Congratulations; Fail Until You Succeed!

Do you ever feel discouraged by the amount of attempts you make at trying to get something right?

I do!!!!!! Just after I wrote the quote below and added it to a picture I took on Canva with my print over lay, I couldn’t remember how to upload it and I had to ask my son for help. It is one of my biggest fears because he quickly looses his patience and I am back to my 5 year old self feeling very inadequate. He can’t understand how I can’t remember something we have already done twice even though it’s in my notes. I’m a kinestetic learner which simply means I have to do it over and over again until it becomes second nature. If a few weeks goes by and I haven’t practiced it, it’s like starting over.

I burst into tears which I tried to push back to save face but couldn’t. It happened right after I taught my “No Gut’s No Glory” class on Zoom, which was a disaster, so I was a little more fragile than I usually am. So there you have it, I was a gutless glory mess. 🤣 After a year of doing this, I pretty much have it mastered but the internet guy came a couple of weeks ago to fix something else and ended up fouling up my studio connection and I lost service all throughout teaching. And yes, I had a few other things I was dealing with as well. I’m not usually this thin skinned but hey, it happens to the best of us!

My son apologized for being so short tempered which was appreciated. Now, I’m trying to figure out how I can open up this picture halfway in reader so the whole thing doesn’t show. However, I don’t dare ask him because I can’t handle the wrath of sonny boy again. I usually would ask my assistant that’s been with me for 4 years but he’s dropped off the face of the earth in the last 2 months. T, Call Home but don’t come looking for a job reference if you’re reading this because, seriously, this isn’t how you leave a job. Ok, I want my cash bonus back. 🤣 Just kidding but all of you, do take note if any of you are considering leaving your job; it doesn’t look good on your resume not to tie up loose ends and you might end up on someone’s post 🤣!!! So, I encourage you to go through the proper channels; Covid or No Covid.

All this is to say that I feel your pain, if you are anything like me or are dealing with a challenging day ahead. Keep breathing and rememeber you aren’t alone.

And with that, I now know why this quote I posted on Lisa’s post resonated so deeply with me yesterday (it wasn’t verbatim). Life is so predictably unpredictable. As soon as I said it, I knew I was going to post some version of it but I had no clue that I was writing it for myself until now. I hope it’s useful to you as well. Also, if you can easily explain how to open a picture just halfway in the event I didn’t do it right as a “teaser”, please do tell.

Thanks so much for your constant support and encouragement. Have a wonderful day ahead with blessings, laughter and always love.

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Natures Gifts

Virgin Narrows River in Zion By Jason Gotlib Photography 

Powerful jagged rocks shelter me from the chaos of the outside world, while water cleanses my soul.

Have a beautiful day as you shelter in place, holding yourself gently. Thank you Jason for your your beautiful photography.



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Perfect Moments

Jason Gotlib Photography
Archangel Cascades 12-2010
The picture was taken 10 minutes before getting on the the subway

The waters flow into a panacea of perfect moments while I drink in nature filling my heart with peace and tranquility.

Blessed to share a Jason Gotlib’s photography with you who is a dear friend and client. You will be seeing more of his work on my blog in the future. He is gifted and passionate about his photography. My new home picture is also one of Jason Gotlib’s which I LOVE. It is taken at “Mesa Arch in Canyonlands”. Thank you so much Jason! His work is available for purchase so you can just press his name below the picture if you are interested in adding to your collection. I have several of his pictures charming my walls in my home and office.

We might not have Perfect Days but I hope you catch a moment here and there. Acknowledge the small everyday blessings that show up on your path today. I’d love to hear what perfect moments you find today if you care to share? I have 2 so far: One are these beautiful pictures to share and two, it rained and the air is fresh and the smoke is clearing. YAY!!!!

I will be changing my site to customize and I hope you enjoy the new look and are able to navigate it a little easier. Please let me know if you have any feedback as it’s under construction. After all, “Life is always under construction” Thanks!

Blessings and So Much Love,



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