Fun Fri-Yay Spring Training and Opening Day

Joseph Leslie Cartwright

Spring days are here again,
the wind up and the the throw

The horsehide hurling through the air
the batters heavy blow

It won’t be very long until the stands are overflowing
with baseball fans from everywhere who boo and do their crowing

And that is our America and our democracy
when one may argue in defeat and smile in victory

Because our baseball represents our human way of living
of playing square and asking less, than ever we are giving

There ought to be spring training now for everyone on earth
to put us in condition and to help us prove our worth

Author Unknown

A Shout Out to My Dad today for all his many talents, this being only one of them.

Sweet Mug my Dad had made for me of my Grandpa Jo who played Pro Baseball for 4 years and then met and married my grandma (GG)

Fun Fact:

This is just one of many of the poems my Dad has memorized through the years. He learned this one sometime in the 50’s. My father, Stanley Joesph Cartwright, played semi pro baseball in San Francisco with Sarto’s AC. His father, my Grandfather; Joeseph Leslie Cartwright, played Professional baseball for the Western Leagues, The Pacific Coast Leagues, The Salt Lake City Bees with Tony Lazzeri and in the minor-league baseball for the Mission Reds, a San Francisco-based pro team. In the off season he played against Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb and Jim Thorpe.

My Grandpa Cartwright
My Grandpa’s Brother I never met

Baseball has always been big in our family. I played in an after school softball program in high school, which was short lived. My husband has played all of his life and our kids have been immersed in it all of their lives as well. He coached them all from T-Ball to majors in 8th grade. In 1994 my husband went to baseball fantasy camp that The San Francisco Giants ran, which was a dream come true for him.

Four Kids and their Dad

Four kids and their dad on the baseball diamond,
giving hand signals, shouting calls
Run, slide, throw,
rounding the bases for the winning run. 

Pitcher, shortstop, left fielder and catcher, we had one of each.
3 strikes and you’re out and you better not pout.
Good sportsmanship was required.

Daddy’s little girls, had him wrapped around their finger, were safe
while he and our son had words and arguments while flipping the bird, since he  never quite understood he was a surfer by fate.
Mom In the stands, cheering them all on, delivering snacks, refereeing, mending wounds, always just missing the catch or the home run and rushing home to get dinner on the table. 
Who’s on first, second, third or home, it was never clear to her since her job was the schlepper.

Every year they got out of school for Opening Day and even watched their Dad play as a Giant one year at spring training camp with all the Giants greats.

And now they all play on a coed summer softball league when Covid isn’t happening and our son now gives him a run for his money.  Coed champions now 3 times in a row and mom shows up with the dogs and watches in the stands.

Well, we lost tonight but the memories live on of better games ahead. I still hear my grandma singing take me out to the Ballgame which is the best part of baseball to me. Sorry, but to me, baseball is the only sport you can fall asleep in and not miss anything, except if you do. My husband argues that you have to understand the nuances of the game and I’m sure he’s right, but it’s beyond me. My favorite thing about the game is getting there late, visiting the amazing vegetable garden with kale and lettuces, walking around, eating peanuts and then leaving early. Lunch at Momo’s after would be ideal or an Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista but that rarely makes the cut.

Cheers to a great season and all of you for being great sports and visiting! Please like ( if you to of course), comment and or share. Have a great weekend however you spend it.

Happy Easter and Rebirth and Renewal,



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Visit with A Medicine Man

I remember when I visited Ketut Liyer, Elizabeth Gilbert’s medicine Man that she talked about in her book Eat, Pray, Love in 2015. You can imagine how excited I was after all of the profound experiences she shared on her journey to find love after her terrible divorce. She had weekly visits with Ketut and he mentored and guided her to self realization of self love and care of her soul.

When I get a notion about something I want to do in my head, I will go to the necesary steps to make it happen. In this case, we were going to Bali and I thought it would be so much fun to see Elizabeth’s medicine that she so much revered in her writing and in the movie. We had to schedule an appointment before we went because he had such a renowned reputation and I wanted to be assured I could get a spot. When I called, I got someone that was not very professional on the phone but the hotel in Ubud I was staying in, confirmed it was indeed the right place.

I couldn’t wait and of course my husband thought I was crazy but what else is new. He is very pragmatic and considers this kind of thing witch craft of sorts but he’s been with me long enough to know not to ask questions, because at the end of the day, I will end up doing what it is I want anyway. His mantra is why waste my breath. He is also very patient and always willing to go along with whatever joy ride I take him on.  I wasn’t looking for any kind of enlightenment in the least as my life was a waking meditation pretty much at the time, (well as of the last 10 years I’d say);  but it was more the fun of meeting someone with such wisdom after reading so much about him.

