The Lesson of an Orange


As I was walking on my path today I kicked an orange that had fallen from the tree. A light bulb went off when I realized I had done this way too many times. Somehow I had judged our oranges on our property as bitter and sour and not worth eating.

I had a bite out of one once and that was my experience. I bent down, picked it up and examined it.  It was true;  it was asymmetrical, smallish, the skin was rather soft with spots and it certainly didn’t look very appetizing.  And then I had a conversation with myself that went something like this: “This comes from my tree on my land that I grew and I’ve been poo pooing these oranges all of this time. I have judged it as being bad since that one bite even though I have been painstakingly feeding and watering it.  I still keep the bitterness in my mouth unwilling to open to new possibilities. How many other things do I do this with?  It is here to nourish me and is loaded with vitamins. This is food and some people don’t have food readily available. I am hungry this moment and I am turning my nose up and judging this piece of fruit that so graciously showed up for me , the same way I turn away from what’s good for me sometimes because of a past memory”.


Talk about judging a book by its cover.
And what’s worse, I go and buy these at the store often because I think mine aren’t good enough.

I sat down and peeled the orange and juice ran down my fingers. I put it in my mouth and it was so sweet and delicious, I was surprised.  As I thanked this delectable fruit, I was thankful for the sunshine, water, the people who planted this plant before I got here, the critters of the earth that mulch the soil, the birds and bees that pollinate it, and I thanked it for showing me all of the places that I think I’m not good enough like I thought this orange wasn’t good enough.  The time I think other people know better than me, that I think I am flawed, or they are, that I gained 2 lbs, that I have 3 new wrinkles on my face, that I wasn’t as tolerant with someone when I could have been.  Well, how can I be when I kick an orange out of my path that I don’t think is “good enough” or think I don’t measure up.

As I allowed the sweetness of the orange juice to drip down my throat I was grateful and become one with the fruit and forgave myself for taking it for granite and being so hard on myself and others.  I remembered it is my job to see things fresh with new eyes everyday, grow, forgive myself and others so I’m might have more sweetness in life.

Who would have guessed the lesson of the day would be received by the wisdom of an orange and to think I may have kicked that down the hill and missed the nectar and gift it had to offer.

I only have 5 pears on my tree but I’m going to go check them right now.
Who knows what they have to teach me.

Here’s to a juicy wonderful day!

Love and Blessings, 





One Breath at a time…


You sit in wonder asking how can I be happy, see the light, find joy when all I see is the dark and anxiety lurks within? You try so hard. You eat all of the right foods, meditate, read, go to classes, take your vitamins, exercise and still there is a hole with looming doom.

Go to your cave and sit. But you say, “I can’t possibly do that, it will catch me and I will wither and wilt and perhaps I’ll go mad. Will you? Have you ever really stopped running? Take each moment as it is and breathe. When we think there is something wrong with us any feelings of darkness grab us by the throat and grip harder until we’re gasping for air.

You are not your feelings, thoughts or your mind. Your mind is just doing its job to keep you in this constant feeling of doom and gloom. When we see this truth and don’t give it power, we become free.

Let this be your mantra……

Just for today I will take each moment and breathe as it comes. I will not judge every little thing I do and berate myself. I will look at the morning dew on the window and notice a bird in the distant horizon. I will be that bird and fly to new heights of what I thought possible. I will watch the bird until I become one with it and feel free. And tomorrow I will do it again.



Expect The Unexpected

I’m writing this as I know that many of you are going through some really challenging times.  Holidays can be difficult and I wanted to let you know you are not alone.

Life is uncertain and always brings new surprises least of when you expect it. Valentine’s Day conjures up images of the sweetest of scenarios. Heart-shaped boxes tied up with the perfect of wrappings, chocolate, champagne, music, roses, steamy sex or just a sweet moment shared with a loved one.
With anticipation you open the box hoping to find this once in a lifetime rock.  It’s a rock alright but not the one that fits  on your finger or hangs from your neck, but a ‘pet rock’. Or a quiet candlelight dinner turns into “guess who’s coming to dinner?” Perhaps, you wake up sick or your sweetie gets sick, or one of your kids. Maybe you have the worst fight of your life, or you are single and mourning a lost love. Worse yet, you lose a pet, a beloved or find out some news that freezes you in your tracks.

