Star Dust Fri-Yay Fun-Day

Today I’ll sprinkle Star Dust in my coffee and eat my cheerios.

I’ll wear my bat woman cape for extra protection and put my touch stone in my pocket.

I’ll move slow instead of hitting the ground running and I’ll treat me as good as I do my animals.

I’ll wear my purple top because when you are old and wise, you wear purple, or so they say.

I’ll climb back in bed and do my cat cow and sleep the day away.

I’ll forget my routine for a change and break free; turn off my devices and listen to music and play my ukulele.

I’ll start my day with chocolate and end with chocolate with a cherry on top and maybe I’ll even watch a movie for a change.

I’ll hide from the phone and play hookie for the day and wait for the fog to go away and the light to fill my soul.

I’ll turn up the music loud and dance like a rock star.

I’ll swim naked in the pool and and head to the hot tub by moon light.

I’ll drink champagne to celebrate the fact that I got up, and the earth blessed me another day.

I’ll take in Vitamin D from the sun.

I’ll sing under the moonlight and thank the planets and the stars in the galaxy for a spectacular show and Star Dust they blessed me with.

Tinker Bell sends her fairy dust and is ready to come out to play!

Tinker Bell's Pixie Dust -Black Background | Tinkerbell, Pixie dust, Fairy  art

But now there are bills to pay, animals to feed and clients to see.

Have a really great Friday and weekend and be kind to yourself because if you aren’t who will be?!!!!!

Do you have any fun plans real or imagined?

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Star Dust of Love, Laughter and Joy,




Ignite the Light

On my daily walk, I meet this friend

Reaching Far and Wide

Searching for the light

Sheltering you and me

Bursting with color

Before it’s deciduous and ………leaves.

Reminding you that when darkness comes, leaves fall and all is cold and barren, you can reach inside for respite and light.  It’s always there even in our darkest hour. You may be knocked to your knees, seething in anger and fear which is understandable. When the candle is ignited and you blow it out, bring it inside to illuminate your soul while you remember the burst of color from fall.

Have a blessed Day as we stand tall in fall!

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In Love and Light,


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Golf Widow

Happy Fun Fri-Yay Everyone!

I’m a golf widow on many of days but I’m not complaining by any means.

The boys days spent on the green are my sanctuary of peace;

writing, doing yoga or practicing my tai chi and meditation.

While they chip, I peck away with my kitties and dogs under toe.

Sometimes they land in the sand trap like I do in a wordless phase but

we both often hit par or a birdie at the end of the day.

We’re both on the back nine that’s for sure but not my son who’s

taken the lead, and just won his annual tournament with his friend with a score of 2 under par.

Whoo Hoo!!!!!

The last time we were all together we went to the driving range with the whole fam and it was actually lots of fun.

I picked up my driver and hit airmail (a term for the ball going longer than expected) and I’m no Ace player.

I’m going to go out today and try my luck if the smoke let’s up and it’s not too hot.

Below are some pictures of the the highlights of my husband and son’s courses they have played.

Most day’s they travel far and wide to find a good deal but these are some of the best courses you’ll find in our area and they were so privileged to play, so I wanted to share them with you.


Stanford Driving Range
Half Moon Bay Golf Links Course, California
Half Moon Bay Golf Links overlooking the bluff

There are two different golf courses that are set upon Northern California’s dramatic costal bluffs. It is an hour south of San Francisco. The Bay Area resort’s parkland-style Old Course, originally designed in 1973, features cypress-lined fairways and an oceanside 18th hole. The aptly named Ocean Course features a traditional Scottish design, a water view from every hole and challenging play with tight fairways and knolls. This is 30 minutes from our home so my husband and son often play here. On a beautiful day, you can see forever. These pictures don’t do justice the the course. This is where my son won the tournament with his friend Chad.

