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Happy Fun Fri-Yay Y’all! I’m back with my new computer and loving it but with the wedding preparations and rehearsal dinner last night, I’m way behind in my reading and writing. However, I did want to circle back and share some of my haikus and captures from my trip to wrap up the adventure. Picture …

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Hey guys! Part three of Nature’s Beast (Best Teacher) has been interrupted due to me burning my finger cooking Samosa and hot royal. When in doubt send it out or go to a restaurant… Anywho, my finger is burning so I’ll save those pics for another day. And to add insult to injury, my computer …

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Good Morning my Friends, As I’m writing this morning there is a light rain which isn’t much but the first mist we’ve gotten for quite some time so I’m thrilled. Especially since we are having our daughters welcome party for her wedding here in just 7 weeks and everything is dry as a bone. I’ve …

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