We arrived after getting very lost in all of the unmarked streets in Bali and navigating the motorcycles with 2-4 people riding on one, with animals, furniture, plants etc which is in and of itself a challenge.  It was mind boggling to us and I hear it is nothing compared to India.

When we got there we were greeted by an old woman who turned out to be his wife who told us to wait and he would be coming out soon. It appeared we were the only people there so there weren’t the lines I expected which was curious to me after all of the hype.  It was 20.00 U.S. dollars for the 30 min visit which I happily paid. 

A younger gentleman came out as well and took me to meet Ketut and guided my husband to sit in a chair below me, while I had my fortune told and he could read his book.  Then his wife came out to meet me and gave me a big hug and said hello as well.

Finally, the moment I had waited for was here and there in front of me stood Ketut Liyer, The Medicine Man. He greeted me with a handshake and the biggest grin you have ever seen with only a few teeth in his head, was hunched over, had a difficult time walking and was about 5 foot tall if that.  He smiled ear to ear and then we sat down on the floor of his porch to talk.  He like most all of the Balinese people we met had the warmest heart.

I didn’t have any burning questions.  I suppose I just wanted to know what was so special about Elizabeth’s medicine man and what knowledge he had to impart and pass on to me.  He sat and asked my name many times and said over and over “You are very beautiful” and he would touch my face and then hold my hands.

“What is your name”?  Of course I would tell him and he would ask again and say “You are very beautiful and wise and wealthy”. Honestly, I can’t remember much more of what he said other than “you will live long and have a very good life”. And then he would start over saying  “You are very beautiful, what is your name”? He repeated over and over again.  I’m not sure I even had a question except to wonder if maybe I had met the wrong medicine man.  He was the sweetest man in the world, however, this of course was not what I had envisioned. When I left he gave me a beautiful blessing with the Bali bell and a very big hug and smile and again blessed me with his same words. Of course my next mission then became finding a Bali bell, a story for another time.

As we were leaving, we walked in the room of their office home and were once again greeted by the young gentleman and I said “he is very sweet and very old”.  He said “yes, he is my father and I am so sorry” but he has dementia”.  I said “yes, I see that, but no apologies are needed”.  He apologized profusely again and said “we tell him he can’t meet the people but he refuses and wants to see them as often as they come”.  “Of course”, I said. I assured him it was all worth it and that I love old people, which is true and besides I said “according to your father, I am very beautiful, I am wise and I am wealthy” and that is worth every cent. That mantra sticks in my head when I think of Ketut Liyer the medicine man, and the pleasure is all mine.

Sadly, and luckily for me he died in 2016 so I feel very privalaged to have met him. The baton has been passed on to his son who is also a medicine man and he will happily see you and show you around the family compound and give you a tour. All of the pictures on the office wall are displayed of Ketut Liyer with Elizabeth Gilbert front and center as well as others. Let me know if you see my picture if you go. I have looked everywhere for those pictures to mark a memory in time in 2015 but so far no luck. The pictures below are not him or his wife or compound but representational of the beautiful people we met and a land we love.

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Elizabeth talks about how her book evolved in her own words

Elizabeth’s book was magical and took off like lightening which only happens once in a blue moon and editors can’t even explain how it happened. Others continue to to try to copy the name in some way or an other but there is some kind of unexplained fairy dust that blessed this book that had a protective aura around it. I believe it was a story that we all needed to hear and the messages she was receiving were being channeled through her as she listened to her inner wisdom and followed her intuition.

“Eat Pray Love” sold more than 12 million copies worldwide and became so popular that Time Magazine named Gilbert one of the 100 most influential people in the world. It was a New York Times best seller. Four years later, her book was turned into a film, starring Julia Roberts as Gilbert.Sep 23, 2015The writer has easily made $10 million in royalties from the book, and according to one source with knowledge of the deal, she earned another $1 million for the film rights.Aug 16, 2010

The movie grossed 204,594,016 world wide. The trailor gives you a good glimmer into both the movie and the book.

Dede Gardner, left, Ryan Murphy, Elizabeth Gilbert, center, Julia Roberts and Richard Jenkins arrive for the gala premiere of “Eat Pray Love” in London, Sept. 22, 2010.

Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) thought she had everything she wanted in life: a home, a husband and a successful career. Now newly divorced and facing a turning point, she finds that she is confused about what is important to her. Daring to step out of her comfort zone, Liz embarks on a quest of self-discovery that takes her to Italy, India and Bali. Release Date: August 13, 2010

I have read one of her books Big Magic but had no idea about her life story, passion and career as a journalist and writer. She has written 10 books and is and excellent speaker appearing on Oprah, Ted Talks etc. She is a master speaker sharing from her heart and has many wonderful YouTube talks about writing, her philosophy and it is well worth a visit. Her many life experiences and shared wisdom in writing and speaking is very inspiring. She has a contagious spirt that is motivating, colorful and inspires all of us to honor our process and live in joy while we follow our bliss.

Thanks so much for reading as always, liking (if you do of course), commenting and or sharing.
Have a blessed day and follow your heart wherever it might take you today.



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Treasured Fri-Yay Funday Moments at Buddha Medicine Land

Treasured Moments of far off lands in your own backyard take you home.
There is no distance in hearts that love. All the faces I have known come smiling
back at me as I ring the bell or spin the sacred Prayer Wheel”.


Buddha Medicine Land.

Prayer Wheel with my friend Debbie in Santa Cruz, Calififornia

Strip away the illusion of who you think you are and enter the space of love and connection of all beings everywhere. This safe haven in Santa Cruz, California welcomes all to the land of open heartfelt connections. Just 1 hour south of San Francisco, be transported to your souls deepest desires. Feel the earth move under your feet and the echo of the great teachings of the Buddah, blessed by the Dali Lama amongest many other monks and those that live on the property.

Teachings that inspire and infuse our being as we Bless ourselves and others with love and kindness.
May health and happiness be available for ourselves and all beings everywhere.

Magic is found at every turn of the junction, while hiking this sacred beautiful land.

Everywhere you walk fills your heart, open your senses, quiets your mind, as you become one with nature.

Sound permeates your soul, igniting the light of the love of who your are, stripping away false illusions, raising your frequency.

And finally a stop at the gift shop for a treasure to bring home to remind me to come to my bell and stop daily to ring in the song of my heart, that’s always there if I only stop to listen.

Thanks stopping in and sharing this secret hidden treasure with me. When we stop to share our experiences in life they reinfuse our spirit and keep them alive; which was the unexpected gift of this post; so much appreciation for visiting.

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Until Monday Stay Blessed and remember You Are Love,



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It’s God Calling; Are You Ready To Go?

Photo by Oleg Magni on

Happy Monday Everyone,

I woke up 3 nights ago in the middle of the night to a memory of Alice, a dear client/friend that has been gone for 12 years now. She lives forever in my heart. She was such an amazing lady and I am so grateful to her daughter in law, one of my dearest friends and her son for the gift of hiring me to work with her. She was a force to be reckoned with and I am so honored to have shared so many special years of her life.
The below is a true story.

Every time I hear the chimes on my phone, I see your face.
They rang everyday at the same time and was your reminder to take your medication.  Towards the end when life became such a struggle, I would turn to you and say “It’s God calling are you ready to go”?  You would smile and say “I’m getting there” and you didn’t even believe in God! 

You were so winded but day after day we walked and you made good improvements but with COPD, it became a losing battle.  As we climbed the hill, you were slower and we had to stop more often to rest.  
Watching your decline was hard and I so wanted to let you off the hook, but onward we trudged.  The chimes would go off and I would say “It’s God calling are you ready to go”? and we would chuckle.  As the stairs got too much and the hill too steep to climb, we would just walk on flat land.  The chimes would ring and I would say “It’s God calling are you ready to go”?  This time you would answer “Jesus, Joseph and Mary, yes”.  But still we walked.  Our walks turned into circles in the house and you commanded me to sit.  

I’ll never forget bringing Ram Dass’s book, “Still Here” and reading it to you and your beautiful face full of lines and expression and childlike wonder, would light up.  Sometimes we would walk a little and as time progressed it went from sitting with you to lying in your bed and reading Ram Dass’s book, and we would talk about death and dying and what it all meant.  When the chimes would ring I would say “It’s God calling are you ready to go”?  You would say “Hell yes, but keep reading”. Sometimes I was able to say “well it’s not time yet and I’m going to get fired if we don’t get up and one of your kids sees me lying in bed with you”.  We would laugh and cackle like school girls getting away with something.  You asked me to order that book for you and you read it everyday when you were by yourself. I was so impressed because here you were at 86 opening to new ways of thinking which you would have never entertained in your lifetime before. 