Spy Glass Hill Golf Course in Pebble Beach, California
Spy Glass Golf Course

Spyglass Hill Golf Course is in Pebble Beach, California and is ranked # 10 in America’s 100 Greatests public Corses. It is the Greatest meeting of Sand and Trees. The defining takeaway at Spyglass Hill is how starkly the first five holes juxtapose the rest of your round. It features 6,862 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72. It was designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. ASGCA, the Spyglass Hill golf course. It opened in 1966

Spanish Bay Golf Course in Pebble Beach, California
Spanish Bay Golf Course

My Husband just got home from playing here on Wednesday and had a great time. Again, smoke from the fire made for dismal pictures but none the less, it’s pretty hard not to have a great time in all of this beauty. Spanish Bay Golf Course is in Pebble Beach, California nuzzled among the undulating sand dunes on the western tip of the Monterey Peninisula sits The links at Spanish Bay. Designed in 1987 by a team comprised of Robert Trent Jones Jr., Tom Watson and Sandy Tatum, The Links at Spanish Bay was modeled after an authentic Scottish course.

Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, California
My son Garrett

This was by far the biggest highlight of Covid for my husband and son playing with their friends. Pebble Beach Golf Links is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful courses in the world, overlooking the coastline of Carmel Bay, opening to the paacific ocean on the south side of the Monterey Peninsula. It is considered the No. 1 Golf Resort in America. With three top 50 public courses canvasing the spectacular coastline that wraps around California’s Monterey Peninsula, golf at Pebble Beach is a truly unforgetable moment.

Harding Park Golf Course in San Francisco, California

This was an acopoliptic day on the course with the smoke from the fires. Harding Park Golf Course in San Francisco, California. The park has 27 holes of championship golf-the 18-hole Harding Park Course and the 9-hole Fleming Course (when they open up 3 holes, I might try it. Lol). It opened 95 years ago on July 18th, 1925. It is named after Preident Warren G. Harding, an avid golfer. The course covers 163-acre (0.66km 2) along the shores of Lake Merced, in the city’s southwest corner.

This book that sits on our living room table was compiled by Connor Licolli, my Godson as a labor of love to his Grandfather Hal Gevertz. It is a compilation of 357 articles of his writings from 1971-1983 and 1987-2009, which were originally written for the San Mateo Times Group Newspapers and later for the Northern California’s Golf Today. It is a beautiful coffee table book and I’m so proud of you Connor!

Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend until we meet again.
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Be The Sea Of Change!

Mother Earth is angry and the ocean reflects its displeasure mirroring the injustice in her waters and sky. 

The rock guised as monsters reckoning with earth; bound by greed, no bounderies of caste or creed,

but not defining me.

Denying climate change, pain and suffering while the haves and the have nots, don’t measure up.

 It’s not too late, so listen up folks.  I won’t and can’t hold this anger, nor should you,

but I will merge with Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Sky and

protect her and be the sea of change.  

Will you  join me?

Hi Friends,

I’m struck by dark nights that haunt us on so many levels right now and this picture of Jason’s evoked such powerful feelings. The light is beckoning us so no matter what you are going through. Remember things get worse before they get better and when you think you can’t go on, take one moment at a time, one breath at at time. We’re is this together and we will get through this; stronger and brighter than ever before, united once again, take a stand.

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So much love and blessings,



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Six Word Story Prompt

Hi Guys,

So excited to finally have the time to participate in Shweta’s 6 Word Prompt. This was fun Shweta!
A special thanks to Zamadloma for her help in the ping back❣️❣️❣️ Fingers crossed I got the it right! It’s NO reflection on her if I didn’t… trust me… I’m dangerous in technology.


Politicians add kool-aide to the water


What we’re made of….. drink up

Mellymaks: STEPS 1 - Increase water intake

Cleanses our soul and soles too

Water Shoes Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Runs it’s mouth off with drool
(running your mouth off is never good, especially in politics)

ᐈ Drooling drawing stock images, Royalty Free drooling pictures | download  on Depositphotos®
Guess Who

POINT MADE.. No more pictures for the rest…

crystal clear washing our bodies clean

Perks you up when you’re tired

Transports rivers and lakes and oceans

Home to our beautiful sea life

Cannot live without it or death

Does not mix well with oil

Waters our garden through a hose

Thank God it puts out endless fires

The womb from which we came from

Drips down our cheeks when sad

Can’t wait to read everyone else’s!

