Seeing Red

It’s Fri-Yay Funday and time to do something fun even if it’s turning up the music and dancing with your broom. Seriously, I actually do this or drag my cat or dog for a dance. 🤣 Turn up the music, kick up you heels and hit it. Yes, dance like no one is watching!

sweeping mrs. doubtfire GIF by Hollywood Suite
God, I Miss Robin Williams!

So, I looked up the definition of fun on Google because they know everything right?


But, it works for my post so I’m going with it.

You will find many more fun versions on other sites if you care to pull it up.


Fun is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “Light-hearted pleasure, enjoyment, … An 18th century meaning (still used in Orkney and Shetland) was ” cheat, trick, hoax”, a meaning still retained in the phrase “to make fun of”. The landlady …


NOT! Well, the light hearted pleasure, enjoyment is nice but cheat, trick, hoax… not so much!

Seeing red 

Riding on my new red Specialized bike just in time for Christmas. It’s fire engine red
just like my vintage Venus bike only loaded with all the bells and whistles; SCORE!

16 gears on the handles to get me up hills, 
A perfect fit, adjusted specifically to a tee for my weight and height.

It rides smoothly and shifting gears is a piece of cake.
The wind is at my back, the sun shines on my face, a perfect replacement and my butt’s not sore.

My son took me to check it out on a Facebook add he saw.  
He made sure that it fit my body right, examined all its parts  so sweet right?!!!!!

And then he said “Ok mom that’ll be 350.00 which was an amazing price for this 1,000 bike.|
I happily handed over the money and he said “I think Kristal’s going to love this”.

Yes, I’m Seeing Red!

playing on my way GIF by The Elves!

Good thing I love Kristal so much and for the record, he paid for the bike but I have to say, I was pretty excited for a minute.

Have a great Friday and weekend whatever you do! It doesn’t cost anything to laugh and will lift your spirits. Thanks as always for visiting, liking (if you do, of course), commenting and or sharing.

Have fun… or try…. just a little bit or a lot!

Stay Blessed because you are a blessing to me!



The Squirrel and The Hawk

Dogs snuggled at my feet,
sun rising, cozy in my bed.

Trees reaching for the light,
squirrels making their home in my flower-pot;
digging up roots I painstakingly planted.

Fury pulses through my veins while the moment before I was peaceful, calm and serene. I reach for my shot-gun but of course I don’t own one.

Blue Jays soaring by competing for the same food. They run back and forth on the deck while the dogs continue sleeping completely oblivious.

A Red Tail Hawk swoops to score the squirrel and flies off.
My eyes open like saucers, National Geographic before my very eyes; contentment once again found.

Now I know how an eye for an eye was born, and why I’ve never gotten any cherries.
I am grateful for the farmers and their painstaking labor of working the fields and I vow to let the animals roam freely and forget this foolishness that I will ever bear fruit or arms.

Except for those that hug.