We took our sessions to the bed but I was still able to drag you out to move a little most days.  One day the chimes went off and I said  my usual “It’s God calling are you ready to go”? and you said “I’m so ready” and I too knew the days were drawing close.  I tried to help you up but so wanted to just let you stay in bed because it took all of your effort to get up, but I knew if you were around longer, you needed to be strong for your daily activities, so I helped you up.  You sat at the edge of the bed, looked me in the eyes and said “thank you for everything, I could never have done it without you.  You were here for my every need”. The room stood still, tears ran down my face, my heart burst open with happiness and sadness all at once.

When I left that day, I wanted to bake you a cheesecake;  The same one you gave me the recipe for and baked for me, but I was too busy that day, so I bought one instead and brought it with me the next day when I arrived.  You had stopped eating now because it was too much effort.  I told you to stick out your tongue and close your eyes and I put a drop of cheesecake on your tongue because it was your favorite. I actually lied and said I baked it for you and you shook your head and puckered up your face and said “no, this isn’t my cheesecake”.  We laughed but I felt so bad because I wanted to give you something sweet that you had given me in your last days but it seemed my presence of just laying with you,  reading and stroking your  head softly was the sweetness you actually needed.  I knew the end was near and I planned to spend the night with you and sleep in your bed but with 4 kids and a full client load to see, I fell asleep at home and never made it.

In the morning when I returned, I came into the house and I heard your phone ringing and you were in bed.  I said, “It’s God calling are you ready to go”?  
But you didn’t answer; you had already gone.   

I layed with you one last time and held you while I sobbed.  

And now when I hear the chimes I set on my phone everyday, I think of you and the memories we shared. I’m not ready to go yet but you’re the first one I want to see when God calls me.

(my dear friend, Alices Daughter in law actually called me in the morning to let me know she had made her transition and then I went over for my final closure). I am forever grateful for that call.

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Alice’s 85th Birthday whowing off our muscles and smiles. She was gorgeous!

 If you don’t know Ram Dass, he was formerly known as Richard Alpert and was a Harvard  Professor and psychologist who explored LSD and other hallucinogens Timothy Leary, a colleague. He traveled off to India and studied with Neem Karoli Baba (Hindi: नीम करौली बाबा) or Neeb Karori Baba (Hindi: नीब करौरी बाबा) (c. 1900 – 11 September 1973), known to his followers as Maharaj ji, was his Hindu guru and a devotee of the Hindu deity Hanuman.

Ram Dass, also known as Baba Ram Dass, an American spiritual teacher, psychologist, and author. He was given his name by his Guru. His best known book, “Be Here Now”, has been described as “seminal”, and helped popularize Eastern spirituality and yoga with the baby boomer generation in the West. Wikipedia

Born: April 6, 1931, Boston, MA

Died: December 22, 2019, Maui, HI

Full name: Richard Alpert

Be Here Now was one of the first books I remember reading on my spiritual path which one of the first of it’s kind and quite profound.
Still Here came after his stroke which is a story about dealing with loss of function and the challenge of now needing others to help him in the way he helped others. He also discovered his core root was still the same through his stroke and lived in grace.

Thanks for visiting today. Remember you are stronger than you know, blessed beyond measure and more sacred with every passing day. Life is a short journey, make everyday count as you never know when you will take your last breath. Reach out and touch someone.

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DIY Decoations on Fri-Yay Funday

Happy Fri-Yay Funday Friends!

I am sooooo excited to share these decorations with you that my daughter made for all of the celebrations we’ve had lately and there are more to come. Always right?! We’re just done with Valentine’s Day and the chocolate bunnies are already in stores for Easter if you can stand it.

This year is a milestone year for our family as we celebrate 3 generations and a total of 5 grandparents birthdays. 65 (no not me! Remember, I’m 16 with 49 years of experience) 🤣, my sister in law is right behind me, my mom will be 85, My Dad 88, My Step Dad just turned 88, My Dad’s significant other, 90 and my FIL turned 95 last week. WOW! And then there’s our baby who will be 30 in June.

I’ve always made a big deal about birthdays which I got from none other than my mother. I make a point to celebrate them because it’s a chance to pause, come together and honor another day we are blessed to be here on earth. However, I’m off my game this past year with the pandemic and the new normal has taken it’s toll and I have become much more simple and busy with technology (my fav…hahahahaha). So, if I forgot to send you a card, or wish you a happy birthday this year, Happy Belated Birthday, I’m really so sorry!

With that, comes the shock of the younger generation and surprise of them stepping up and digging in to keep traditions alive. YAY!!!!! I couldn’t be happier and more proud of my kids!