Happy Hump Day!!!


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To Kiss the Page or Not?

Awe struck by so many stories, poets, photography, quotes and thoughts.
I scratch my head and read; and sit in a daze.
Some I understand, some not so much, to be honest, some not at all.

Others, I am transported to another space in time
where I linger while my heart is filled with inspiration and love, some in fear so I don’t stay there too long.

Sometimes after reading them all, I just sit frozen in space,
my pen silent, barely kissing the page. I try to linger here in the void
because I have learned, that’s where words flow, that’s where judgement subsides. Why leave this beautiful place too soon?

Write, one part of me says, stay, says the other but I choose to wait.
We always have a choice and this meditation in writing becomes silence in action, where I wait for the divine to fill the page.

Emptying out body and mind; free, floating in the clouds, whisked out to sea and all of the gallaxies spreading this “peace” of me and sprinkling particles of the best versions of myself while I evaporate and touch the unknown.

Blissful, joyful, free at last, no words are found here just the breeze of the ethers while I smile, looking down, growing wings, a bright light, echoing stay, stay and I contemplate and then my pen kisses the page with the dot.
I’m not done here yet, but oh so tempting.

May we all grow wings on earth and continue spreading our light.

Have a beautiful day❣️

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The Length of our Life is Love❣️

The length of our life is love
Not length of days or years
And as we love
Eternity Appears.”

This quote was in my grandfather’s wallet and he carried it around until he passed on and now it is in my Father’s wallet. When he passes on, I will make a copy for my brother for his and place it in mine, as a reminder of our eternal love and the impermanance of life.

I am so grateful for the blessing of waking up every morning to celebrate our triumphs and tribulations in life. Somedays we hit the ground running and others we peel ourselves out of bed with one foot in front of the other. Everyday gives us a chance to start over and learn from our past mistakes and grow into who we are becoming and want to be. Don’t look back, don’t look too far ahead or you will miss this moment of opportunity to love yourself this moment and embrace every aspect of your being. When you love yourself, you can move mountains and the stars line up to eternity.

Have a Blessed Day as you hold yourself lightly and lovingly. I’ll be right there with you and you with me. Peace Out. ✌️

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See You for Friday Fun-Day!!






Unspeakable Wisdom

Photo by Roberto Nickson on

There is something unthinkable when you float in the cosmos with the planets orbiting around you. 

There is something powerful
When the moon touches the sun for a good night kiss.

Birth is one of those times when everything stands still and there are no words just the pitter patter of hearts meeting, beating as one.

Photo by Rene Asmussen on

Death is the other side of the coin when you realize there is no difference between the two and you hold each breath sacred at the beginning until the end.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on

There is something unspeakable when you realize the synchronicity of this duality. Each stops your heart and opens you to new beginnings and endings.

The circle of life continues as we open to universal wisdom of truth and love that we will never be apart.

Always together soulfully experiencing love and beauty.

There is something Unfathomable in this time of Covid holed up in our rooms with sadness and fear. 

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on

There is something unspeakable when loved ones cross over to the other side from this robber of our lungs and we feel so helpless in despair.

Photo by Flora Westbrook on

There is something undeniable when God enters the room and your spirits ignite and you realize we are made out of the same cloth; always United.

The unspeakable universal wisdom when you see you and your loved one’s souls spirit; holding Court as Angels.

Photo by Anna Shvets on

This comes with a heavy heart with the news of my son’s girlfriend’s aunt passing from Covid last week. She was 65. She didn’t feel well that week and went to the doctors and they said she had pnemonia and sent her home. The next day she died. The autopsy confirmed it was from Covid.

My heart goes out to all of you grieving from the losses you are facing from Covid, (Mary so sorry about your brother), suicide, sensless shootings and all of life’s illness and tragedies. The world is grieving right now and we are in this together as we continue to find light in the dark to hold the torch for our fellow travelors of truth. While there is no sense to be made, we are deeply cleansing our world to make way for a new expression of being. We must never loose hope and continue to let compassion and love be our guide while we make way for a new world where we can put aside our differences of race, sex, color, creed, cast, that manifests our vision of peace and equality for all. I have personally been moving in and out of sadness by the killings, Chadwick Boseman’s passing while watching his countless movies and all of the other tragedies we are all dealing with. Although he lived a short life, he lived it fully and left a mark on all humanity and he is a hero. Heaven holds our hearts even when we can’t see it or may have lost all hope. Hang in there and keep the faith.



