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Move It Monday… A Video & T.Y. 5,000 Followers

Friends are the cornerstone of support and abundance. A gathering of leaves that swirl in our soul as they drop, imprinting their stamp, long after they return to the earth, again and again and again. They never leave you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart❣️ Cindy I’m most grateful to each and every…

Fun Fri-Yay with a Twist of Anne Lamott’s words….

Life with babies and aging parents are busy and timeless. Compound that with work and it’s a wonder you can get a thing done, let alone blog. This is when you either know that you’re a little addicted or that writing and blogging feeds us deeply. There’s probably a little truth to both. Look at…

Ever So Gently Book Review

Purchase here on Amazon Ever So Gently, is A Collection of Poems by author, Lauren Scott, who walks us through her day with the first encounter of morning light “Ever So Gently” to start our day.  I’m absolutely delighted to share her latest book with you and share some of my favorite poems from her…

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