I promised Vani, at Story time with Shivani that I would share this new die cut machine, The Cricut, my daughter is using to create all of these amazing decorations. So here you go Vani, I hope you like it. Do visit her blog and follow her. She has fun stories, great messages, will always make you laugh and she is an amazing supportive follower.


But of course; first a poem called…….

I Pass The Baton

I pass the baton to my daughter who has surpassed me
My once bought decorations I hung with pride
Are crafted by my oldest with her very own cricut die cut machine
She programs and designs cutting out of wood, paper, and plastic
From signs, labels to pins, banners, no two the same
Talented, unique and finely crafted 
I’m happy to say she puts me to shame 
Yes, I’ve been replaced I’m happy to say!
I pass the baton to my daughter who has surpassed me
These decorations are amazing like her in every way!

And what better than to love and be loved! Notice the intricacy of this over lay design


I always wished I had a sister but my sister in law (who made this bag) and my soul sisters (you know who you are) are gifts to my heart and I am everything because of you.

Thanks soooo much Renee and to all of you for reading! However you celebrate your Friday and weekend make sure to take time to enjoy the gifts of the day that come your way. Take some time to enjoy your special gifts, hold yourself lightly and lovingly no matter what is going on and know you are LOVE!

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Fri-Yay Funday: All my bags are Packed

All my bags are packed
I’m ready to go
leaving all my baggage behind
Good where I been, good where I’m going to
I’m taking it in stride
Entering the golden years, I’m not gonna lie
Life has good to me or I to it and in the next chapter, I’ll take what I find
Good bad or indifferent, through the ups and downs, always be kind
First to yourself and then to others, that’s what wins the prize
Life is what you make it no matter what it throws you and there are times
I really didn’t think I’d make it out alive
Today I leap into the now, filled with anticipation celebrating my 16 year old self
with 49 years of experience with love and joy in my heart, it’s been quite a ride.

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 

This was a song I loved and sang when I was about 17 and leaving for college. My brother would play the piano and I would sing which is a fond memory. Mind you, I was only going 40 minutes from my house but would be living in the dorms. I was leaving my high school sweetheart who is my husband now.

Today I’m going to visit my best and only friend I stayed in touch with from college at San Jose State Unniversity. So wildly ironic because we are heading to Carmel Valley and Montery, California. As close as we are to the area, we haven’t been in years.

Leaving on a jet plane was written by John Denver who wrote this song because he was traveling so much which was the one thing he didn’t like about touring. He ended up dying in a plane crash.

The anguish of being on the road inspired a 24-year-old Denver to write “Babe, I Hate to Go” (later renamed “Leaving on a Jet Plane“) in 1966 during a layover at Washington airport. … In fact, he took the name “Denver” to honor Colorado — and because the name Deutschendorf was not likely to fit on many marquees.

There never was and there probably never will be a star quite like John Denver, who diedon October 12, 1997 when his experimental amateur aircraft crashed into Monterey Bay on the California coast. …

Peter, Paul and Mary Sang Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Happy Fun Friday to you and have a great weekend!
I will miss you over the weekend but going to do my best to stay off of all of my devices.
See you Monday and stay blessed, inspired and find joy!


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Can’t Live With Them 💖 Can’t Live Without

Happy Fri-Yay Funday and almost Valentines Day from me and Jay (an amazing poet and writer). This organic song originated out of a silly fun. See our post exchange below.

Lyrics to ‘Can’t Live with Them but Can’t Live Without’

Men and woman                                 
light years apart                                    
can’t live with them                                
but can’t live without                              

Reflecting each other                     
Neither right or wrong                             
Spring Moon and Stars                          
near yet so far                                       

Can’t live with them                        
But can’t live without                              
Can’t live with them                                
But can’t live without                                            

Raising each other                                      
To new heights                                                   
Made for one another                                             
Space bound lovers                                              

Can’t live with them                                     
But can’t live without                                             
Can’t live with them                                                
But can’t live without                                             

We give ourselves away                                  
As we move through the night                              
Hiding in the shadow light                                         
Come on let’s not fight                                                    

Can’t live with them                                         
But can’t live without                                                 
Can’t live with them                                                   
But can’t live without                                                  

No more playing games babe                        
Don’t run away                                                        
From our intertwined fates                                       
We can jam the night away                                        

Can’t live with them                                            
But can’t live without                                                   
Can’t live with them                                                    
But can’t live without                                                  

Through the planet venus and mars
For the ultimate high                                          
We laugh and love                                       
Where we always get by                              

Can’t live with them                                           
But can’t live without                                                     
Can’t live with them                                                       
But can’t live without                                                      

Whisper sweet nothings                                         
And come dance with me                                              
Stop this crazy igniting                                                  
There’s No time for fighting                           

Can’t live with them                                             
But can’t live without                                                       
Can’t live with them                                                        
But can’t live without 

copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 
   © M. Jay Dixit, September heart-to-hearts, 2021                                

How this collaboration came about? (A True Story)

Um, in one accident!

