority list this year allows you to fully delve deeply. If you overwhelm yourself too early, these will all be on your list next year. According to research, it takes 21 days of consistent action to build new healthy habits. Focus on each goal gradually, and build yourself further down the list.

4. Hire a life coach
A life coach holds you accountable, hone’s in on what is the most important why in your life and allows you to explore feelings. Having an individual who is on your side to face obstacles and make a plans changes your entire perspective by pushing you to remain consistent..

5. Pick deadline dates
Deadline dates encourage you to act with urgency. Without dates you end up aimless and unaccountable. They need to be attainable, and realistic times so that you can experience a win. Every time you meet your commitment, you begin building trust and self confidence in your abilities. This creates a, “Yes I can attitude!” which is paramount in attaining success.

6. The process of letting go:
We have a tendency to hold onto the past, and continue old patterns of thinking that perpetuate negative feelings into our present. Our minds hold onto pain, and we repeat the same tired old script in our present. In order to embrace the new year, you must learn to Forgive and Release the past. Unless you do this, you will never get what you truly want in life because you won’t feel worthy.
Letting go is much easier said than done. It requires a simple desire along with the discipline to see it through. However, have faith in your abilities
Fan your Wins:

In order to keep mastering things you want, you must be grateful and give thanks so more will come your way. To attract morepositivity and growth, you must understand like breeds like. Remember how Fire grows. If w e fan it, it ignites can move from a tiny flame into a roaring blaze. Similarly, if you fan your spirit with positivity and gratitude, your spirit expands.

Ideas for letting go:

Write it down and burn it
Say affirmations
Imagine it leaving in a balloon into thin air
Bury it all the way to China
Come to the present moment and Breathe

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Cindy Georgakas
Uniquely Fit