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unrecognizable persons in skeleton costumes on street

Zombie mommies pace the floors tossing, churning, turning with their little bundle of perfection’s blood curdling cries. They wake the ghouls and vampires from their graves.  Pandemonium at every junction while bats fly over head and spread their wings, Raining guano while mama sings. Grab your wand and cast a spell before it’s too late.Abracadabra, …

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Dancing fingers orchestrate the symphony of a 3 piece band,keeping score, playing you like a fiddle. Harps of love, trumpets blast threw my head,while mama sings the blues to beautiful days ahead. bringing hopeand joyto a chaotic worldwith your essenceand pure light. Simple pleasures,throw cares to the wind,lullaby baby,sing your sweet tune. Meet me at …

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Laboring ExpectantExcitedNervousPreparingBathing Surrealtender loving momentsaltered state of mind.Out of body experience.Bathing. ConnectionFeedingDousingSprayingMassagingBathing PainWaves of contortionMoaningFocusSweetnessBreathing deepBathing SurrenderPlanted and rootedOpening chakrasClearing energyReadjustingBathing TrustingSurrenderLetting goTimelessBathing ShakingEndlessHotColdOn handsand knees MovingMovingMoving DownDownDown To the exact place…….you don’t want to go. BurningThrobbingAchingMoaningSustaining MovingMovingMoving downDownDown PushingPushingPushing 💗 And finally….Euphoria.Seeing your babyFor the very first time. No wordsCryingLaughingCuddlingNursing Nirvana found.Eternal BlissIndescribableHeart burstingLove❣️ …

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