So, this is what happened—

Rewinding back to a month ago, I posted a poem/song set to the music from “Oh Love” song by Green Day, and Cindy said,

It’s so uplifting and love the stars shinning so bright with the music Jay!!!!!! I think you should sing it and post it!

To that I said,

Well I never thought of that! also I don’t have a very good singing voice. hehe I’m glad you liked it Cindy! Many thanks

Fast forward to exactly a week ago, I posted a rough draft of me singing a poem of mine: ‘Lyrics to Waterfall‘ and in it I mentioned Lillian, a poet-blogger friend, as one of the inspirations behind me recording it because she suggested earlier that she’d love to see ‘Lyrics to Waterfall’ put to song. To that Cindy said,

YAY Jay!!!! I love it!!! I told you it would be awesome for you to sing and it is awesome!!!!
Wait how did Lilian get the credit.. lol!!! Good job! Bravo

Then, I said,

Oh Cindy, you encouraged me too! that’s true! when I’ll record ‘Oh Night’ which I plan to do in near future I’ll surely mention you ❤
Thanks very much!

Then, she said,

Oh I’m teasing you!
No Need seriously… !!!
I’m just happy you did it!!! ♥️

Then, I said,

Ah well, I do often confuse being teased in real life! Never happened during blogging though haha you’re awesome!

And she said,

Well we will have some fun together like we often do:-)♥️

Around that time, I had a little romantic poem up on my blog, Cindy liked it and said

so beautiful….. that’s what makes the world go round.
There’s men and woman
sometimes light years apart
can’t live with them
but can’t live without.. … and there in lies my valentine rhyme … 

And so the fun began, I said,

Thank you Cindy ❤ “can’t live with them can’t live without” reminded me of a song by U2, you probably know which one I’m talking about *wink*
 And I’m eager to hear your full valentine poem!

Then, she said,

you’re so welcome Jay!!!
Oh I probs do.. but can’t think of it right now.
Well, I just might have to make one… lol. or you could add on and we can go from there..

Then, I said,

How’s this? I am liking it.. ❤
 There’s men and women
 Light Years apart
 Can’t live with them
 And can’t live without
 like the Spring Moon and Stars
 So near yet so far

Then, she said,

reflecting each color
neither wrong nor right.
your turn…

Then, I said,

Made for one another
Space bound lovers
Raising each other

Then, she said,

to new heights through the planets mars for the ultimate high

Then, I said,

THANKS cindy! It’s you who are leading this piece, you’re amazing too! ❤

Then, she said,

lol.. thanks Jay.. just bee boppin along with you is fun stuff.  ❤

yeah…LOVE THAT U2 SONG!!! thanks for sending!

And we give ourselves away
yes we give ourselves away
We move throught the night
hiding in shadows and light
Come on baby let’s not fight
Your turn…
Oh and then we’ll sing it together and you’ll play the guitar.
How fun is this?!!!

Then, I said,

Ah I can’t play guitar that well, Cindy! Still in the learning phase.. I play only A and D well.. mostly I play leads of the songs I love.

Lets not play any more games babe
Lets stop running away
From our interwined fates

Your turn.. 🙂

Then, she said,

and jam the night away in each others arms
no time for fussing and fighting and playing that game

So, that was the story of Cindy and me writing up a Valentine song in the comment section of a post! The process after that was really fun and exciting for me!! I’ll let Cindy continue this tale!

I had a blast with Jay since our post turned song organically transpired which came as a complete surprise for both of us. As writers we all know the deep satisfying experience when we create something out of nothing. This was truly one of my highlights and collaborating with him was so much fun. Thanks Jay for turning an ordinary week into a treasured memory.

Shout Out

A special thanks to my dear friend Rhonda for her help with her lyrical expertise of rhyming (which Jay has by the way) and amazing help with the tune and guitar. I tried to transfer to the Uke but only clashed so we substited with a tambourine and bell. If any of you know what cords we need in Ukelele to work with the song, it would be greatly appreciated.

