Fun thru Smiles and Miles

Fun isn’t always the big things we do and plan, it’s the cultivation of relationships formed and friendships born. When I pour my coffee or tea in the morning and come here to my site it warms my heart to find comments on my page from so many of you. I find myself thinking about you during the day and wondering how you are doing. I love hearing what your next amazing piece is and commenting on yours as well. It’s such a sweet exchange, that I’ve grown to look forward to.

Sometimes I’m lost in the W.P. abyss of trying to figure out how to fix something and some of you have been so awesome to help me navigate the W.P. maze. Thank you for that!!! Other times, I find out, some of you have the same issues as I do (misery loves company), so then I don’t feel so inadequate. When in doubt, blame it on W.P. 🤣 Hahaha!

Then there is someone who goes the extra mile and their comments are always so heartfelt on your page and somehow you develop a friendship, but can you really develop a real relationship on word press? My family says no and thinks I’m crazy and they don’t think I should be engaging as much as I do, but I’ve never listened to them, thankfully. Crazy, I might be; but in love and life, I choose to be me and I’ll take my chances.

So this is a little poem I made up about this special human being I have grown to know and love.

Once there was a woman from the U.S. who met a young man from India.
A chance meeting you’d say because they met on Word Press,
where everyone loves everone or so they say. 🤣🥰😊
They exchange comments; talk and zoom and discuss world affairs and habits.
He’s an engineer and she’s a yogini,
and their hours are such, that they should not have time.
She sips her wine and he drinks his whiskey and sometimes gets drunk,
racing cars and chasing after smart pretty woman.
He’s supposed to get “ringed” but she says why rush?”
They talk about caste and no sense can be made,
of this life that is tainted by greed, power and money.
He eats burgers and pizza and she lentils and rice,
such is the way of an international life.
How do you know if a friendhip is true?
I guess you never know,
but I know that I am grateful to him anyhoo.
He teaches me things, no one else would have the patience to.
Together they laugh and get down to brass tax,
because they don’t have much time,
before one of them will have to sleep.
So it’s good morning and good night!
What a perfect relationship!
We all should have one, because there’s no time to fight.

For me that someone is Kumar Harsh. I wanted to pay Kumar for his help getting my site changed but he would not take any money from me as he tells me I give him wisdom and support in his workouts, his food choices etc. I’ll never forget his comment when I said if I were 20 years younger, I could go for you and he respectfully said “If I may Cindy, I think of you more like my grandmother.” Arrow straight to the heart. Ouch! Lol. How did I get “old” (I still think I’m 20) so fast! So, I now refer to him as my Grandson. I am so grateful because my son won’t help me with W.P. because it frustrates him, my assistant can only do so much and I feel lost in the question que that doesn’t get answered right away.

Photo by Markus Spiske on

So this is to Kumar who I am so grateful to have in my life. I have had so much fun Zooming with him at God crazy hours, teaching me emojis, funny pictures, helping me get my Ukelele tuned, etc. We can lament over the injustices in the world and at home and laugh at the silliest things. I’m not sure what I have done for him but I am trying to fix him up and I have my eyes on some of you. Even though I don’t believe in arranged marriages necessarily, in this case I think my hunches are pretty good. He’s a little shy so you might need to reach out to him… just sayin, he’s available and too young to be thinking of marriage at the ripe ole age of 27 in my humble (which I never am) opinion.

When I shared the poem I wrote he said “what about the moon poem you were going to write?” I knew this very silly poem would never suffice, so I made this one for him to honor his poetry which could never compare to his, but is an attempt. I hope you like it Kumar and all of you do too.

The moon comes up deflecting the light of the sun,
Same hues different lighting,  
Colors so beautiful: one dark, one light…
Truth is all that matters when eyes shine bright,
I look in your eyes and you in mine,
And love exists no matter age, hair or skin,
Your spirits infinite wisdom, ignites my birth rite of fun,
As you come up, I go down,
As you let go, I let in,
Such is the gift of dreams coming through in colors and visions that inspire,
Giving hope for a another bright day.  