Life hands us cards that bring us to our knees in joy and or sorrow. We can’t predict what is heading our way or how we will feel. Ride the wave, dig deep, ask the questions and wait for the answer to surface. The answers are inside and there are no short cuts or mistakes; only lessons. There is no way to predict the future and our reactions but we can steady ourselves finding our truth wading through the worst of times even when it feels unbearable. Nature is an incredible teacher and reminds us as the sun rises every day, so will our mood and luck if we can just be patient. We have so many expectations of the day, we may be very disappointed when things don’t go picture perfect according to our plan.
You may be one that was showered in rose petals, chocolate, diamonds and champagne this Valentine’s Day so savor it and Enjoy!

The unexpected continues to surprise us on this journey and there is no way to prepare for it but to stand the test of time rooted to the earth with your heart open to receive whatever comes your way.

Happy Valentines Day!

With Heartfelt Hugs,


Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air

Cupid is aiming his arrow toward you. Do you duck and cover or are you ready to receive the blessings of love you are so deserving of. Start with loving yourself and you’re on your way to beautiful things coming your way.
When we love ourselves we set up a vortex around us creating more intimacy, more passion and lasting relationships.
Too often we look to find the perfect mate that will fill the holes inside us in hopes of making us happy. The trouble is it rarely works. In time we push them out because we can’t Imagine anyone putting up with our less than perfect selves and we don’t want to be found out. Or worse yet, they push us out because they find that we haven’t been able to fill their holes either. We aren’t always aware this is at work and think it’s us they are dumping. They might too because it’s painful to see what is behind the truth and we have been running away from these feelings of inadequacy all of our lives.

We are all flawed in one way or another which is what it means to be human.
Working on ourselves before getting into a serious relationship is the first step in creating a healthy relationship. Bringing two wholes not halves that equal a bigger whole makes for a solid base. Combine that with a higher power of divine spirit and you are on your way to life long intimacy and happiness. When we each take responsibility for our short comings, work on ourselves, use each other as mirrors to heal ourselves, and honor our differences and flaws, we can allow ourselves and our partners to be truly human.

Yes, Love Is In The Air and whether you are in a relationship or hoping to find the love of your life; do a little internal housecleaning and get ready to let cupid do his magic.


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Food for Thought

“As a man Thinketh” So he is -James Allen

Words have power. What you say to yourself makes an impact on your conscious and unconscious mind. Your words are felt far beyond the person you are talking to. It sets up a magnetic energy field that radiates further than what you can Imagine.

Think of the word sunshine. What picture did you come up with in your mind? What feeling did it elicit?

Now, think of the word darkness.
What did you notice there?

When you say a word an image is then conjured up in your brain.
 If the image is beautiful, your body and mind respond to this word in a positive way.
If however, the image is scary that feeling will be evoked in your body and brain as well.

What words do you use every day? What words do you continue to expose yourself to? If it’s the news, you might feel glum all day. How do you protect yourself from these daily bombardments of negativity in advertisements, the newspaper, or people.  Bad news spreads faster that good news and we have become addicted to it. It’s how the media survives. Make a point to look for articles that make you smile and lift your spirit.

Change your words and change your mind.
A simple change of saying I get to teach, rather that I have to teach makes a huge shift in how you feel. When I first heard a yoga teacher of mine say it, I realized how different and lighter I felt when I used it in all of my daily activities. It is a gift and a privilege to get up in the morning and share what I have learned. What do you get to do?  If all you come up with is “I get to pay my taxes” and sulk about it.  Think again!  At least you are able to own something so you can pay taxes.  

Words can illuminate your spirit or kick you to the curb. What are your inner voices doing to you? Start noticing what words you say to yourself and then ask where they came from. Perhaps they are old tapes you heard growing up.
LET THEM GO. I know, “easier said than done” but DOABLE. Practice replacing those old tapes with new ones. When we beat ourselves up we diminish and wilt like a flower without water and sun. When we acknowledge ourselves we grow and flourish into a beautiful bouquet.  Continue to weed the garden of your mind.

You are enough and always have been enough. Continue that mantra and watch life change before your very eyes. Doors will open and you will see the world from a different vantage point.