Rhonda is a brilliant poet, song writer and musician and has won awards for some of her songs.
I will be releasing a hit of hers on Vetran’s Day that she wrote in honor of those that serve our country and her son, our family friend, a Navy Seal. We are sooooo grateful!!! 💖

NOTE: If anyone wants to pick us up for a hit single that has a great recording studio, we’re available. 🤣

Pua’s Update:

Our prayers and love is working for Pua and the family thanks us! Pua achieved some major milestones today. She started with some occupational therapy, sitting on her bed and following simple commands.
The Occupational Therapist said she is doing more than great at this stage and they’re very optimistic about Pua’s future. She’s improving at a fast rate.

Thank you so much for visting and have a great Friday and wonderful Valentine’s Day! If you’re single this song might make you glad you are! Lol! 🤣
Thank you so much Jay for the silly fun! It truly was a highlight of my week to play with you!!!!

Life without love and laughter makes for loooooog days.


Cindy and Jay


Billowing Branches on Fri-Yay Funday!

Billowing Branches
Heavy eyes
Snowflakes dancing
Turn warm

When they hit my head

Warm slumberland
Starry nights 
Softly kissing my checks
Lying in the powder sinking

Eyes fluttering 

Billowing Branches
Images floating

Warm but shivering
Real or fantasy

Body suspended on a magic carpet ride.

Over valleys and hill tops, my heart skips a beat
Flying so high, I may never come down
Peace beacons

light shines
everything is right

Billowing branches
Do I stay or go back home?
And before I can decide

My eyes pop open inside my cozy bed

 I look around
And close my eyes to finish the story but
Billowing branches kiss my forehead

Saying it’s time to get up from slumberland
I see my daughter playing with Frosty the snowman

We have had sunny beautiful days with a little bit of much needed rain. I wrote this poem about a week ago and I got the above pictures a few days ago of my daughter who is living in New York. I did change he last line when I saw her with Frosty. They got 16 inches of snow in their backyard in Manhattan. We all thought she was crazy when she paid for a bigger place in N.Y. for her 2 cats so they could have a yard, but it turns out that it was worth it’s weight in gold during the pandemic. It’s been a Godsend as she works from home and barely leaves her apartment. I’m curious how the cats like it now.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping in! Stay blessed and make sure you get out and move a little, play some and chillax!

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Love Now

Love now
Tomorrow might be gone
Let your heart burst open 
Shout it on a mountain, and down In the valley
Run to the roof top and let it echo to the sky
Call your friends and family and tell them how you feel
Open up the flood gates and share before it’s too late.

Yesterday when I was teaching a dear friend that was taking class shared this tragic story below, of her 23 year old niece, Pua that was in a snow accident and is in a coma. Please pray for her as you go about your day, it would mean so much. 💖

Pua in Hilo Bay
Pua means Heavenly Flower

Dear Friends,
Thanks for your prayers and healing thoughts after learning my niece’s terrible accident after class today. When there is a big snow storm on the top of Mauna Kea, many local people go to the top of themountain to play in the snow. Pua went up with her cousins and friends and their boogie boards, unfortunately it iced up at the end of the day and her last run ended very badly. She quickly lost control and speed at very high speed to the bottom of a snow bowl, when her board hit a bump she was launched in the air and landed in lava rock. She suffered extensive injuries including numerous broken bones and a severe head injury.  An ambulance took her to Hilo hospital and from there she was medevaced to Queens hospital on Oahu with a good ICU that can handle traumatic injuries.    She is in an induced comma and will have multiple surgeries on her long hard road to recovery.    Malia and Wallace have medical insurance but their out of pocket costs for medical bills, flights to Oahu, a place to stay on Oahu , ect. will be significant.
Friends of Pua brought dinner over to my sister Malia’s  the night after the accident and started a Go Fund Me site.  The love and support she has received has been overwhelming.

 The article below was in the local news last weekend……..
Your healing thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Have a wonderful day, treat yourself well and know you are loved. Make sure to let others know how much you love them as well. Life is uncertain, fragile and precious.

So much love to you as you move through your day!



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Heaven Meets Hell on Fri-Yay Funday

Move heaven Virgil quote. If I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell - ancient Roman philosopher and poet Virgil quote written on framed chalkboard royalty free stock images

Hi All,

Welcome to Fri-Yay Funday Collab post When Heaven Meets Hell!

Once every so often your path crosses with someone that you might never be friends with. You are from complete opposite sides of the coin, or are you? You can’t explain it but there is sheer delight in the irreverent, and light heartness of deep issues that the other person would say “It’s not that deep”. They make you laugh even though you might not comepletely get their “warped sense of humor” (no judgement there 🤣), or making fun of issues of importance. And they don’t get your esoteric heavenly ways. Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus. We all know this is true. In this case, He is from Hell and I of course, am from Heaven. 🤣 🔥😇

Can they ever meet in the middle and find equal playing ground?