When there are never enough hours in a day to get all I need to get done finished, sometimes I think what the “hell are you doing texting or zooming with funny face emojis and stories”? However, when I laugh so hard I pee, I’m grateful for these moments where I’m free to be me and engage with my silly side, much to my families chagrin.

Please do see his website above and his new song he just featured playing the guitar.

Thank so much for reading, liking (if you do of course), commenting and or sharing.
I am truly grateful for our interaction and friendship.





Don’t Confuse Net Worth W/ Self Worth

This piece was done by a dear friend / client of mine, Lynn Cornish and greets you upon entry of her home, welcoming visitors, to remind them of what matters most in life. Lynn lives in Portola Valley, California with her 2 dogs Ozzie and Bubba who are the light of her life. Lynn has been painting for 30 years and paints with 20 other artists in a warehouse in Redwood City, California. Her art is sometimes provocative, whimsical and always vivid and bright, capturing the essence of what happens on any given day.

Lynn with Ozzie and Bubba

This particular piece “Don’t Confuse Net Worth W/ Self Worth” is inspired by the area in which she lives in Silicon Valley, the dot com capital, where 1 % of the richest population resides. It could be easy to get swept away with power and greed but her message speaks to the heart, reminding us that truly Wealth is Health and not indicative of people’s contentment or happiness.

Lynn knows first hand that wealth does not equal health as her brother Robby suffered with mental illness all of his life. She tried for years to the best of her ability to help him with therapy, programs, housing, finances etc. He lived as rich a life as anyone could have with his serious condition of schizophrenia. He frequented thrift shops often and drove the car she gave him proudly and everyone knew him by name. He told many stories in lucid times and his favorite line was “It’s nothing to write home about” and laughter would fill the air. Everyone still laughs when they talk about this story and although I never met Robby, I feel as though I knew him by the stories that she and her brothers and sister in laws share when they get together in fond memory. Robby had an episode as is often the case with mental health issues that landed him in jail on a 5150 in March of 2015. I personally reassured Lynn that this was a good thing (I know first hand with family members that suffer from mental health issues) because he would now get the help he needed which is most often the case. She was trying to post bail because she was worried sick about him but sadly and tragically he was murdered in jail by his roommate who also suffered mental health issues on St. Patrick’s Day March 17th 2015.

Robert Anthony Hearn

Lynn makes generous donations to mental health organizations along with many other worthy causes.

Mental Health treatment, care and respect for each individual cannot be overemphasized in a world where 1 in 4 suffer from mental health issues and trauma. It does not discriminate and one never knows if or when one of us could be part of this percentage.

Lynn’s house reflects her fun loving, giving and vivacious personality that captivates everyone that comes in contact with her. Her walls are a gallery that infuse happiness and joy while looking at her art and her expansive view of the bay and majestic mountains.

Most days you will find her hiking the hills with the deer, turkeys and extraordinary wild life that are protected in her area.

Here’s Lynn‘s website if you want to check it out, just for fun. I am a HUGE fan and the lucky recipient of piece that hangs in my entry.

The one above is ear marked for another one of her friends but we are all battling her for it or urging her to make a lithograph for our homes as well. If you are interested in that please let her know.

This beautiy hangs in Lynn’s Dearest friend Wendy’s home
And this one in my entry

One day when working with Lynn I saw this in her garage and she said she was painting over it because she didn’t like it. I grabbed it so fast it would make your head spin and I LOVE IT. What’s more is my husband and I don’t agree on art at all AND WE BOTH LOVE IT!!! That speaks volumes!!!

A side angle view with Buddha standing guard

Look closely here…. no irreverence intended but even Buddha agrees this year has been F_____. Just keeping with the theme of things from last post. Lol!!!!

As always, thanks so much for reading, liking (if you do of course), commenting and or sharing. I’m most grateful for your time and kindness.

Here’s to our Wealth in Health with Love and Always Laughs,