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Fun Fridays Kids Vehicles 2: Amazing Ice Cream Truck Adventure (Cupcake  Maker, Counting Coins, Learning Colors, Fireworks and More) - Fun  Interactive Games with Alex & Dora for Toddlers and Preschool Explorers and

Memories of days gone by 

When the bell rang on Friday, 

darting out, chasing the ice cream man.

laughter while we trudged up the hill in our saddle shoes,

telling jokes and comparing notes of fashion and friends,

Thank God for the weekend where we could let the fun begin.

I think of the kids starting school in Covid at home on line, 

And the teachers on Zoom, sitting behind a

screen with break out rooms, and chats, mute and unmute.

While happy to be there, it’s just not the same.

 But there’s no more sass from the ones that won’t listen because……

there is always mute and they just can kick them out….(so watch out parents cuz you won’t get a break so better get them to listen up….easier said that done I know).

Too bad they can’t ring a bell and hand out ice cream at the end. 

I sceam, you scream, We ALL scream for Ice Cream.

Here’s to you Renee (my daughter) and teachers EVERYWHERE igniting learning for our future generations!

Classroom Teacher – 8th Grade Science 

Renée Georgakas
8th Grade Science

Why do I teach?

I teach because I am passionate about encouraging children to become independent critical thinkers that are able to form their own opinions that will shape the world around them. 

And Here’s to the Kids and Parents while we continue to be creative and grow in love, hope and patience. We are stronger together!

B.C. schools Zoom to online education amid COVID-19 – Chilliwack Progress

Happy Fun Friday Everyone!

Have a great weekend!

❤️ Cindy

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Fire of the Heart and Sky

Teddy Miller Photograpy

Red Hot fire coursing through my veins

Hearts beat as one, open and weak at the knees

Kids out playing while fire trucks go by

The stop sign ignored

The siren in a distance

Food on the stove simering

Things are heating up

Red wine, licorice vines, hosing us down

Lovers, strangers, kids lost in the night

Electricity drawing us closer in embrace

While others run and flee

A shot on the outside, a pop on the inside

This moment, so primal and guteral upon entry

Kids screaming in the street

The fire getting closer

The beans smouldering on the stove

Moans, grons, sirens getting louder

The smell permeates the room,

A gust of wind

Smoke rising

Sheer delight

Ah sweet Jesus

I flush the toilet and look out the window

A fire of the heart and Sky

Memories of once before as flames turn all to ashes

Picture books, diaries, treasures, going up in flames

Burning a whole in my heart, in their heart and yours

We hold on and embrace this moment

Where love creates closeness and staves off sorrow

And yet may never be again

Starting over, in the rubble

Kids screaming

Parents crying

Dogs barking

And our amazing fire fighters putting out the flames.

Fire in the distance,

Vivid colors lighting up the sky, igniting sparks,

Burning a whole in my heart, your heart, all hearts.

The beauty unspeakable yet sad as the fire hangs in the air and warms us

through the night.

Grateful and thankful as we return and embrace

Fire of The Heart and Sky

kids tucked in

Dogs sleeping

The night quiet

Sirens silenced

Love waits

OMG what a night.

Teddy Miller Photograph

The Waddell Creek Fire happened Sunday night and these pictures were captured by our family friend Teddy Miller. It was burning directly over hwy 1 in California. Luckily no commumities were threatened.
Teddy captures wild life pictures in a moments notice and stops at nothing to get them. His work is captivating, colorful and enriches your heart when you see it. He lives in Davenport, Ca with his wife and new baby boy. You can find his work at

You might also remember hearing about the Lake County Fires in California which were devastating. That is where we were at the lake house last weekend where I shared pictures of our family weekend. We are blessed we were not affected by them but know many who were.

Stay Safe out there and Stay Strong!



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