Step out of your box whereever you stand and have some light hearted fun. We’ve been locked up so long we may have begun to take ourselves too seriously.

Good And Evil, Angels And Demons

Hell 🔥:

Who are you?

Heaven: 😇

The age old question.

I am the wind beneath your wings

So, what’s a nice girl like me doing in a place like this hanging out with you?  I was minding my own business doing my job helping people mend their wings so they can fly again and then you came along. I have an important job being an angel and don’t have time for demented souls like you. It’s a full-time job turning damaged goods into worthy ones. And then word gets out that you are so good at it, you put your shingle out and call it heaven.  Floating in the clouds is fun for a while, wearing your white robe and Halo and drinking good wine.  Not rot gut thunderbird for me, I’ll leave that for you in the lowland.  I get the goblets out and say “drink, this is my blood and you will have eternal life and be free”.  

Everyone wants freedom but next thing you know they’ve drunk the life right out of you and you’re floating in the Red Sea. So you pour a little more so you can drown their sorrows and yours from the purgatory of YOU. It’s a thankless job but someone’s gotta do it and it sure as hell isn’t gonna be you. You sit in your solitary confinement, laughing the pee out of people, farting, making jokes, raking someone over the coals while you sharpen your horns and stick, ready with a swift prick. Oh to be a prick. Prick you. I just wanna be you for a day. Even Fairy Godmother’s need a time out. Their wings get tired and they get sick of nursing these poor souls back to life.

Who are you?

Hell 🔥:

I‘m Gottfried, your worst nightmare.

I think it’s great that people try to be you for a day. Sometimes I pretend to be normal but it gets boring so I go back to being myself. I’ve put a lot of thought into it and I don’t think being an adult is going to work for me. So the only way I will gladly swap bodies is if it’s with a kid. There’s nothing about being a kind old lady that appeals to me. Everyone comes to me for food and advice, two things I hate sharing above all. Why would I be inclined to give you food just because I’m old and motherly looking? Although if you want bad advice, you can catch me at the pub, I’ll be there all night long dishing it. The worst part is, you were born on a leap year, so I have to wait four years to celebrate my damn birthday? 

Heaven 😇:

I could never live in a shoe so I jumped to light speed so I  could never be old. A Genie in a bottle, my wish is your command but only once every 4 years.  The rest of the time I’m eternal youth, celebrating all year, cuz I’ll always be younger than you.  Young at heart, we agree there, but spending too much time in the pub eating grub, surely ages you more than anything else. Just ask your liver. Too many kids and animals so what else was I going to do, so I whine. If I go missing, look for me on a wine bottle. Don’t let my kids know though cuz they’ll drink every bottle and then I’ll never be found. But then maybe that’s not so bad.  Dust me off every 4 years and I’ll meet you at the pub but I’m not holding court with a bunch of drunks. I’ll never make it to 29 so I can’t waste my time.  

Hell 🔥:

I’ll be honest when I say that this sounds like the best way to live. What is a life worth living if it’s not on the edge? We’re here for a good time not a long time so we have to make the most of every second of the day. If you think nobody cares that you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments. If I ever get missing, please follow my kids. They can find me no matter where I try to hide. Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most. As the days draw to a close, I am constantly reminded of the insignificance of my existence. The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us. And that’s on period. 

Heaven: 😇

We finally agree.  No one makes it out alive so we may as well have a good time.  A long ride sounds like a road to nowhere.  Does anyone even know what day it is anymore?  Or should we care?!  As for me, I’m living on the back 9 with all of the comfort stations.  The grass is always greener, but be careful what you wish for and watch out for the dog poop.  Oops… My mama said there were gonna be days like these. We have to milk each moment for what it’s worth and not cry over spilled milk.  It’s all mind over matter.  If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.  So no worries about losing yours.  The cow jumped over the moon, the little dog barked, the pig squealed and the kids ran away with the wine. 

Hell……………….?  Are you there? 

Heaven can wait;  What do you say?

Hell 🔥:

I’d say, that was a hella Fun Friday!!!

I wasn’t a fan in the 80’s when this came out but lots of my younger clients love it and it was so fitting for todays post.

I do hope you enjoy this collaboration! This is off the beaten path of my usual arena and it was soooo much fun. If you would like to see more of these please let me know and thanks as always for reading, liking (if you do of course), commenting and or sharing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and remember if you don’t like it, the devil made me do it 🔥🤣!!!!